Chapter 6

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I misunderstood

The brothel was quiet in the morning.

The brothel prepared breakfast and cleaned for guests who were sleeping in.

Even the ladies usually slept in.

Nobody would complain about starting the day late as they worked all night.

However, today was a bit different.

Many ladies were moving around the entrance of the brothel as if they were waiting for someone.

One of the ladies opened her eyes wide and shouted, “Huh? Here they come!”

Everyone turned their head. Then, they saw Danyoung coming slowly from afar.

Many ladies felt relieved.

Yesterday night was really a mess.

Because of the mess, all the VIP guests left the brothel.

That was obvious because someone was peeping while hiding on the ceiling.

Also, the VIP guests were influential in Muhan and its affiliates.

Perhaps they would never visit the brothel ever again.

However, even if that happened, it was impossible to ask Taesan to take responsibility for making such a fuss.

Anyway, even if the incident occurred while the brothel normally operated other than the VIP guests not visiting the brothel, it was due to the special walls that were installed.

The walls not only blocked the noise in the room, but it also blocked the noise between the floors.

As the brothel continued business, as usual, ladies who experienced the incident didn’t feel the same.

To the ladies, Danyoung was dragged out by Taesan.

Since she was back now, they felt a bit better.

“Still… doesn’t… she look a bit different?”

After somebody made that comment, everyone agreed. She was so different that someone could notice it from afar.

The atmosphere.

It wasn’t the usual dark and gloomy atmosphere but a feeling as if a flower had just bloomed.

Somehow, it was pure and innocent with subtle attractiveness.

It could be sensed as Danyoung came closer.

“Was Danyoung… always that pretty?” somebody mumbled while looking at Danyoung.

A change in atmosphere can make someone so pretty like that?

As Danyoung arrived, a man came out of the brothel as if he were waiting for her.

It was the man in charge of the brothel’s security.

He was the man who worked for a person who had been dragged by Gyeongwan like a dog last night.

“The owner is looking for you.”

His gaze toward Danyoung was cold and sharp.

As Gyeongwan put the man he captured at the brothel inside a prison, he headed to the tourney hall for the Black Dragon group.

His facial expression appeared complicated.

He vividly remembered what happened last night.

Things he couldn’t understand happened consecutively.

First, he was curious as to how Taesan discovered that someone was hiding on the ceiling.

At first, even Gyeongwan didn’t realize someone was hiding on the ceiling.

It shouldn’t be like that, but he also was too relaxed.

The problem was that I never thought someone would be hiding there.

If I hadn’t felt relaxed, I would’ve felt something strange as soon as I reached the top floor.

Since then, strange things continued to happen.

It was strange that Taesan asked me for my sword and the fact that I handed the sword to him.

‘He managed to bury a sword in the ceiling under such conditions.’

Afterward, he realized that Taesan had accurately stabbed the empty spot in the ceiling rather than just stabbing randomly.

The man hiding on the ceiling was observing the room.

So, in his perspective, he was observing a knife sticking out towards him.

Of course, he must have been surprised, and Gyeongwan also made the discovery.

“Strange, really strange.”

As Gyeongwan mumbled, he took out his sword.

When there are too many thoughts inside the head, it’s best to swing the sword. Once I sweat it off, it will also remove random thoughts.

However, Gyeongwan wasn’t able to do so.

As soon as he took out his sword, he remembered what Taesan told him last night.

‘Are you still obsessed with the weapon?’

He couldn’t forget Taesan’s facial expression and eyes at that time.

‘It’s as if……’

It was like someone at the top of a mountain looking at someone who was working hard to climb up the mountain.

I don’t know why I felt like that, but I definitely felt like that at the time.

Anyway, I felt sensitive and stuffed while training but after I heard such a thing from Taesan, I couldn’t swing the sword.

“Stuck up? I feel stuffed?”

As Gyeongwan mumbled to himself, he felt surprised. Then, he laughed.

‘Ha! Why am I feeling like this from a person who has never held a sword…’

He didn’t understand how such a person’s advice made his heart shake.

‘Gosh, where did the Prince go again…..’

He couldn’t understand that, either.

Even if he came out late, it made no sense for Gyeongwan to miss Taesan’s energy.

That is unless the other person used a special spell to run swiftly.

“Gosh, I don’t know.”

As Gyeongwan turned his head, Taesan’s words became clearer than before.

“Obsessed… Then, how do I get out of it? Do I need to dispose of the weapon? No, that’s not it.”

He kept thinking over and over again.

Gyeongwan was lost in his thoughts.

Taesan was quite satisfied with the Cheonma residence.

However, he couldn’t stay there any longer, so he came back home as soon as his work was done.

Thinking about it, he did some crazy things last night.

It was crazy to bring the lady to the Cheonma residence.

When Taesan was Cheonma, he did whatever he wanted to do. That’s because he was able to do so.

However, although he is Cheonma right now, it is different.

Thankfully, there was nobody at the residence. What would happen if there were people in the residence?

Of course, even if such a thing happened, he didn’t think he would be in trouble.

It was just confidence that couldn’t be explained.

It just seemed like it.

“Anyway….. it feels to good be successful with the challenge.”

He connected one of seven important heartbeats last night used for Magical Spell to increase spirit.

The major heartbeat which he paid attention to made a huge contribution.

Although the challenge was successful, it was just the beginning.

It was merely removing the risk of collapsing while walking on a street undead.

Facing death in the near future was still the same.

‘I have a ways to go.’

As Taesan sat on his bed and checked his own body, Soso’s voice was heard from outside.

“Prince, are you awake? The meal is ready.”

“Come in.”

As he gave permission, Soso came in as she opened the door. Her face was full of curiosity.

She must be wanting to ask a lot of questions.

“Whatever you are curious about, don’t ask. I’m not going to answer you.”

Soso looked sad.

“I didn’t mean to ask you anything.”

“That’s fine. Let’s go and eat. I’m hungry as I worked hard last night.”

That made Soso blush.

“I see what you are thinking from your face. I feel happy as your soul is getting filthy.”

Soso freaked out and looked at Taesan.

“It’s not like that.”

“Okay. Okay. I understand, so let’s go and eat.”

Taesan took the lead.

Soso made an upset face and looked at Taesan’s back.

She swiftly followed Taesan.

“Why do you feel happy when my soul is getting filthy?”

“There’s something.”

Soso looked sad again. However, she looked serious afterward.

‘My Prince… somehow he looks more energetic now.’

Somehow, he appeared healthier.

‘I hope the doctor visits quickly. My Prince is barely ever in a good mood.’

Soso walked faster, hoping she could continue to see such a face.

After having his meal, Taesan went to a tourney hall of the Black Dragon group.

He wanted to meet the villain with Gyeongwan.

Still, he didn’t plan on dragging him to the brothel immediately.

He will get the brothel for what they did to him, but not now.

The Black Dragon group had a special status inside the Golden Wall clan.

They had separate buildings, and they had exclusive rights to three tourney halls.

Taesan entered the Black Dragon group’s large tourney hall. There was a strong force inside.

Just as he mentioned, Black Dragonites were training intensively inside a large tourney hall.

They weren’t training in groups, but they were doing their own training while scattered inside the hall.

Taesan looked at them one by one with a mysterious look on his face.


The sense became better as he connected major heartbeats. With better sense, he was able to find the details of the Black Dragonites.

Although it wasn’t perfect yet, he was able to discover the Black Dragonites’ power without any errors.

The problem wasn’t that but their abilities.

‘Why are they so weak?’

The Black Dragonites’ abilities were way weaker than Taesan’s expectations.

Taesan’s expectation towards the Black Dragonites was based on Gyeongwan.

However, nobody was stronger than Gyeongwan.

‘I mean, it’s sad to compare these guys to Gyeongwan as they are full of weak warriors.’

As Taesan was looking around, one member approached Taesan.

“What brings you here, Mr. Prince?”

As Taesan didn’t know him, he just stayed still.

“Perhaps, are you here to see Gyeongwan?”

As Taesan moved his head, he turned his body.

“Gyeongwan is in the small tourney hall. Follow me. I will guide you.”

Taesan followed him.

He was stronger than the other warriors, way stronger because no one was stronger than him.

However, he was weaker than Gyeongwan.

‘I misunderstood.’

Gyeongwan wasn’t an ordinary warrior in the Black Dragon group.

A few things came to Taesan’s mind.

As he walked for a bit, he arrived at the Black Dragon group’s small tourney hall.

“As you can see, he has been like this from today morning. It’s better not to talk to him or approach him.”

Taesan agreed. It seemed like he would be awake soon. 

“What is Gyeongwan’s position in the Black Dragon group?”

“Ordinary member.”

As he answered, he realized Taesan was looking down on him.

It was so natural that he just accepted it.

His eyes flickered.

At that moment, Gyeongwan was back to normal. His body had a strong soul waving around, and it was going everywhere.

The man was surprised and looked at Gyeongwan.

Gyeongwan looked at him with a deeper expression than usual. Then he looked at Taesan with complicated thoughts.

Gyeongwan promptly greeted Taesan.

“You’re visiting, Mr. Prince.”

His polite tone and attitude made the man who guided Taesan really surprised.

Gyeongwan looked at him and spoke.

“Leader, I may have to serve the Prince from now on.”

“Uh….sure. That’s your job.”

Taesan agreed. No wonder that man looked the strongest. He was the leader of the Black Dragon group.

Gyeongwan swiftly walked in front of Taesan.

Taesan laughed while looking at Gyeongwan.

“Let’s go and see that guy.”

“He is inside the prison.”

Gyeongwan politely replied and led the way by guiding Taesan.

The Black Dragon group leader looked Taesan and Gyeongwan.

“What is going on right now?”

He made a puzzled face until the two left the tourney hall.

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