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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 13

Let’s capture him using my route! ――Dominique Gonneau (2)

As soon as we look at him,

“――Hee, isn’t she such an interesting girl?”

We suddenly, heard a voice saying such――



Eileen screamed and at the same time, her body leaned back.

She looks as if she is preparing for something.

As I see it, she is almost falling over. She said――

“S-stop it! Who do you think I am…!?”

“Oh, a strong woman. I don’t hate high-handed girls. I’ve decided, you’re my girl from today.”

The unknown male student is holding her shoulder.


Isn’t this―

“Ko-Ko-Konomi! What is this, this rude man doing?!”

She’s scared and terrified, almost panicking too.

I nodded deeply at Eileen, who is being held on her shoulders.

“No problem, Eileen. That vicious man, he’s one of the characters.”

“Ha, Ha, Huh!?”

Eileen immediately breaks into a falsetto, I will remember that sight with my heart. 

Yes, this is― this guy is,

“An all-rounder in sports and excellent grades. Perfect family, good-looking― only, his personality is catastrophic, endless desire to monopolize. Well, he’s a good guy~. So it’s okay, it’s okay.”

“You think I’m okay with that――?!?”

She shouted at me, waving her hands about. But despite her rampage, the man’s restraint does not come loose.

He is very strongly rejected, but his eyes seem to be saying, “I’m not ashamed at all” or something.

…Keeping them at the edge of my sight, I opened my bag and took out a bunch of documents.

A file containing the profile of the most prominent students on campus that I asked Win to investigate.

I recalled this man’s portrait being in one of the profiles.

Dominique Gonneau.

Third grade at Fitzgerald School.

His father owns a casino. He is a good dealer and gambler. He is especially good at backgammon board games. 

Even though he is still a student, he is rumored to be good enough to compete in the backgammon world tournaments― that is of course, in “this” world.

My file says that his personality is not that different from what I just mentioned.



“I can worship Dominique’s wonderful face in the morning!”

His looks seem to be very popular with the girls, and a gallery starts to form. 

And, the rising cheers are noisy. Students should be studying!

“Konomi! Let’s deal with this guy immediately!”

But in contrast to the gallery, Eileen doesn’t seem to like him.

How luxurious, there seems to be many girls in this world who like him.



I start to monologue to myself, not answering Eileen’s SOS, and think.

―The Villainess Young Lady and the Ore-sama.

(TN: Ore-sama – Someone who is full of oneself)

Isn’t this combination fine?

However, when I raised my face from the documents, Dominic, who met eyes with mine, laughed -fuun- with his nose. 

“You, is she your friend?”

It’s probably different, I think.

It is troublesome to explain though.

“…Well, it’s similar.”

“Then, let’s bet on this woman, let’s play a game.”


The gallery made a -zawazawa- like noise.

“Oh, how about backgammon? If I win, I’ll get this girl.”

He took out a portable board from his bag and laughed.

His beautiful smile with his pretty face is a picturesque scene…… as if.

“W-w-what are you saying! I’m not a property that can be treated like that!”

Eileen screams with an unusually immodest voice.

As expected, she’s a selfish girl.

I was imagining a different scenario though, when thinking of their combination.

Won’t this be a good chance to carry the scenario to the Dominique route?

Defeating the Villainess Young Lady who bet the Heroine in a game, the Ore-sama got the Heroine.

His personality is self-centered and aggressive, but because of the love and his desire to have a monopoly of the Heroine… the Heroine eventually become aware of his heart and is gradually attracted to him――

Oh. Not bad.

I applaud my creativity.

Can I become a scenario writer for an Otome Game?

Anyway, I have decided, so there is only one thing to do― accept the game, get defeated, hand Eileen over to him!

“Understood. Dominique, I’ll play that game.”


I ignore Eileen scream!

There are a lot of ideas, conveniences, and plans here!

“Let’s have it over a cup of tea.”

The buzz from the gallery grows.

Dominic’s reply is a sneer that he didn’t even bother to hide.

“But there’s no more than twenty minutes before the lesson begins. Let’s change the day―”

“There’s no problem. It’ll be settled immediately.”

But Dominic even waved his hands so as to mock me.

“Right now, is it…?”

I guess the problem of time won’t arise after all.

To the confused me, Dominique pointed to a bench beside the road,

“We have a place, then what, time?” 


He also turned that disgusting smile at me.

“10 minutes is enough to defeat an amateur.”



7 minutes and 35 seconds later.

“Come on young man, come at me.”

“You did well, Konomi―!”

Eileen hugged me and pointed at the board with her thumbs up, then stuck her tongue out.

Her target is Dominique who is, in contrast to the squealing Eileen, struggling with blood in his eyes and is standing up in shock.

“This, this is impossible……!”

This is what you get for calling a gamer idiot an amateur.

My hobby is playing games, but it’s not limited to computer games. Both backgammon and other checkers games like shogi are included.

That is me. 

This gamer earned money by beating up other children since I was a child in real-life games so many times my Kouhai even asked, “Do you even have a human heart?”

This man is severely lacking to say, “de amateur!” to me.

As Dominique lost, the crowd behind him started buzzing, I laughed gracefully at the underdog.

“Dominic, you told me, ’10 minutes is enough’. It is exactly as you expected. Now, be graceful and apologize.”

“Damn it, damn it……”

“That’s a good sight!”

Opening his eyes wide, looking down at the board, the handsome man has a pale face!

“You should learn from this, to not poke your nose in our affairs anymore. Well, isn’t it a good opportunity for you to know of your status too?”

At that time, I felt someone holding my arms. It was Eileen. Looking at me with a very happy smile.

“Now then, let’s go, Kono― Eileen. Well, Dominique, we’ll be taking our leave now. Hohohohoho!”

Oh, so that’s the Ojou-sama way of talking.

With such a new discovery, I took Charlotte (inside Eileen) and went to the classroom dignifiedly―

I realized that it had been about 20 minutes since the first class started .

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