Chapter 25

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Alice was walking towards the tailors’ shop with 2 small paper boxes.

“Finally, ended up buying it.

Should I change the tea appointment with Sir Takeo to a tea party at home?”

She was regretting it a little. What will Takeo think? That’s on my mind but I’ve already bought it.

‘I found my favorite dish’, ‘There were lots of seats’, ‘There were only 3 left and I bought them all’.

There were lots of reasons that I could think of but… I had to somehow convince him to eat at home.

Alice reached the tailor’s shop…however, the door had a [Close] sign hanging on it.

“Huh? What is the meaning of this?”

Let me think for a little bit, Since the inside of the shop is lit, there certainly are people inside.

The door isn’t even locked, it opened easily.

“Lady Alice, welcome back.”

Takeo came to greet her while looking like he was enjoying himself.

“Ah………..I’m back.

That…………this is?”

She looked over the inside of the store.

There were several shop assistants of this store surrounding a single piece of clothing while discussing something without even looking here.

Moreover, there were 3 people at a small table holding a book in their hands and calculating something.

“Umm, once I started speaking about the coat that I want to be made, all the people of this store decided that they wanted to participate so they joined us…………..”

Takeo gave a wry smile.

“Eh?…………..All of them?”

Alice was surprised as she wondered ‘Why for 1 single piece of clothing?’

“I’ll give the internal circumstances.”

The store manager started to explain.

The one helping Takeo out since they entered was actually the store manager.

“Actually, our ambition had been smoldering.

That is the expansion of our business.

Little by little, thanks to you, we were able to employ more people and spread our name throughout this town.

However, this is a tailors shop, after all, therefore everyone thinks that it’s basic for us to wait for customers.

When we tried to open a brand in other bigger towns, there would already be another shop already widespread throughout the town. Therefore I had to give up as the shop wouldn’t be profitable even as per trial calculations.”

“Haa. I see.”

Alice agreed.

“However, the coat that Mr. Kitamizato suggested is a very progressive idea.

So by using this as a drawcard, can open a branch in every town?

That’s what we have been thinking.”

“Umm, Sir Takeo?”

“Yes, I only gave a hint for a merchandise though……..”

Takeo started to explain to Alice.

“In other words Lady Alice, They want to set up their own brand.”


“By making it as made to order, they want to produce it in wholesale.”

“……….Would it generally be sold to that extent?”

Alice asked the basic question.

“Lady Alice…………what if it’s not sold as a ‘general’ product?”

“What if it’s specific…………no, let me stop talking in a roundabout way.

What if it’s made for the soldiers’ use?”

“…………..But won’t that only be dozens per year?”

“What if it’s for the……….frontier?”


Alice understood it.

“That’s right. If it’s for multiple frontiers…………or for multiple national units then hundreds of them would be required.”

“Yes, that’s right but it’s going to be quite tough to reach that stage.

That’s because tailor shops already dominate the city as mentioned earlier.”

“Yes. The entire kingdom is going to quite difficult to achieve.”

“But that’s if it’s a regular tailor shop…….isn’t it. But what if we offer something with an entirely new value?”

“I think it will be useful and if they weren’t able to get something like this made in tailor shops till now then they can always place an order with you.”

“Yes. However, it’s necessary to keep the price to a certain extent.”

“Why is that?”

“Otherwise it will definitely be copied.”


Alice’s face seemed like she couldn’t understand what Takeo was saying.

“In other words, we need to maintain the lowest price needed to maintain a certain level of quality.

That will mainly depend on the cost of the materials though. Who can offer the lowest price is what the fight will be about.

If a tailor copies another brand, if he is selling his stuff at a higher price, the tailor will not be successful.

Besides, if one cannot make it by oneself then you will be requested to put it in your store.”

“I see.”

“Moreover, if it goes well, then it will benefit the Elvis family in the future.”

“Eh? Is that so?”

“If it goes well that is.”

“………What does that mean?”

Alice was worried. Why is the development of this store connected to the benefit of the Elvis family?

“Actually I would like to have a contract with this store regarding the design and sales rights of this coat.”

“Contract? Why?”

“In simple terms, anything that is not made by this store will not be considered a ‘Trench Coat’.

This allows this store from preventing other stores to sell coats with the same name.

That will also apply to my knowledge.

As for the coat, I definitely will choose this store to make it for me.”

“That’s only advantageous for the store. Is there also some benefit for you?”

“The benefit that I will receive is that I will get a commission for each coat sold.

And no matter how big this store gets, the head office will remain in this town.”

“This town will be the base?”

“Yes. For example, the royal capital is the center for people, things, and money right?

But this time there is no need to have the headquarters there.

In fact, I don’t think there is any reason to set up a store in the royal capital.”

“Why is that? I heard that all owners have a dream of opening one branch in the royal capital sometime.”

“………Is that so?”

Takeo asked the people of the shop.

“Yes. Including me, most people desire to have one in the royal capital someday.”

“Is that how it is.”

Takeo, who didn’t have any interest in the royal capital at this point in time, replied apathetically.

“Well, from here on it’s my reasoning.

There is a large scope at the royal capital but that is also why adhesion will be fierce.”


“Yes, to be precise I think there will be lots of stores there.

Lady Alice, how many noble families live in the royal capital?”

“There should be around 20.”

“…………Surprisingly few.

Let’s assume there is one store for each family.

The shops also represent the social image of the nobles so they will hold certain types of goods with certain qualities.

Also, in order to not lose the edge on the nobles, the ones offering the goods will also use the store.”

“That’s right.”

“That’s why I think that there is no reason to open a store in the royal capital.”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“In other words, in a society that uses connections to maintain its connections, you will not be able to sell anything as a new entrant.

Why would you endanger the relationship that you have with the nobles right now in order to open a new store?

Moreover, even if you become a favorite of an aristocrat, you will only be able to sell to him and the people related to him.

Maybe that might make sense in terms of business but you will only be asked to serve the interests of the nobles and……………not your own ideas.”

“Sir Takeo, that is certainly the case. Even if that is the case………….”

“Yes, I guess I leaped too far but I’m sure that you cannot consider it completely false.

Not only noble families, but you can also even have noble groups isn’t it.”

When did the shop assistants stop working and start listening to us?

Takeo wondered if he said something bad?

“……….That’s certainly how it is.

After listening to this, I lost my desire to open a store at the royal capital.”

“No, I’m extremely sorry for saying something so mean.

I don’t mean to defy the opening of one store in the capital.”

Takeo apologized to the shop manager.

“No, no. My desire for the royal capital is not that strong.

It’s just that since the other shop owners always say that, I thought I’ll go there too someday.”

“I see”

Takeo wondered if this was group psychology.

Alice was listening.

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