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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 11

Frequent saves are important.

Eileen, who couldn’t stand her sleepiness shouted, “I’m tired!” then jumped into her familiar bed.

I thought I’m fine despite not having rested so much last night, but “who is to blame” that I can’t even if I wanted to in the first place?

Instead, I stop by the pile of materials and pick up a file.

Cedric Lewis. What is written naturally is no different from what I read yesterday. 

Despite feeling like I did something quite rueful, I separated it from the pile of materials and set it aside since I no longer need it for the everyday scenario.

Then, I sat on the couch vigorously. The soft seat made a noise as it caught my weight.

I seemef to hear an unexpected and sudden grunt form Eileen. Is she not satisfied with her comfortable bed? Or was I just imagining things?

In the quiet room, I stretch out my hands towars the sky.

Beautiful fingers with no scratches, unlike my “real” hand.

I am Eileen after getting thrown into this world. And now, a day has passed.

I’m thinking again about such a thing once again.

――Suddenly, one emotion came up.

It is not a resentment to Eileen.

It is not anger at the game makers who delivered such a defective product to the users, or the Kouhai who lent it to me.

So, that is ――this emotion is――

“……I want to play games.” 

Withdrawal symptom of a Games Addiction junkie.

No, I’m playing one right now. A rigged demo of a VR game called Promised Fortune.

However, I can’t just rest my hands like this. Nowadays, with just one portable device, I can play games even during classes!

Putting up a notebook of the appropriate thickness on the desk, holding it with both hands, then tapping continuously till I get bored――

I have nothing to think about, so I can’t help wishing for that.

I look back on the days.

And then faintly remember.

Playing without a strategy book or game magazine depends solely on your memory and gaming skills.

So I open a blank notebook. Stood from my couch and sat down on the study desk.

Then, in the notebook, I write down from memory as carefully as possible, as if to create a save data.

The scenery and atmosphere of the classroom I saw the first time. The expression of Eileen who saw me. The, sounds from all around, the taste and smell of the meals I ate…

……Speaking of which.

As I am writing, I recalled something. What happened during the day, it makes me worried.

I leave the desk and approach the pile of materials. One bundle, two bundles, I keep reading through the materials… but I couldn’t find anything I wanted…

-kon- -kon-

I hear the sound of a knock.

After replying, a familiar voice said, “Please excuse me.” Naturally, it is Win who came in.

“The bath is ready… oh!”

“She’s asleep.”

Eileen is lying face-down on her bed, and sleeping with gentle -kuu- -kuu- breaths.

I shake her shoulders, and poke her cheeks, but there’s no sign of her getting up.

“She’s in a deep sleep.”

“It seems to be so.”

She must have been so tired…… I feel somewhat guilty, but where I would be sleeping since the bed is occupied…… I was puzzled with such thoughts.

I couldn’t say anything because those emotions were mixed up, then, -fufu-, I hear the sound of a laugh.

I look at Win, the one who is laughing. He is holding his mouth with his hand.

“Forgive my discourtesy…… It’s rare for the Young Lady to pardon someone this far with her heart.”

Pardon someone this far with her heart.

…pardon someone this far with her heart?

“…No, I think she’s still very unwelcoming about all these.”

“No, that’s not true.”


That’s hard to believe.

“It’s not easy to see the Young Lady looks like she’s having so much fun.”

“That’s what it looks like?”

“Yes, Konomi-sama seems to be a beastmaster.”

The situation is already like this, please don’t add strange settings without permission.

Let’s put that aside.

――Needless to say, Win returned to the main subject.

“The bath is ready, but we can’t do anything with the Young Lady being in this state.”

“Let’s wake her up?”

“Although, the Young Lady who is forced to wake up will have about 70% more words of complaints in her vocabulary than normal.”

“I’ll stop then.”

“No, Konomi-sama should wake her up anyway.”

“I said I’ll stop.”

It’s seems like it’ll be awful experience.

“Konomi-sama, how about a bath?”

“Well, I’ll accept your offer.”

I used the bath here last night, and it was so wide, and with hot water, it was so comfortable.

It was a wonderful experience to be able to use a bath of such a scale in private, totally incomparable to the baths at home.

No, there were various games back then.

I place the materials to their original places, close the notebook where I wrote the record, the look at Eileen again.

There is no sign of her getting up. I can only go alone. I’m waking her up after I’m back. At that time, Eileen’s tiredness will have been somewhat reduced.

I know that soap, towels, clothes, etc. are available in the bath.

I put a futon on the sleeping Eileen, turn off the lights in the room, then leave the room with Win―― 

As soon as I close the door, “What were you looking for?” said Win.


“You seems to have been reading the materials.”

When he said that, I remembered what I had been worrier about the whole day.

What I wanted to know.

In front of me, the illusion of a Choice Window showing,

[Ask Win?

Yes or no]

seems to appear.

For just a little while, I think. Then,


I replied with a smile.

The sounds of footsteps gets absorbed by the long carpet.

“I just tidyed it up because it was messed up a little.”

“I see.”

Win didn’t seem to think my reaction is strange.

Then I remember what state the room is in.

A pile of materials, notes I wrote down……… a sleeping Eileen.

……Anyway, tonight, I have to sleep on the sofa it seems.

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