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The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 42

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“Are you all right?!”

I called out to the collapsed girl, but she didn’t respond.

Now that I think about it, Yuki couldn’t hear my voice either.

I thought about shaking her with my hands, but I remembered that my hands would just pass through her anyway.

Still, there’s nothing else I can really do, so I stretched out my hand to reach her.


As I reached out to her, my hand was being absorbed into the girl.

Starting from my fingertips, my entire body was being absorbed into hers as if we were fusing.

I desperately tried to get away, but it was all in vain.

“Where… Is this place I wonder.”

I’m wandering around the forest.

It’s been a few hours since I have been absorbed into the girl by the river.

I have been wandering around the forest.

I was able to move the girl’s body shortly after being absorbed.

I could feel the sensation of the grass brushing up against my feet, the refreshing forest wind hitting against me, as well as the warm sunlight pouring on my skin.

The little animals now run away as I approach them.

Why was that girl collapsed by the lake? Why was I absorbed into her body, and why am I possessing her right now? I don’t understand any of this.

But standing around by the lake wasn’t going to get me any answers, so I started walking around.

I walked around for a while, and suddenly I came across a large wall.

It seems like this was a wall made out of stone.

The wall was rather wide, it covered a decent amount of ground from what I could 

I continued walking following the wall.

As I continued walking, I noticed a part of the wall that perhaps was broken down.

Either way, it was a hole that looked just about right for a single person to squeeze through.

I peeped through the hole in the wall and I saw someone’s leg.

It seemed like they were laying down.

Feeling relieved that there was someone around here, I called them out.

“Hello. Uhm… I’m a little bit lost right now, do you know where this place is?”

However, no matter how long I waited, I didn’t get a response.

Thinking that it was strange, I crawled through the hole in the wall.

On the other side, I saw a garden, perhaps it was a garden from some mansion.

I approached the person lying down on the ground.

“Lord Edward!”

I shrieked. 

The person lying down on the ground was someone I knew very well; Lord Edward.

On top of that, he wasn’t just merely lying down on the floor. It’s more accurate to say that he lost consciousness because of a wound.

He was lying on the ground facing upwards, his chest expanded and shrank ever so slightly, it seemed like he was still breathing.

But blood was seeping from his arms and legs, it was painful to watch.

Just what happened here?

Whenever Lord Edward would go to another country, there would always be at least 2 people accompanying him. But I don’t see anyone near him. 

Is this the reason why Makoto said that she had no idea where Lord Edward was?

The moment where Lord Edward’s whereabouts became unknown was when he went to a neighboring country that was neither an allied nor hostile.

It was Yakumo, a country that the Great Empire of Hazrat has been trying to control over.

It would be troublesome if this was somewhere in Yakumo.

I’m not sure exactly why Lord Edward was wounded like so, but I’m sure the number of people that know this is few. 

Although scared, I get closer to Lord Edward and examine his wounds.

It seemed like he was cut with a sharp blade, the wounds on his skin were open.

I’m not sure if it’s because his wounds were that deep, but I could see something white. Is this… His bone?

“…Please, no.”

As I look at his wounds, a rushing sensation of nausea and vertigo struck me.

Not being able to withstand it, I distanced myself a bit from the garden and starting vomiting.

“I can’t just stand around like this, I need to do something…”

Once again, I head towards where Lord Edward was lying down.

I wanted to wash his wounds with water, but I’m not seeing any water around this area.

In that case, there’s not much I can do, if I don’t stop the bleeding then he’ll…

Using my teeth, I bit the cuffs of my skirt and tore it just a bit. From the small tear, I ripped off the cuffs with my hands.

Using the piece of cloth that I just ripped apart, I tightly wrapped the most serious wound that I saw on his body.


Lord Edward let out a small voice. Disregarding it, I continued to bandage other parts of his body.

I don’t know how long he has been bleeding. His complexion was pale and his condition looked pretty bad.

“God… Please, please I beg of you. Please save Lord Edward.”

I can’t carry him somewhere safe by myself.

Even if I were to look for someone for help, I don’t know even know where I am. I have no idea if the people in this region would be hostile or friendly.

The only thing I can hope for is that Lord Edward regains consciousness and then find out what happened.

While staying alert of my surroundings, I prayed that Lord Edward would regain consciousness.

In doing so, a bright light came out of Lord Edward’s body.

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