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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 2 Female Assassin arc Chapter 46

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“If that’s the case, then yes, I will do it”

“Aah, I thought you would”

As I called upon Iris the next day after school I expected really no other answer from her.

“What, is there something wrong?”

“Aah, no nothing” – I said laughingly, in an attempt to deceive her.

I didn’t expect her to decline, but I really have nothing more to tell her either.

It was just a conversation about how it would be natural that I too would join her.

Iris really doesn’t lack any form of power, so there really is no issue here.

(…I really expect to be paid with some bonus though)

That’s really all that I can hope for, now that this all has become reality.

This is quite an important job, so I expect at least some form of reward for doing it.

… I really shouldn’t let Iris catch on to the fact that I am mostly doing it for money.

“We will talk about the details tomorrow, but during that time you won’t be able to do much for school”

“I understand. But…” – Iris averted her eyes a bit and stuttered a bit.

Her face became a bit red, and then wanted to say something more, so I asked her.

“But what?”

“Well, it will be me and Mr. Schweiss again right?”

“That’s right. I am still hired as your escort”

“Well, if that’s the case then, maybe if the time is right this time we could even get a lesson in …”

I understood.

Though this tension screams date, what she’s aiming for is more training.

It seems I have to calm Iris a bit down right now.

“Of course, when we have time we will. We don’t have to stick too closely to the schedule all the time, so that sounds good”

“T-thank you. That is reassuring”


“No, nothing! Anyway, are we going to have a training today as well?”

“Well, I actually only came here to have this talk with you”

“Oh.. I see”

Iris was blatantly astonished.

She’s unexpectedly easy to read. Seems like she carries a lot of emotion in her face.

(I mean, she has plenty of good points too)

“Iris, are you taking a break from the academy again?”


Alia suddenly showed herself.

She must have hidden around here, most likely in a bush or tree, since her clothes and hair were full of leaves.

As Iris noticed this too, she asked Alia.

“Did you listen to our conversation just now”

“Yes, I did”

(She actually eavesdropped unto us. She has quite the hiding skills)

So she must have been close while I discussed this with Iris.

Every time she hides herself, it is quite hard even for me to find her.

Seems like we have to find a far more secret place next time we discuss covid operations. But it’s not like this conversation was off-limits for Alia.

I also confirmed more about Alia, and it seems like Iris’ household takes care of her – Alia’s Guardian seems to be Iris’ mother.

“If Iris gets free from school, then so will I”

“No, Alia, you have to actually study properly”

“But if you’re not next to me then…”

They really seem to care for one another like sisters.

Alia seems to know exactly what bothers Iris. Prior to this Iris told me it was useless to argue with her too.

I didn’t expect her to be actually able to block an attack from Swordsman Gang member Adyl though. And then also heal all her wounds too. Yet-

“Alia, I understand your feelings, but this time around there are also some public duties involved”

“Public duties?”

“That’s right. I am supposed to represent house Reinfell. So, this time I can’t take you with”

“Ugu~ But I want to go too”

“I am not going to just fool around this time, you understand?”

“….I understand” – Alia said while hanging her head. She understood what Iris had meant this time.

I actually expected her to throw some sort of tantrum, though… No, she might actually pretend to have given up here.

That seems to fit Alia way more.

I will keep that in mind for the time being though.

“You understand that you can’t come hidden, as well right?”

“I understand. Shall we play one more time, before you take your leave?”

“Sure, that’s fine by me, but… I am not gone that long you know”

“Alright, as a replacement for not letting me come along”

Alia said while asking Iris. She seems rather cute like this.

“That’s quite good, isn’t it. I could use some unwinding before my job starts”

“Alright. Are you coming too, teach?”


“Yes, we’re Retrying the date”


I don’t know what it was, but Iris had put a lot of power in those words.

Dating strategy – We used that against the Swordsman Gang, but like this Iris and Remyl only seem to make jokes about it. 

I really should’ve chosen my words more carefully.

“Teach, are you free this week?”

“Well, not really but-“

“Alright, then it’s settled. You just have to keep up this time then”

As Alia didn’t even let me finish my own sentence she was just rambling on with what she already had on her mind.

The weekends though – Though I am their teacher during the week, I am indeed off during the weekends.

The fact that Alia too understood this actually saved me in turn too.

“Understood. If that’s the case, then I will also join you”

“Yo- You will actually join us…!?”

“…? Does that hinder you in any way?”

“N-no. I wouldn’t say that it would…”

“Well then, let’s have some fun. I am now going home to sleep though!”

“Oh, Alia! Hold up!”

Iris seemed somewhat flustered. As she chased after Alia she too disappeared from sight.

We decided to go and have a meet up at the weekend so we could spend time with Alia.

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