Chapter 11

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Taesan purified the soul from the spirit while sweating.

His body condition wasn’t well as he overworked today.

“That red dragon or snake is quite annoying.”

When Taesan killed Wi, he used the stored power which he hadn’t used before.

It was the power he got from the brothel’s guard.

He just emitted it so it didn’t really deal great damage to the body.

Still, this trashy body couldn’t stand it.

Luckily by the Magical Spell of increasing soul, the power had been purified, or else he may have ripped his connected heartbeat.

Thinking about it made him sweaty.

‘Half of my stored power is gone. Of course, it wasn’t a waste. Anyway, I can collect power again if I want to.’

‘Actually, when I took power from the guard from the brothel, I was considering to use in such cases.’

‘I just didn’t know that I would use it quickly like this.’

“Sigh, anyway it’s over,” Taesan whispered while looking at the naked lady sleeping next to him.

He did feel tempted while looking at the lady.

However, he needed to stay patient.

‘If I go and touch her, my body won’t stay strong.’

‘I connected one more heartbeat by acquiring the lady’s soul.’

‘When I think about it, I feel great yet I sighed.’

At what age would he be able to connect all the heartbeats?

Taesan closed his eyes and enhanced the connected heartbeat.

Right now, it was connected by the soul so he must consistently look after it.

By giving continuous attention, the heartbeat will connect for sure.

Taesan did the same task until it was the middle of the day.

“What are you doing there?”

Taesan gave a weird look when he looked at Gyeongwan after leaving the room.

Gyeongwan struggled but fixed his posture when he saw Taesan.

“Mr. Prince, you are here.”

“Did you stay like that the whole night?”

Gyeongwan didn’t respond. What he found out by performing the same action the whole night was his lack of skills.

Taesan clicked his tongue.

“Tsk, just do your things.”

Gyeongwan put his head down after hearing the comment.

“Don’t get sad about it. It wasn’t a complete waste.”

Gyeongwan lifted his head up and looked at Taesan. His eyes were full of surprise.

As Taesan moved to lead by taking a step, Gyeongwan looked at his back and followed.

The subtle smile on Gyeongwan’s face disappeared.

The Golden Wall Clan had numerous groups and each group had their own designated tasks.

The tasks were decided based on each group’s characteristics, and each group had to follow the tasks.

Most tasks were to earn money.

Out of them, the core of the Golden Wall Clan focused on the group which was in charge of managing the information.

Since the establishment of the clan, the information was considered to be most valuable so close family members of the clan owner were in charge of the group.

The current leader was the brother of the former clan owner and current owner’s uncle, Byeok.

Byeok’s goal since childhood was to become the leader of the information group. He had skills in the field and he knew the importance of information.

As long as one had information, he believed nobody could hurt one.

Also, he passed on such a belief to his son junior Byeok.

Junior Byeok was a potential leader. It was more accurate to say it was definite.

In order to do so, Byeok tried to keep his son close to the clan owner.

Byeok sat with his son junior Byeok.

The two people were holding identical documents in their hands.

Byeok asked his son after reading the document, “What do you think?”

“Think this won’t make the Black Union take action.”


“It’s not worth it.”

Byeok nodded his head with satisfaction.

“Anyway… I don’t know why the guy who is about to die is acting in such a way.”

“Still, there are lucky times.”

Byeok laughed.


It was well-known that the brothel is an intellectual organization hidden as a brothel.

However, it was unknown as to where it was tied to.

There was a reason to oppress the brothel due to what Taesan had done.

The brothel crossed the line and tried to become sneaky towards Taesan and moved the Red Dragon Group by using a lady.

They were still denying it but they will surrender shortly. The Byeok family would make them do so.

Byeok was certain that he could find the connection of the brothel.

By shaking it, they will make a mistake and they always aimed for the loophole.

“I hope they don’t have anything dodgy.”

“It is certainly so.”

Then, the information group could take over.

Anyway, everything started with Taesan, although he did it without thinking about it.

“Don’t worry about the Black Union… how is the Red Dragon group?”

Byeok junior knew that his father was asking this question not because his father didn’t know about it.

A conversation with his father was a test every time.

“As the core power disappeared, the group was shaky. However, even in such times, members are fighting over power.”

Father Byeok gave a smile and nodded his head.

“Good analysis.”

However, junior Byeok knew that it was not a compliment. Was that all?

“The Black Union and Bear Group are always looking to attack. Perhaps… the Red Dragon group may split into two groups.”

Then, Byeok’s face had a deeper smile.

“That’s the characteristic of the Black Union. They attack so they won’t be attacked.”

“The problem is that due to this incident, more are alerted to us.”

“Yes, you understood that.”

“Perhaps other groups who are cooperating with us may become alerted to us.”

“It’s not may, they will for sure.”

Junior Byeok put his head in and spoke.

“I will get ready in advance.”

Byeok appeared happy and nodded his head.

He thought he could perhaps step back and give his spot to his son junior Byeok.

“Anyway… he is nicknamed as the beast king. Have you heard about it?”

Junior Byeok somehow felt that his father envied the title.

Of course, he didn’t say that out loud. He also maintained his facial expression.

“He is asking for death. He doesn’t know if he will live even while staying quiet but he is using his energy. It’s quite unstable these days.”

Byeok frowned and turned his head, then junior Byeok added, “Honestly, I still think it’s good.”

That made Byeok angry. Also, junior Byeok expected such a reaction and added another comment.

“If it wasn’t for the position, I wouldn’t think about it so don’t worry.”

Father Byeok’s face changed and then it became calm.

“Keep your word. Remember, many are listening to your words in this world.”

“Of course. I’m one of the listeners so why wouldn’t I be careful?”

“A careful person dares to talk loudly about it?”

Junior Byeok laughed.

“It’s because I’m in front of my father.”

Father Byeok shook his head.

“You shouldn’t trust me either. Don’t trust your son. That’s what I’m doing as well.”

Junior Byeok remained silent instead of answering that statement.

Anyway, what he said wasn’t wrong.

Clan owner Byeok and Taesan had a wide age gap.

Clan owner Byeok’s son and Taesan were only two years apart.

If Taesan was healthy with lots of talents, it would be a cause of family conflict.

Also, the clan owner’s wife and child wouldn’t be calm like now.

Anyway, it was a good thing for the Golden Wall Clan.

For Taesan, it was unlucky.

“By the way…..” Byeok said with a mysterious face, “Have you heard if he takes any special medication or food?”

“I haven’t heard of it.”

Junior Byeok replied immediately. Actually, he also tried his best to know about it.

The conclusion after researching was that Taesan was just born with it.

Of course, the father asked just in case. He also did the same research and came up with the same conclusion.

“Damn…. I envy him.”

“It’s the energy you got by being healthy.”

Junior Byeok responded like that but he also envied it.

That was why he made a meticulous investigation.

“Pay attention to the Golden Union.”

“I already am.”

“More attention to them. They are dangerous.”

The Golden Union is a union formed by many clans.

Externally, they are created to make friendships, but in reality, it is a union to fight against the Golden Wall Clan.

“They can engage with the Black Union and the Red Dragon Group.”

“I know. However, even if they are engaged, the Black Union won’t move easily.”

If the Black Union moves, other groups in Muhan won’t stay quiet.

“Also, the remainders in the Red Dragon Group… won’t be able to surpass Gyeongwan.”

“I’m telling you this now, but be cautious of unexpected factors.”

“I understand.”

Byeok nodded his head as he knew his son was full of confidence.

‘It’s totally fine… but why do I feel nervous?’

It had been a while since Taesan was named the beast king.

It was a nickname with envy, jealousy, and sarcasm. Also, Taesan didn’t care how other people called him.

Instead, people around Taesan cared more than him.

Taesan went outside during the night as if he was committed to dominating every brothel in Muhan.

That’s why people around him were concerned.

Taesan never slept twice with a lady.

Of course, that was because there was nothing to absorb but people around him didn’t think like that.

Also, the ladies who spent the night with Taesan sighed at night as they missed him.

The real problem was due to the fact that there were people like Danyoung who asked to stay with Taesan.

There weren’t many.

To have such a reaction, one must have had a lot of filthiness in their soul.

Still, there were three ladies who came to the Golden Wall residence, including Danyoung.

Also, those three ladies did take good care of Taesan.

Anyway, those three ladies who joined were supposed to be in trouble.

They were too pretty to work as maids. Of course, there were people who wanted to hit on them, and as they are from brothels people will think they are easy.

However, before causing the trouble, Soso was engaged.

Soso pulled off the three ladies as well as herself from the hall.

All maids and servants were managed by the hall in the Golden Wall Clan. However, they changed their status by giving Taesan as an excuse.

Of course, it wasn’t easy.

However, not only did Soso sell Taesan’s name, but she also got Gyeongwan’s help so she was able to do it.

Because of the incident, many people commented on it.

If you looked at it as a 3rd party, it was equivalent to getting a mistress.

Of course, Taesan didn’t intend to do so.

If it is to serve Taesan, there is no need to get four maids.

That’s why people were accusing him of having an affair.

However, there were many things to do for four people.

Whether they knew it or not, things taken care of by the hall were disconnected.

Soso had to manage everything on her own.

Managing the place where Taesan was staying was quite a lot for four ladies.

Soso was busy taking care of the residence.

That’s why she had dark circles below her eyes and her face became slimmer.

She was taking a break after doing a workload and somebody approached her.

“Huh? Guard Yoo!”

Soso greeted someone happily as they were approaching.

She was Guard Yoo who was in charge of protecting Harin.

She was a well-known guest so the guard didn’t block her and didn’t notify Soso.

“What brings you here? Did Lady Harin send you here?”

This never happened before but she asked just in case.

Guard Yoo nodded her head.

“Just in case. I have a word for Prince Taesan as well.”

“To the prince?”

Soso looked surprised.

“He is not here yet… he will be here soon. Come this way.”

Soso guided Yoo to the guest room.

“He is not here yet, which means… did he go to the brothel last night as well?”

Soso gave a bitter laugh.


Also, she added an excuse.

“Still, the prince is somehow getting healthier after visiting the brothel. He doesn’t faint like before.”

Still, such words couldn’t change Yoo’s face.

Soso guided Yoo to the guest room and went outside to do her chores.

Then, Yoo closed her eyes and began her training her senses until Taesan came back.

She tried to train herself any time she could. Of course, she had strong skills and she was proud of them.

While Yoo was training, she opened her eyes all of sudden.

“Who is….this? Gyeongwan?”

The guest room opened and Taesan appeared.

Behind Taesan, Gyeongwan followed.

Yoo’s eyes were shaking.

Taesan had become so strong that she couldn’t believe it was the same person she saw a while ago.

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