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A young girl in a village without protection Volume 1 Let us start managing the land – Chapter 4

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The world of the fantasy game ‘Asgarl’ has a large temple in its center and 5 countries surround it.

The country in which Selesina resides is the Empire of Alvard.

Each country has the royal castle and a small temple at its center. Alvard is divided into 5 provinces. Selesina’s father Bethel is responsible for one of those provinces. It’s in the north of the empire and faces the Royal capital. The distance between the two is short and hence it is easy to reach.

The mansion that Selesina resides in is at the Royal capital – governed by the Royal family. The territory if Selesina’s father is the closest to it with a carriage ride of just four hours between the two.

As expected, the carriage ride made her uncomfortable and tired but she was refreshed the moment they reached the territory.

The town was called Halmir.

“This is father’s territory isn’t it.”

“Yes. You came here when you were just a small child, has it been about 10 years now?”

“……………..That’s right. After all, I don’t really leave the mansion much.”

I think I used to be an energetic child.

But since I didn’t receive divine blessings and since I felt that I am the villainess, I didn’t really leave the mansion.

What if someone said something to me if I were to go out……I was also trying to be a little considerate about my parents.

At the very least, that meant that I had more time to study. I thought that I could make up for the lack of blessings with something else.

Especially, since there was a chance that I could be married to Soratek, I didn’t want to be a burden to him. At least if I was knowledgable………or so I thought.

Well, that wasn’t really necessary though.

For now, I would like to avoid being executed and become independent.

“I would like to see father’s big tree first.”

“It’s this way.”

The huge tree represents the blessings that the land has received.

The greater the power of the landowner, the larger the tree grows and bears fruit.

It seems to be pretty big but since I don’t have anything to compare it with, I cannot be sure.

‘In the game, if the tree grows huge, an event will take place.”

Selesina had also tried to rush in order to make it grow more.

‘……..Anyway, I’ve got to see the land now.’

The land owned by her father, the Marquis, was lively and kept clean. Unlike the roads earlier, the roads here were well-paved and made for a comfortable carriage ride. The main street was incredibly lively with people out for shopping.

The flowers that lined the street made the streets even brighter.

“It’s a nice place…………….it would have been better if I had come to see it earlier.”

They got down from the carriage at the main street and headed to the town square.

The big tree is grown from its seed so you can choose to grow it where ever you like.

Selesina’s father chose to grow it at the center of the town. You could see it right from the end of the town.

That gave a sense of security to the people. If by some chance the tree were to wither, it meant that something had happened to the owner of the territory. 

There is an old story that once something like this happened, the townsfolk prepared to leave and fled the town in the middle of the night.

After walking for some time, they reached the base of the tree.

Moved by the grandiose of the tree’s foliage, Selesina let out a sound. Seeing the power of her father’s divine blessings, she was certainly proud.

 “…….It’s amazing.”

“It’s really grand. This tree protects the people of this town doesn’t it?”

“That’s right……..I would like to walk around it bit and then go to a café……….is that alright?”

“Of course. Lady Selesina, you’re always inside the mansion so let’s go to various places today.”

Anna nodded with a smile and Selesina also responded cheerfully.

She didn’t really know the town so she had to be close to her maid. 

As she excitedly walked ahead, a young child ran into her and they both fell to the ground.



“Lady Selesina!”

“Owww…..Ah, I’m sorry, are you alright?”

Anna lent her hand to me and helped me up as I turned to the child. He was wearing a hat clothes that were patched up in places. He was clearly a child from a poor family.

As soon as Selesina looked towards him, he got up and ran away.

“Oh my……..”

“Some manners he has………..Are you okay?”

“Yes, it’s alright. The child was probably surprised by my presence. Don’t think of it.”

I’m not injured so there’s no point in making a big deal.

‘He probably thought that I would ask for the payment for getting my dress cleaned.’

It can’t be helped if he ran away out of fear. I’m sure his parents wouldn’t be able to afford it either.


She suddenly noticed.

“My wallet is missing……!”

“No way !? Don’t tell me it’s that boy from earlier?”

“What should I do? The bookmark that Lord Soratek made for me is in that wallet.”

It’s fine if I lose that money but I absolutely want to keep the bookmark made by the crown prince Lord Soratek.

“Moreover, that bookmark was the first thing he handmade for me.”


‘She saw him flirting earlier but she is still so kind’, Anna thought.

‘He seemed incredibly proud when he made it……he will be angry if I were to lose it.’

No, he would certainly be angry. I can say for sure.

That would be a troublesome development. Selesina decided that she must get the wallet back. However, she didn’t know the area neither did she have physical prowess. As she was wondering what to do, a voice called out from behind.

“I’ll get it back for you.”


There stood a boy, younger than Selesina.

He had brown hair and beautiful jade green eyes. His clothes were patched up and he certainly didn’t look affluent.

“What should I do?”


‘Does he know the boy that stole my wallet?’

He might be an accomplice but since the wallet has already been stolen, that’s probably not the case. What if he wants a big reward?

‘She cannot just let that happen either.’

But she cannot let Soratek get angry either.

“Please do……….do you have any conditions?”

“I want you to help someone.”

“! Understood. I’ll try to help you as much as possible.”

Selesina was surprised because she thought that he would as for money. Is it a family member, or a friend………. I don’t know who it is but that’s a kind child.

Selesina wondered what he was planning to do in case he hadn’t met her and this situation hadn’t occurred. But she stopped that chain of thought because there was no use in thinking about that.

“Wait here, I’ll come back with it soon.” 

He said as ran away.

“………That kid, he knows the location doesn’t he?”

“It seems so. It seems like a good town…….but it also has some shady places.”

“It would be horrible if we were to lose everything.  Money, time, and labor…….”

It wasn’t something that she really wanted to see but it was something that she needed to see. There was no certainty but there was a possibility that no one would marry her since she wasn’t blessed. In that case, she had to learn to manage the land. She had to borrow the land and live independently.

The boy returned after about an hour.

He brought Selesina’s wallet along with him.

“This is your wallet right?”

“That’s right! That’s it! Thank you for bringing it back.”

She checked the contents of the wallet. The first thing that she looked for was Soratek’s bookmark. As long as that was there, she honestly didn’t care about the money.

“Ah, all the money’s in there…..”

“Isn’t that obvious!”

The boy shot back when Selesina exclaimed. He said that it was obvious that the contents would be in place since he said that he would get it back for her.

“That’s right. I’m sorry. That was my bad. Thank you very much, umm……..could I have your name? I’m Selesina.”


“It’s the same as your eyes – Jade.”

“Hm. More importantly, you’ll help me right?”

Hisoi pulls on Selesina’s arm saying that his name doesn’t matter. The person he wants to save is probably not in a good shape. Selesina nodded and immediately followed behind him with Anna.

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