Chapter 22

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There were 3 chairs prepared, surrounding the table.

There was a protrusion on top of the table that looked like the mouse you use for a computer.

“Please have a seat.”

Takeo and Alice took their seats on the two chairs that were lined next to each other.

“Magic is divided into 2 divisions.

They are – Spirit Magic and Magic.

Spirit magic is triggered by borrowing the power of the ones we call spirits.

By name, by incantation, the key to triggering it differs.

But it doesn’t mean that you can cast spells used by other people.

It’s a contractual word between an individual and the natural world so the same word will not necessarily give the same effect.”

“…………How do you find out the key for spirit magic?”

“It’s a coincidence. At the Royal Capital, there are a large number of words stored.

At least one of those words might fit the bill right?”

Takeo thought that this is close to not being able to use it.

“The other magic is using your magical prowess directly and sublimate it to  a magical form but,

each person will have a different system specialty.

Fire, Water, Earth, Ice, Thunder, and so on.

Even if you remember systems that you are not good at, that magic will be very weak so it’s very important to know the system that you’re good at.”

“I see.”

“Therefore, let’s check the magical aptitude and system of Sir Kitamizato.

Please place your hand onto the protrusion on the table.”

Takeo did as instructed.

As he placed his hand, his palm started tingling.

The shop assistant was looking at some water that was placed in a container.


Suddenly the shop assistant looked at Takeo.

“……..Please take your hand off for a moment.”

Takeo did as instructed.

The shop assistant looked at the water once again.

“Please place your hand once more.”

Takeo placed his hand as instructed.

The shop assistant looked at the container, then at Takeo, and then towards Alice.

“Can I have Lady Alice also do this procedure?”

“Yes, that’s alright.”

Alice placed her palm on the protrusion instead of Takeo.

The shop assistant looked at the container and nodded.

“Sir Kitamizato, please excuse me but please place your hand once again.”

Takeo switched with Alice once again and placed his palm on the protrusion.

“…….Yes. So according to the result, you have an aptitude for magic.

However, Sir Kitamizato, you are not good at any specific system.”


Takeo and Alice were surprised.

“Ah, no, I think that was misleading.

All systems are balanced.”


Takeo replied half-heartedly.

“It’s very rare to find a person with no specific system.”

“That means?”

“In other words, you can use all systems equally.”

“Is that so?”

Takeo didn’t understand what to do.

Should he be happy or sad?

So he left his impressions at ‘so that’s how it is.’

“Next I’ll measure the quantity of your magic.”

“The shop assistant brought us a circular flask with some water in it.

“Sir Kitamizato, please hold out your hand.

Takeo did as he was told.





Nothing’s really happening though?

“…………Um. Lady Alice, could you please?”


Alice held out her and at the same time, the water started to rise. It seemed that it would overflow.

When the water was about to overflow, Alice brought her hand back.

The shop assistant nodded.



Takeo held out his hand again.

Thanks to Alice, the water level had risen until the narrow part of the flask.

The water now started to rise up slowly.


Takeo thought that the atmosphere had darkened.

“……….Umm………..shall we get the glasses made?”

“Let’s do that! Sir Takeo.”

……….I was being pitied……….I felt like crying.

But I would like to try some kind of magic, thought Takeo.

“Excuse me but what is the simplest and least dangerous magic?”

“Eh?………..Ah. It’s magic that produces light called ‘Lux’.

“Will I also be able to use it?”

“You will.”

The shop assistant handed over a small wooded staff to me.

“Grasp this and say ‘Lux’.”

Takeo nodded and called out ‘Lux’ as he waved the staff.”

As he said that, there was a light at the end of the staff.”


‘I want to use magic’

He was now living the dream that so many people have as children.

Even if it was a simple magic, Takeo was moved.

As Takeo was feeling those emotions, the light disappeared.

Takeo wanted to see more of it.

“Lux. Lux. Lux. Lux.”

He repeated it four times.

The shop assistant and Alice panicked as they heard that.

“Sir Takeo !!”

“Wait a… Customer!! If you do that, you’ll collapse!!”


It was already too late. The magic had already been activated.

The end of the staff was even brighter than earlier.

Takeo’s field of view was blocked due to the light.




As time passes, the light disappeared and Takeo’s field of view returned back to normal.

“Eh……….customer. How?”

The shop assistant was shocked.

In fact, even Alice had a shocked expression.


Takeo didn’t understand what was going on.

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