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A young girl in a village without protection Volume 1 Let us start managing the land – Chapter 5

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We were guided by Hisui to a small raggedy hut towards the end of the town.

Selesina was frowning due to the horrible condition of the hut but she decided to bear with it. As she entered inside, her eyes flew open.

The slightly dirty hair that she saw was certainly a pretty white before. There one that he wanted to save was stained with dirt and some blood.

At the first glance he looked like a dog but it was too big. 

It had terrible injuries and was breathing short, shallow breaths with a pained look on his face.

Selesina gasped seeing him look so pained but more importantly, the one that Hisui wanted to save was shocking.

“This, thi, this one……!!”

“What about it?”

“Eh, no……it’s fine.”

‘Isn’t this a divine beast……..!!”

She wanted to scream out but since Anna was also here she kept quiet.

Hisui looked puzzled so he probably didn’t know that this was a divine beast. Normally, people wouldn’t be able to tell.

Selesina knew about it because it was game knowledge. This divine beast was drawn on the back of the game package. As a healing character it was very popular. She was really grateful that the one that Hisui wanted to save was a good character.

The beast, as explained, is the divine beast of the God.

Since it rarely appears in front of humans, people don’t know much about it. Why is it here? Moreover, why is so badly injured?

She had many question but for now she decided to treat him first.

“Hisui, let’s take him back to my house to treat him……..Ah, but my house is in the Royal Capital, it’s very far.”

It would take 4 hours from here.

Since the beast was injured, we couldn’t let it travel for so long. It’ll continue to become weaker as time goes by……….as Selesina was wondering what to do, Anna spoke out.

“In that case, let’s hurry to the Marquis house in this town. We even have servants staying here so we can use their help.”

“I see. Anna, can you please prepare the carriage immediately?”


There was no way that she could carry such a huge dog and move around therefore she asked Anna to prepare the carriage.

The Marquis house of this town certainly lived up to its name.

There was a beautiful, well-maintained garden from the main gate till the entrance of the mansion. It was ready to receive visitors anytime.

As they went towards the entrance in the carriage, the head servant came out to welcome them.

“Is this……..Lady Selesina? I will immediately have your room prepared.”


Since it was a sudden visit, in order to get the preparations done, he gave out orders to several maids. It was certainly a house that belongs to a Marquis.

She slowly got out of the carriage and called out to the head servant.

“I’m sorry for not contacting you in advance, it was an emergency.”

“Did something happen?”

Since Selesina rarely left the house and was here in an emergency, the head servant thought that something serious must have happened.

Did something happen to the Marquis at the Royal Capital…….?

Selesina shook her head in response to the head servant.

“It’s not related to my family…………I would like you to check this child out, please call a doctor immediately.”

“This child……? Please excuse me.”

He looked inside the carriage that Selesina was pointing at.

Hisui and the divine beast were inside.

“A child? More importantly, a dog is injured……? I’ll make the arrangements immediately so let’s move him to the guest room on the second floor for now.”

“Yes, please.”

The head servant asked another servant to take the divine beast and excused himself to arrange a doctor.

He would have been afraid to touch it if he knew that it was a divine beast. It looks like they hadn’t realized.

Selesina was relieved to know that.

“Hisui, a doctor will be coming soon so lets wait together.”


After moving him to the guest room, he was made to sleep on the bed.

Selesina and Hisui sat down chairs next to the bed and waited for the doctor as they watched over the beast.

Selesina reassured Hisui who seemed to be very concerned.

“Divine beasts have a strong life force so he’ll be fine soon.”

“Divine beast?”

“…………As expected, you weren’t aware.”

Selesina gave a wry smile and explained to Hisui that the beast he cherished so much was in fact a divine beast.

She would give the details to him at another time. The most important thing to do right now was to pray for his recovery.

“……Hisui, what about your family? I can contact them….”

“I don’t have any.”

Hisoi shook his head in denial.

“It’s just me and Toi……….a divine beast, was it? The two of us.”

“………..Is that so. In that case it shouldn’t be a problem of you stay here.”

Selesina nodded and asked him to relax.

‘Is he an orphan?’

She wasn’t really surprised, since he wasn’t really in a good condition. There were no orphanages in the town and that was worrisome. Maybe the condition of the territory was worse than expected.

‘……..Lets think  about this after we save the divine beast.’

More importantly.

“The divine beast is called Lord Toi isn’t he?”

“Yes. I named him. We’ve been together since I was a child and it was his fur that kept me warm during winter…..”

“Is that so……”

Certainly the winters in that hut would have been hard. But I guess he was able to keep warm and sleep due to the divine beast.

Hisoi and Toi seemed to have been living and protecting each other.

‘It’s the first time I heard of someone living with a divine beast.’

Isn’t this a more amazing thing than the Heroine of the game or the capture target Lord Soratek? That’s how amazing this was.

‘When Toi becomes healthy, will I be able to become friends with him?’

What if I’m dislike by him because I’m a villainess.

I didn’t receive any blessings from the spirits so I was probably not liked by the Gods. Her heart fell as she thought of that.

“……..What happened?”

Hisui noticed immediately as I slightly frowned. Anyway, I was also worried about Toi.

“Eh? Ah, I’m sorry. I was……….I was thinking that I would also like to get along with Sir Toi………once he recovers.”

“That kind of a……”

“It’s very important to me!”

Selesina tuned away from Hisui in shame. Toi was gravely injured and Selesina was thinking of such useless things. That’s what he probably thought.

But he laughed out loud instead.

“Haha…….., even though you’re such a high ranking noble.”

Hisui seemed to say that this was nothing special.

‘But the people from my previous world were ordinary!’

Selesina had made her debut into high society but she had attended the bare minimum of events, like the night banquet.

And it was enough for her to laugh by Soratek’s side. Maybe that’s why Selesina didn’t really seem like a noble.

Even so, she was trained in etiquette and educated to become queen.

“Its alright. I think he’ll like you.”

“……….Is that so?”

“Yes. My intuition is pretty good.”

I thought that Toi might be friendly towards humans but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Selesina laughed and looked towards Toi.

“I would really like for him to heal quickly and meet him.”


She still wanted to hear a lot more from Hisui but since the doctor came they had to stop their conversation.

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