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The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 1 Part 18

Winning and moving to the next round

Somehow… The other matches from the first round other than Older Brother’s match were boring. And the magic they learned at the school, they will loudly proclaim the name of their spells, for example, “Firewall!” or “Earth and rock flow!” or something else, and the power of that one shot will determine the outcome of the matches. Even if the matches would end after a single spell, I think it will be more appropriate to time the spells with an opportunity, using other techniques to drive the opponent to a corner, barrage techniques, etc.… But chanting is stupid. All you have to do is beat your opponents.

“Otou-sama, is chanting a rule?”

“Serafi, they learn by chanting the spells at school, if I remember correctly. And transitioning from chanting to non-chanting requires one reconstructing their old concept of using spells. Such unreasonableness kept being imposed on the students.”

“If they experience a real battle, they will realize that chanting is a retarded thing. Their life will be in danger and get to learn it immediately. But it’s been an era without war for 50 years.”

Grandmother complains while hiding her mouth with a fan.

The previous year’s winners and high-level students seem to have been seeded, so what can we expect from this anyway?

We only gave glances to the matches every now and then, then ate the lunch we were served by Enrique.

Under the clear skies, with no special training of hell in the routine, surrounded by my beloved father, my super sweet Grandmother, and a fluff that sticks to my head and dripping his drool with a -poro- -poro-, spectating my ummatch cool-beauty Big Bro, and Matsuki’s lunch sparkling with a -kira- -kira-, I thought, what a wonderful day! This is happiness! I bite into my little sandwich with a big smile.

“So― good―!”


For some reason, the hall shook. Oh, did I just miss a good match?

And father suddenly releases an intimidating aura throughout the venue. What, an intruder?

“Otou-sama, is there someone suspicious?”

Papa smiled with a troubled face and put me on his lap. Since he has to hug me, I’m feeding Papa his favorite roast beef sandwich in an -an-.


“*whispers* …The angel is actually a Devil, this is the -an- move?”

“*whispers* …No, Moe is killing me…”

“*whispers* …a young twilight fairy that can’t be beaten even by the Demon King?”

“*whispers* …”

“…Chill, you little pests.”

Pa-Papa! You’re clicking your tongue!?


“You don’t have to worry about them Serafi. How about a dessert.”

“Wow! A chocolate cake!”



「Sera, give it already!」

“Yes yes, but just now.”

“Ufufu, the delighted Serafi is too destructive. You should understand my Husband’s feelings now. A father can’t just let go of his daughter.”


Eh? I destroyed something? Everyone, I’m sorry?

In the second match, Older Brother’s opponent is a boy in fourth grade. He’s huge! Like a gorilla.

Expectations have risen for the first-year, my Older brother, after the previous game, and he received great cheers. I cannot let them outdo me!

“Onii―sama――――! Do your best――――!!!!”


Hmm? Why does it suddenly become tranquil like clear waters. My voice is drowned out… huh?

Amidst the unusual atmosphere, there is Older Brother in the field with eyes wide open.

He jumps once… towards the audience, in front of me! What are you doing?

“Thank you, Serafiona. I’ll do my best for Serafiona.”


Older Brother wrapped my cheeks with both hands, then kissed my forehead, then smiled refreshingly… he is already back to the field.


Surprised shouts and shrill screams fill the hall! All of Aniki’s fans had turned into an enemy! Fourth grader Gorilla-san is mad at Older Brother’s preposterous behavior!

“Already, Serafi-chan is good at fanning the flames! You’ve taken away the opponent’s heart.”

I’m not fanning! And I won’t take it!


As soon as the match began, Gorilla-san summoned eight fire pillars around Older Brother. The chanting was inaudible and the speed was reasonable. The second rounders are the real thing after all.

Oh! All eight fire pillars fell inward toward Older Brother.


The audience screams. Well, isn’t this a bit too dangerous, to general students? Doesn’t it violate the rules of not causing fatal injuries? Did Gorilla-san have blood in his head? He seems crazy right now.

The pillar of fires joined to become a single large one, and fires like a bow to the center of the field. The same killing intent is directed towards us, Older Brother’s family as well. Everyone gives quick glances at us. Father looks at the flames with no expression while holding me, and Grandmother gracefully pours tea.

Blue light shimmered from within the fire. Slowly, a large circular sphere made of water emerged through the swirl of fire, and Older Brother is floating in it. There are water balls around him too.

As soon as they rose to the top of the flame, he snapped and the ball burst, a volume of water more than the size of the ball fell vigorously. The flames are extinguished in an instant.

Gorilla-san lost his will to fight and have his hands on the ground. He gave up. Older Brother lands with a -sasa-, then waves his hand at me and smiles.


“…Isn’t it fine if no one is aware of it?”

Older Brother used water magic to extinguish the fire first of all, wind magic to float, and a new magic that used water to make a rubber-like viscous membrane of a circular sphere in shape. The new magic breaks down the water around his nose into hydrogen and oxygen and takes in the oxygen. And finally, his body was dried with a dryer magic. It is too excessively, filled with taboos all over the place…

“But just a single magic was enough to beat it.”

“Well, Lalouza also wanted to show off his good points to Serafi. Please praise him later, but the instructor seems to have doubts over Lalouza’s new technique… that’s excessive trouble.”

「Sera, only about 1 percent of Lalouza’s magic was used, so don’t worry?」

Lu looks at me while -mogu- -mogu- -gokun-ing on a cake.

Sorry, there was nothing to worry about at all.

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