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The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 41

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From where I was, all I could see was just trees sprouting out everywhere. It seems like I was in the middle of a forest.

Glimmers of sunlight were leaking through the shade that the vast amount of trees provided, it was a bit brighter than what I expected.

I didn’t sense the presence of anyone else here.

If I focused my ears, I could hear the chirps of the birds, and the movement of small animals moving about.

It’s a peaceful area.

Just a short while ago, I heard a voice; but just who did it belong to?

Why is it that I’ve been sent over to this forest?

I have so many questions.

But I really do wonder why I was sent over here.

I just gave birth to a child, and right now, I don’t even have a physical body.

No matter how hard I think about it, the answers just won’t come to me.

I wonder if it’s because I don’t have a physical body; I can’t even feel whether it’s cold or hot right now.

I walk around the forest.

I’m not sure if it’s because the animals in this forest also can’t notice me, but even if I walk right by them, they’re moving around so naturally without even trying to run away.

It was a pretty interesting experience to me, so I crouched down and stared at this little squirrel in front of me that was just happily chewing on a nut.

The squirrel was nibbling on the nut as if it was the most delicious thing ever without ever noticing that it was being watched.

“Hehe, so cute.”

There’s no doubt that if I were to try to pat the little thing, it would feel nice and fluffy.

But if I were to try to even touch it, my hand would just go through it.

It’s a bit disappointing.

I continued walking around the forest until the path of trees led me to a particular spot.

There I saw a small lake.

“It’s so pretty…”

The sun was pouring its light down on the lake; the surface of the lake was reflecting the sparkling light from the sun.

This place feels mystical somehow.

I walked towards the lake as if entranced by it and stare at the surface of the lake.

The water in the lake was really clear, so much so that I could clearly see all of the fish swimming in it.

I dipped my hands in the water, but as I thought, I couldn’t even feel the sensation of the water.

“That’s disappointing. It would be so nice to have a small dip in it.”

Perhaps a bit unfitting for a lady, but I sat down by the bank of the lake and dipped both of my feet in.

Although I couldn’t feel anything, I at least felt refreshed absorbing the view.

On top of a tree, I saw a bird perched, staring at the fishes swimming in the lake and then it gallantly flew.

As soon as it just barely saw a fish sticking out on the surface of the lake it dove itself on the lake and immediately came out.

On its beak, it had a lively fish just flopping about.

“That’s so awesome…”

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a bird hunt fish.

The bird made no unnecessary movements in its hunt; I was trembling from how moved I felt.


A little bit further on the lake, I could see some kind of sparkling thing.

It’s a bit different from the light sparkling on the lake’s surface.

Curious as to what it was, I took the shortest distance possible and walked on top of the lake.

Well, I say walk, but I’m really just floating around.

“Oh my! Are you all right?!”

When I got there, I saw a young girl possibly in her late teens passed out while enveloped by a sparkling light., passed out.

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