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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 12

Let’s capture him using my route! ――Dominique Gonneau (1)

“Hah, we haven’t gone back to normal today either…”

The next morning, commuting to school.

Eileen lamented with her brows raised, shaking around in the backseat of Win’s driven car.

Last night, Eileen had fallen into a deep sleep, receiving the reassurance of the familiar environment.

She didn’t even wake up on the call for a bath, and when she finally woke up early in the morning the next day――

“Why don’t you wake me up!?” she complained in a way she had never done before.

The morning bath seemed comfortable, and it didn’t take long before her mood improved.

Charlotte, even after staying overnight for once, and probably will again in the future, observe no changes in the body of Charlotte (Eileen) and of course Eileen (me).

Our health is good, and that’s a good thing, but there is no sign of us reverting back.

“Konomi is really inappropriate for a servant after all. You didn’t even wake me up for a bath and just let me sleep through the night?”

“I don’t remember becoming your servant in the first place, and also, you slept quite well, isn’t that most important?”

 You even drooled in your sleep.

“Being in my body, it’s your job to try and do your best to make me get up comfortably and thinking of the right thing to do!”


How unreasonable.

However, her mood isn’t that bad.

She exhaled through her nose and, “Well, it’s fine” she continued.

“Konomi, if you reflect on this, I will support my school life properly.”

“Yes, yes.”

I responded to Eileen right next to me, and looked out the window.

Fitzgerald Private School.

Founded by Adel Fitzgerald, it is a venerable school with the children of many prominent people.

The level of education is high and the campus facilities are diverse.

There are three botanical gardens, twelve museums, and active research facilities specialized in a variety of fields.

Many graduates want to pursue a career in research.

Applicants can live in the student dormitory on the school premises.

Charlotte Oliver lives in the student dormitory, and if it were like in the game, it would have been the player’s base…

That sums up Eileen’s description, Win’s resources, and the knowledge I already had as a game player.

By the way, how far would I be able to go on as a player in this swapped-roles school life?

By the way, that isn’t the only anxiety inducing factor.

“…I thought as much but, Eileen, have you noticed?”

I asked her while looking at the sight outside the window.

“What’s the matter?”

“Don’t bother, Konomi-sama, Eileen-sama can’t do a delicate thing like ‘reading the air’.”

“Haven’t your attitude towards me been strangely arrogant recently!?”


The person on the driver’s seat must not disturbed from the back seat.

I calm Eileen down who is making rough breaths through her nose.

But already, the car stopped in front of the school’s main gate.

――That’s why, I feel that “discomfortable aura” even more. 

“We are stared at.”


Win said.

Followed by a puzzled voice from Eileen…

She seems to have not noticed it yet.

I nod, realising the actuality of Win’s words about her earlier.

“That’s odd, the students seemed concerned about us.”

But Eileen had always been commuting to school by car. it’s not that unusual. Normally, that is.

“W-what’s going on?”

“Konomi-sama, you realised?”

Well, it would be very difficult to understand if you are the party in concern.

Things like these are easier to understand from a third-party perspective. In other words,

“…a certain Young Lady and her classmate girl.”


“The Young Lady calls her ‘Country Bumpkin’ until recently.”


“But one day, as soon as the Young Lady learns that she had fallen down on the stairs, rushes to the spot, wakes her up and carries her to the nurse’s office. The next day they skipped classes and she stayed at the Lady’s house apparently, rather than returning to her dorm. And the next day, they’re going to school together.”


One beat later.

I stared right at Eileen’s eyes.

“Won’t that be strange?”

“There’s murmurs coming from all around too.”

The noises keep reaching us.

And what’s more―― even without saying anything further―― she is the game character called the “Villainess” Young Lady.

That’s why, even if she reaches out to her injured classmate, it would look strange to them.

It’s no wonder they’re worried about how to interact with us.



“What should be done? I’m suspicious… I mean, wouldn’t it be bad for us in this state to get useless attention?”

I agree with that.

There would be nothing interesting coming out of the public knowing that, “who’s inside our bodies are different.”

It won’t be strange even if both of us are thrown into a hospital.

But I have a plan.

I had considered the possibility of this happening, so I had been thinking about how to cope with it last night.

“Please leave it to me.”

I opened the car door myself and got off the car dashingly.

Looking around, the faces of the students who were stealing glances at us are quickly lowered.

But I am not nervous. This is nothing at all when compared to that time when the assistant professor mistakenly called me “Okaa-san” at a seminar presentation!

I stretch my back straight and place my hands on my chest.

Then imitating Eileen’s Ojou-sama tone― 

In a clear voice.

“Everyone, let’s listen to me!”


It somehow sounds different.

a reference to an ancient anime from the 70s called Time Bokan. This is another one of those make-up words which the first half is someone who was misguided and the second is the idiot/baka equivalent

“I apologized to you all for having been acting as a Sukapontan Lady all this time! I beg your pardon! From now on, my heart will change and I will be kind and caring to everyone!!”

[TN: Sukapontan – a reference from a 70s anime Time Bokan.

スカタン(sukatan – stupid)+アンポンタン(ampontan – stupid)→スカポンタン]

“Who― is a Sukapontan Lady――!?”

I screamed as the Sukapontan Lady Eileen jumped out of the car and grabbed my hair with all her might.

“And that strange tone you have!”

“I’m sorry about that!”

I can’t use an Ojou-sama’s tone of voice.

Standing side-by-side, screaming -eek- -ouch- and the like, a shadow appeared at the edge of our field of vision.

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