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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 10

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“…I thought, you were gonna do it right.”

“I wonder, where you thought it isn’t ‘right’?” 

We are in Aldington House, Eileen’s room. 

I sighed at Eileen who pouts her lips on the sofa opposite to me. 

Originally, Charlotte lives in a women’s dormitory on Fitzgerald’s campus. 

However, Eileen has never lived alone… on the contrary, she can’t do anything on her own, either eating or changing clothes. 

That’s why she came back with us like this. 

Also, ‘that’ Ojou-sama brought a friend home, and Aldington House became a little lively. Eileen, who is treated very carefully as an “important guest”, was also embarrassed, but anyway. 

I held my head thinking of Charlotte’s childhood friend. 

“Wasn’t it almost unusually quick to completely capture that target?” 

It will take a few days to get information.

This is why there are occupations called detectives and detective agencies even in modern Japan―

Although I do not praise her, Eileen puff her chest out with pride. 

“Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! That country bumkin was on good terms with that guy. I had privately investigated it and always wanted to hit hard on him!!”

“Da*n it, this da*n Villainess Young Lady!”

I finally knew the reason why she was strangely co-operative back then.

“So then, who should I make them drop out next?” 

“This isn’t that kind of a game.” 

I give a reminder to Eileen, whose eyes are shining brightly. 

But, is she even listening or not? 

However, what’s done is done.

There should be many routes and capture targets. Let’s bet on that… 

Anyway, for now. 

“Let’s heal Eileen’s fatigue. Get a bath, and change clothes…”

“The size is, about the same size I was originally.”

I look at Charlotte (inside Eileen) up and down her body. 

“Is it okay to take a bath alone?” 

“Basically, there will be a servant… not me, same sex.” 

Win added.

That’s right, she can’t do it. 

But won’t there be a problem if she is alone with a servant who doesn’t know of the situation? 

While I was worried, Eileen said, 

“I hope you come along, Konomi.” 

“…Well, that’s reasonable.” 

It is the expected proposal.

“That’s right, Konomi… I forgot to ask about it.” 


“Ah, you―― the real you, you’re really a girl, right!?” 

Her voice reaches me.

Speaking of which, I didn’t mention about my gender. 

Certainly, it would not be very pleasant to be stared at, or even enter a bath together with an unknown man. 

No, it’s not good if you are not of the same sex. 

“I’m a woman… 19 years old, so I don’t know if I’m girl (as in ‘a child’) anymore.” 

“Fu―, -fun-. Yeah, That’s right, so help me take a bath.” 

“Then, I will prepare the bath. I will tell you when it is ready.”

Win bowed, then left Eileen with me. 

I seems to have gain Win’s trust to the extent that he is fine to leave the two of us alone. 

That’s good. 

Fu―, I heard a sigh. 

Looking over, Eileen is looking down. 

“…I’m kind of tired.” 

“That’s right. Since yesterday, we’ve been involved in a phenomenon we don’t understand well.” 

“I think it’s because of you though.” 

What do you mean? This is not my fault. Everything is due to a bug in this world game. 

The thing is, Eileen seems to know that it’s not my fault as well. 

“Well, I’m sure it won’t change anything even if I blame you…” 

She collapsed her posture to lean on the armrest and sighed again. 

She let it slide. ――How surprising, I thought. 

I believed Eileen would have wanted to complain more about me. 

When I told her that, 

“I can keep swearing if you wish?” 

“No, I’m fine.” 

I was glared and raised my hands in surrender. 


I have been exchanging information with Eileen for a little over half a day. 

Her, despite being called “The Villainess Young Lady,” she doesn’t seemed so bad. 

……No, she had forced one person to drop out of school already, and other than her servants, she seemed to be afraid of others. 

Yet still, beyond that, she doesn’t seemed so bad.

Is there a reason she’s behaving like this? 

However, her “favorability rating” to me shouldn’t be high enough to discuss about something like that just yet. 

We have only been together for a day. 

Furthermore, I had mysteriously taken oven her ‘body’. 

So, what I can do for her now is―― 

“You should sleep a little, Eileen. I’ll wake you up when the bath is ready.” 

To give her peace of mind.

I laughed at Eileen, who looks sleepy and raises her eyelids up and down. 

“It’s okay. This is your home, there is no one that would do any harm.” 

“You’re the most… dangerous…”

You may be quite right.

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