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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 29

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“Iris, do you understand what you just said?”

“Yes, I do”

Iris answered my question without hesitation.

It was to be expected that she knew what was going on. 

After all, I too proposed to move out of here.

Our proposal was simple – We move out of here and lure them in elsewhere.

Of course, it’s easier said than done.

The chance that they assault Iris when she’s walking alone at night is big.

Still, taking that as a chance while using Iris as bait wasn’t what I proposed this time.

It would be the fastest way to kill the Swordsman Gang members. However – 

“Princess Reinfell, I am truly humbled by the fact that you would put your noble self on the line for the purpose of our cause.

But in every form and shape, this is a dangerous proposal” – Remyl answered.

Though the response was polite, it still had some thorns.

But even Remyl must have at least considered the option of using Iris as bait.

Using a decoy is one of the oldest tricks in the book. 

However, the reliability of the escort is of utmost importance with a plan like that.

This time is completely different though – We can’t guarantee her safety.

Still, she proposed to be the decoy/bait herself this time. She possibly values other’s getting hurt over her own safety.

That’s mostly based on what she said about not wanting to have an escort.

“I agree with the Captain”

“Mr. Schweiss!..”

“Iris, you’re definitely strong and have a lot of potentials. I think you might even be able to surpass me one day. Yet, this time is different.

I can’t guarantee that I can protect you, even when I am close.

“…. That’s.. I know”

“It’s alright. I will protect Iris” 

Alia stepped in front of Iris.

That’s quite an Alia thing to do, even in a situation like this.

Remyl too seemed somewhat surprised by her statement.

“You seem to be training quite a few brave ones”

“These two are just a bit special. Still, the two of you wouldn’t lose to Swordsman Gang members I think. But as a teacher, I can’t let my students just go out and face something that threatens their lives”

“Did you really just say that?”

“I might be a child, but right now, I speak as your teacher. What’s more, I am also a knight of this kingdom. And if I look at it from that perspective, I am a knight that pledged to protect you, the students”

“But… If we wait here then..”

“Yes, what Iris said was definitely true. If we are just going to wait here then we are at quite a disadvantage, considering the power of the enemy.

What’s more, we already defeated two of them, so it’s likely that they will come with the two of them next time.

If they really just wanted to end it they wouldn’t have killed Folt – I think they will just come to fight me instead.

Moreover, if that’s not what they wanted, then why don’t they just go out of their way to directly bury Iris. 

Iris became gloomy after hearing that, so I continued – 

“Even with that risk in mind, are you still able to act as a decoy?”

“…I have already chosen to be a knight in the future”

“Yes, that I know”

To protect everything as a knight – That’s what she talked with me about.

I too felt like it was like a dream, chasing your father’s legacy.

Still, Iris was resolute in chasing her dream.

“You told me you would support me if I would choose to protect someone, didn’t you Mr. Schweiss? I don’t want to become stronger to protect myself. 

But if more people have to die for my life, than I don’t care to die for them either”

“Princess Reinfell…”

Remyl too couldn’t hide her surprise any longer.

Those weren’t the words of a 15 year old.

If someone were to become a scapegoat for her, then she wouldn’t mind becoming one for someone else. 

Those were Iris’ words.

Even when she wanted to fight me she had that in mind. She keeps on surprising me, time after time again.

“There are also those that want to protect you. Do you understand that?”


“If you die they too will die for nothing. So don’t treat your own life so lightly. People should live, you know”

“I never meant to say that I wanted to die. That’s why I will fight”

“I see you’re prepared for this, Iris. Captain, we’ll take Iris up on her plan to become the decoy

“T-Thank you so much!”

Iris lifted her head.

This is what I wanted to hear from her.

Remyl was going to plan out the strategy.

“As a Knight’s Captain I shouldn’t accept this – But, I can’t just stop someone with such readiness for what they are about to do either”

“Out of everyone you really are the most human, captain”

“Your words really do hurt sometimes, you know..”

Including the Blue Blade, Remyl has already lost many knights and has with that gained many scars, which must hurt her with unbelievable pain.

That too is one of the reasons why she is gaining so much respect from her knights, and the reason why she has become a Captain as well.

“With Princess Reinfell’s dedication and your protection – Knight Alta Schweiss, are you prepared to protect the princess from the Swordsman Gang?”

“If I could be so frank, I really can’t say I am not. But yes, you’d have to increase my salary threefold”

“This is a serious talk, alright”

“Yes, sorry. Merely jesting. I won’t just protect her. I will cooperate with her to defeat the Swordsman Gang – That’s right, isn’t it?”

“! Yes!”

As I looked over to Iris she nodded very contently.

Through everything, she seems to be very happy to be able to fight alongside me.

“Me too, me too”

With a sort of skipping motion, Alia raised her hands to make clear she too was in this party.

“Alia… I understand your feelings, but it’s my-“

“We’re family, Iris. It’s only normal for me to protect you”

“..Family? I knew you were on good terms, but I never thought you were twin sisters … But that’s not it, is it?”

Alia Reinfell isn’t her name. 

Her name is…

“Alia Notoria. Iris’ half sister”


“That’s… That’s not true, is it?! Don’t say weird things like that!”

“I mixed up my wording”

…What words were supposed to be different then?

Remyl usually looks rather clear but was almost peeling her eyes out with what she just heard.

But the one that was most surprised by this was Iris.

“I am acquainted with Iris’ household, so it should be natural that I would be there to protect her. It would also be natural for us to be together. And it would also be natural that

if she became a decoy, I will become a decoy”

“Ah, so that’s what you mean?”

Her being with Iris was natural to her – That much I understood. 

She’s the type of girl you tell not to come, and she still would.

What’s more, she really wants everyone to know how much she cares about Alia.

“The fact that you too are prepared for what’s coming I can see. But do you really realize the danger of the situation?”

“Of course”

“Teach..?! Are you actually going to involve Alia…”

“I don’t want you, Iris, to die. With that in mind, I too won’t just recklessly throw away my life” – Alia proclaimed, in response to Iris’ question.

The two of them have a strong trust bond.

She said she was familiar with Irs’s household – In the least, they already knew each other before entering this academy. 

Iris nodded reluctantly after hearing Alia’s words.

But the next battle’s strategy was decided with this.

“Well then. We’ll go next weekend. Iris, let’s go on a date”

“Yes, of co- What?”

Iris first responded ever so happy to my request, but as soon as she realized what was said left out a baffle of surprise.

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