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The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 35

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As soon as I thought that they both disappeared, I suddenly heard both of them cried out on the other side of the door.

It seems like Kuro and Shiro teleported inside Yuki’s room.

Being able to teleport must sure be convenient.

It would have been nice if they teleported me alongside them to Yuki’s room as well.

As I am unable to enter the room, there’s nothing I can really do.

I want to do something for Yuki.

Is there really nothing I can do for her?

“A meal… Perhaps I can make a delicious meal for her?”

In the few months that I have spent with Yuki, I somehow managed to learn how to cook.

Recently, I have been cooking a lot more.

All right, I’ll go prepare a delicious meal for when she gets hungry and leaves her room then.

But I still don’t know how to bake, so I’ll just go buy some bread.

In Kyantini there’s a baker called Anri. The bread that she makes is an absolute delight.

“Hello, Anri.”

Yuki taught me on the first day of arriving in this village that people just greet each other with “hello,” instead of “how do you do?”

“Ahh, if it isn’t Rachel. Welcome, come in. It’s just you today?”

“Yes. May I have today’s specials for 2 please?”

Anri is an elderly woman with a sturdy body.

“Today’s special are croissants. Would you like me to cut it and top it with steamed eggs inside?”

“My, that sounds delicious. Let me have that, please.”

The smell of freshly baked croissants made me a bit hungry.

The croissant, stuffed with steamed eggs, lettuce, and other things looked very delicious.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. Here you go, it’s going to be 200 Nyaald”

“Thank you very much.”

I place the croissants in the basket that I have bought with me and hand over the 200 Nyaalds.

Nyaald is the currency in Lecontini.

I was done with what I wanted to do; I take a step to go back home.

“…It hurts…”

Suddenly, my stomach started hurting.

I unconsciously crouched on the ground.

“What’s wrong?!”

Surprised at seeing me on the floor suddenly, Anri rushes over.

“My stomach…”

While feeling a throbbing pain, I held my stomach. I leaned against Anri who had rushed towards me.

Why is my stomach hurting…?

I was assaulted with an indescribable kind of anxiety.

The baby. Our baby.

What’s wrong? Are you ok?

“Damian! Damian, can you hear me?! We have a problem here!”

Anri went inside her house and loudly shouted, calling out her husband’s name.

She shouted loudly in an urgent tone, she stirred up the house with anxiety.

“What happened?!”

Damian immediately rushed over.

As soon as he saw me leaning against Anri, he widely opened his eyes.

“Hold on a bit! I’ll bring Marianne over right now!”

Marianne is the sole doctor of this town. She is the only person with medical knowledge in this town and again, the only doctor here.

Damian quickly rushed outside.

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