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The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 1 Part 17

Spectating Onii-sama’s match


The air changed as soon as we entered the oval-shaped stadium’s seats.

Are Father and Grandmother unexpectedly famous, unbeknownst to me?

The two entered in harmony. Father, in a dark blue suit, is escorting Grandmother, holding her hand who is dressed in a neatly lined lavender dress. And then Grandmother holds my hand, who is supposed to be the cause of the strange atmosphere, and smiles calmly.

Grandmother, you can smile elegantly too!

Just like the air, I just wrapped a black ribbon around my waist in an ivory dress, with no further self-assertion whatsoever. My hair is gently lowered to the side and fastened with hair ornaments having emerald and agate on a platinum coloured metal, matching with Grandmother. On my shoulder (naturally without hair ornaments…), is Lu, who have me, Father, and himself, casting genjutsu spell on him, looking around with a -kyoro- -kyoro-

“-murmur- -murmur- Earl Granzeus, why hasn’t he shown himself anymore lately…”

“-murmur- -murmur- …Is that the rumored <no magic>. The Earl is too pitiful.”

“-murmur- -murmur- …That’s the Trundle queen! Has such a beautiful person really killed a thousand?”

“……Grandmother, do you have a thousand kills?”

“Uhfu, Serafi-chan, aren’t women made of secrets?”

That too was a saying in my previous life! It’s the same for any country!

A staff in charge of organizing the venue came and we told him that we were the family of a participating player, and then taken to the front row in the center of the venue. I am seated between a beautiful man and a beautiful witch.

“I stand out, really so. I feel like I’m an exhibit.”

When I said that, Grandmother laughed, smiled and opened a large fan, screaming arose from all around, then she hid half of her face and my face. The screams are getting louder! That fan… won’t it be a weapon too!? There had been a precedence.

“Exposing everything… it’s not interesting… right?”

Father laughs at the scene my Grandmother is making and seems to be enjoying every bit of it. Immediately, young women from around cheered, “kyaaa”…………

Ah! Then it quietened down at once!

Suddenly, Father moved his right index finger. Soundproof magic. Yes, Papa too used the new magics, but for what?

“Serefi, do you see the corner with a scarlet curtain in 3 o’clock? There’s the royal family there. It looks like His Majesty and Her Highness aren’t here today, but there’s no loss in remembering their faces.”

“It doesn’t mean anyone in the royal family will take part in the game. I wish to disappear before my Lalouza is embarrassed. Things would get really throublesome if we somehow get involved with them.”

“Lu? The child from that time, he’s here?”

「 N…… No.」

I can see several children and their servants.

…………The second prince, Gardner-sama. The blonde with blue eyes! The prince. My fiancé in the novel. But in this world… Be cool.

Gardner-sama is only a young child. He is not guilty of anything.

“Serafi-chan, why are you? You’re leaking killing intent.”

“……I’ll be careful.”

I close my eyes and rub my eyes with my fingertips. I realise that my father is worried.

The magic tournament tournament started on time.

He appeared in the third match. The other party is a third grader female student. She has a cane. In this tournament, putting on armor is okay. But the battles are purely magical. And inflicting lethal injury is prohibited. These are the rules.

Wands and rods are magical amplifiers. They are common weapons for magicians.

Meanwhile, my brother’s weapon is just a knife. A Granzeus with magic power does not need an amplifier! Ah, the opponent girl, Older Brother, is clenching her hand. You might have unexpectly hurt her pride! Big Bro!


With the signal to start, the girl created a fireball twice the size of her own body. Heat rushes into the audience seats. Hohou, this volume m, isn’t it quite impressive?

“Please let me proceed!”

As she shouted loudly, the fireball flew towards Older Brother. It looks like the big balls of athletic meet events! Good luck red team!

On contact, Older Brother stretches out his left hand, the one without the knife. Not using your dominant arm? He has a bored looking face! Wind blows from his left hand, instantly turning into a shield and a wall, towering high……

“No way?”

When the fireball hit the wall of wind, it was blown away, flying at high speed in the reverse direction, right at her!


Screaming at the approaching red ball, she fled to the audience side.

“-piii-! Off premise! Winner Lalouza Granzeus!”

White team wins!

「…In other words, self-destruction?」

“Lu, don’t say that!”

“Look at that Lalouza’s unamused face, hohoho!”

“Esteemed Mother, your loud laughter is standing out!”

In the first round, Older Brother left the field keeping it a mystery, the true extent of his abilities…

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