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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 2 Female Assassin arc Chapter 49

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49. Master

After she separated from Alta and Iris, Alia finally made it to the market.

There are various markets scattered across the kingdom, with many stalls selling vegetables and novelties alike.

Especially during the weekends, there seemed to be many people traversing the market stalls.

Though the number of people kept growing, Alia still continued on.

(What shall I do today…)

Alia didn’t really understand what she was after either.

She thought of Iris as family. 

That is why even if Iris has feelings for Alta, all she can do is support her.

Yet, she really can’t let the two of them just go about.

Iris really puts a lot of trust into Alta though.

But not Alia – Sure, he’s powerful, but that does not make him someone reliable.

That is why Alia always acts out of her own will.

The [Swordsman Gang] were also not really that frightening. 

Alia felt like she could’ve definitely won against them.

Yet in truth, it was Alta that saved Iris, not Alia.


Alia stopped moving.

(I am-)

It was at that moment that she noticed some dubious behavior in the corner of her eye.

She saw a young man peering at a suitcase placed on the ground, and a man not far from it.

The man was talking with a stall salesman, so he didn’t notice the young man moving in close.

Then, the boy made his move. He took up the case and moved into the crowd, unsuspiciously. 

“A thief!”

Alia made her move. 

Before the man could notice, Alia too mingled with the crowd. 

The man noticed that his suitcase was gone and yelled.

But the boy was already far away from the man.

(I can’t let him go)

The one that did notice the boy, was Alia.

With quick and nimble movement, Alia chased after him.

She dashed out from behind a big man with a bag on his back, followed by a mother and three children she had to avoid as well.

Then a carriage pulled by a horse came in through as well, which she used to get out of the market place and move onto the buildings.

Alia managed to keep her eye on the boy during the whole time.

The boy might have noticed Alia now as well – He seemed to look over towards her position as well.

(Seems like he’s used to doing this. But I won’t let him go. For I -)

Alia peeled her eyes.

No matter how far away he’d get, she would not let him out of sight.

From this position – She could throw a short blade at him, and stop his movements.

(…No. I wouldn’t dare)

She quickly got rid of that thought.

She foolishly let her emotions take hold of her, but swept them away and continued the chase.

Before him now stood a girl.

(They’re gonna clash…!)

The boy realized too late as well.

But he didn’t seem like he was going to stop either.

But rather than stopping him…

” Hmph, no matter where there are always petty thieves running about. I will-“

“It’s dangerous to stay in a place like that, you know.”


The moment he was about to crash into the girl, Alta came to her rescue.

Seems like he heard the voice from before. Though that voice called out to stop the boy, he gave priority to save the girl.

Though soon Alta’s gaze fell on Alia as if he knew she was chasing the boy.

(What? You’re relying on me now?… Fine, I will show you how much you can trust me)

Alia put up her serious face and continued the chase.

From rooftop to rooftop she lept, increasing her speed along the way.

As she got to the point where she was parallel to the boy, who was still running on the ground, she lept down onto him,


The boy left out a tone of surprise. 

That’s right – Though she is just a young girl, Alia managed to chase and catch the boy by going over the rooftops.

She landed without getting any wounds herself. Alia knew what she was doing. 

At the same time, she put a blade against the boy’s throat and told him,

“Drop what you took. Don’t even think about getting away.”

“Ee, Y-you are..!” – The boy said, all frightened.

Alia laughed and answered:

“Me? Oh, I am-

“Notalia, isn’t it? Long time no see.”


Alia heard a voice from behind and turned back.

She knew this voice.

It was the boy who’s suitcase was stolen just now.

Alia knew something was strange about this whole situation.

“This is my suitcase, you know. No, really, excellent work, Notalia”

“…Who are you?”

“Who? Who am I? Is that really what you’re asking. You don’t even recognize me anymore? 

Can’t blame you. It was your brother and sister that took care of you, not me”


Alia opened her eyes. 

As if she just remembered, she said.


As the man heard Alia’s voice, he grinned.

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