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The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 1 Part 16

It hurts when I recalled

My Older Brother still doesn’t want to talk about the academy, but Grandmother arrived at the House of Granzeus with an interesting information.

“Lalouza, have you been chosen to participate in the next once-a-year Magic Tournament in the academy? I heard that Lalouza was the only first year to be selected!”

There’s no blind spots in Grandmother’s intelligence network!

“? It’s as you say, is there a problem?”


“Oh, Lalouza, that’s wonderful! Congratulations! I was only able to participate in second year when I was in school!”

“I didn’t do anything to get selected. I was just told at homeroom last week.”

Older Brother’s 359 degrees of indifferent is the same as usual. An attitude that neither boasts pride nor honor.

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“What is the tournament about?”

“Serafi, students enrolled in the Magic Academy at the age of 13 and there are grades from first to fifth, then graduated at the age of 18. They studied curriculum according to their grades everyday. Regardless of their grade, only the strongest students are admitted, and only the strongest students of the year are selected.”

“Wow! Onii-chan is great! I’ll cheer you on!”

Was there such an event in the novel? I guess it was suspended in my generation because of the rumors of a war breaking out with a neighboring country.

“Thank you, Serafiona. I’m glad you say that, but it’s quite troublesome to perform at the <Academy level>. Well, I can somehow do it in terms of a brute force approach, but I also have to be careful to not be too conspicuous. “

Well, if you top the tournament as a first year, the rest of your school life certainly would be difficult to live, right? Wait, eh? Older Brother isn’t one that care about things like that.

“I just want it to be calm and quiet. At least until I’ve conquered all the books in the school’s library.”

Hmmm, whether you have became an upperclassman or not, you just don’t want to make things boisterous around you. If you show off your skills, and with that ikemen look of yours, strange things might start to pop up around you and things will start to go haywire.

“Lalouza, geez, what a completely irresponsible child!”

Grandmother, I’m really sorry, I’m really really sorry!

Father smiled bitterly.

“I don’t understand Lalouza’s feelings, but your ability can’t be hidden forever. I think it’s better to fight hard, and show off your ability here so as to not hear a fuss from all around. In that way, you can also be the screen hiding Lu and Serafiona up front. After all, me and your Grandmother can only support her from the shadows.


I’m sorry everyone, for this Daughter and her Mofumofu’s inconvenience.

“Yeah, but somehow, I wanted to see Onii-sama fighting someone from outside of our family. I’ll disguise myself more and go to see…”

「You want to go incognito? Then make sure to remember our little blunder from last time.」

Lu stands with his pretty paws on my knees and reminded me with gentle eyes.

“Oh, then it’s alright. I was selfish. Everyone is trying hard to protect me.”

“No… why don’t Serefi go to give support? It’s also unnatural to hide Serefi too much. Let’s make it clear that she is heavily protected, and let them know that they can’t get to her. However, are you sure, they will sneer at you, being a Young Lady with ‘No Magic’.”

“Oh! That’s interesting! I’ll play as a dull wimp and come to see you!”

I’m an actress!

“Eh? They won’t sneer at you. Rather, it’s inevitable that flies will immediately bother you. Serafiona, please attend the event as plain-looking as possible.”

Roger that! I won’t let this plain child be known as your sister! I will not embarrass you, Onii-chan!

“It’s interesting. I’m excited. Ufufu.”

And so we decided to go on an ‘Onii-chan support trip’ with the whole family.

Just beside the center of the royal capital is the Magic Academy.

I got off the carriage, supported by my father, and see the magnificent gate………… then tears starts pouring out uncontrollably. Feeling nostalgic? No! It’s mortifying!

After being swallowed up by the war with the neighboring countries that will start a few years later, the novel’s ‘Me’ worked hard as the Prince’s fiancée. But the Heroine in the plot, the Prince, my friends……… Older Brother too, all leaned towards one thought.

“Fighting will solve nothing! We’ll talk!”

“No one have to be hurt, we can create such a world!”

The words that come out of their mouth are sweet like honey. And in truth, the Heroine Maribel is right. I could read the novel light-heartedly while thinking that.

But that world has become real, and I’m no longer in tune with my 30 years old self, I’m the Villainess Young Lady.

They are getting involved in the works of the Foreign Minister and bureaucrats. Young lasses and lads shouldn’t get involved in the Nation’s administration!

Especially not during wartime. Operations cannot be performed unless the Brains and the soldiers are completely separate entities. Why are soldiers fighting? Why? The war would go nowhere if they start to ask such questions. Diplomacy, staff, and troops must play their part.

The role of the students from the Magic Academy was soldiers and chess pieces. And I just played my role seriously.

Nevertheless, I got ostracized,

“Don’t you feel guilty from killing people so easily?”

“You are cold-hearted.”

“You are not worthy of the royal family.”

Huh? Your Father, the King was the one who ordered the extermination?

My heart? It is bloody because of your heartless words!

That’s why I sold myself to a neighboring country…

“……Se ……Serefi ……Serafiona? What happened?”

“Ah… it’s nothing.”

I seemed to have surprisingly empathized with my ‘self’ from novel. It’s like I went through that life myself. Is this what reincarnation is like?

The Me of this world, the Me of my previous life, the Me of the novel. Our memories seemed to be getting mixed and assimilated.

That’s not good. Don’t be swallowed. This is different. Don’t be careless.


“Pardon me, Lu. I’m alright.”

For the first time in this world, I have entered the school complex.

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