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The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 1 Part 15

To Trundle territory

About two months have passed since Grandmother appeared in my life.

Somehow, Grandmother seems to have muscles for brain. There seems to have been a huge fuss when my mother died, and her husband, my grandfather couldn’t forgive my father for it. Grandmother however, seems to have made up with him after a spar.

After that, strength is justice! It was also the reason why she prostrated before Lu back then. Then she teared up for me and my brother, who strive hard to become stronger. She seems to have felt great sympathy for us.

Also, as I grow up, I will come to have troubles that only girls can understand, so Grandmother’s appearance at this time is also welcomed!

Nevertheless, the house of my Mother’s parents, the Trundle family, seems to have been famous for their Martial arts. It seems they would do anything to win, and the blood seems to have been inherited deeply by Older Brother. For example, fighting in the cover of darkness, assassination, and fighting dirty…

Grandmother seemed to have been the number three in the military when she was young. However, she climbed the ranks using her abilities, and her magic is life magic. Then how can she see Lu?

「Even without magic, I can be seen by those with excellent sensing abilities. I guess your Grandmother just thinks, “I like you”, but thanks to her sensing ability, back then, she read the situation ahead and made that decision? Anyway, it’s strong and beyond what ordinary people can sense! Her magic wavelength is also similar to Sera’s! So she can see me! Or something like that~」

Geez, the number of Superman around me increased.

“Why does Lu -pon- -pon- (pat) Grandmother’s head back then?”

「The smell of a poison I don’t even know of came from your Grandmother’s head. So I checked it. It was super dangerous! I already heard it from Serafiona so I know it is intended for protection, but if it sagged down to her forehead for instance, wouldn’t she die? She’s quite a mania. 」

I’ve been given a similar hair ornament tooーー!!!

I was trained every day by such a Super-Grandma, and today, we had been brought to the Trundle territory for training with Older Brother who came home. Trundle is the last line of defense that protects the royal capital and is adjacent to it. Thus, only those desperate enough to be killed will approach Trundle without permission. The servants too all have muscles for brains it seems. They look more like poachers or insta-killers. That’s why it’s just perfect for me, Lu and Older Brother’s secret training.

“………Onii-sama, why are you in your battle uniform…?”

“I tailored it based on what an international student from Marshe, a country from across the sea, was wearing. It fits my body, it is easy to move in, easy to carry around, and my gender can’t be identified since the bodyline isn’t exposed. Pull this one here and, -tada- my face is hidden. Serafiona, Grandmother, I want to be free from perfunctory dresses!”

“…How novel! Lalouza is amazing! The problem now is it’s strength… I got it. Obaa-sama will arrange a cloth with metal woven into it, so as to make knife unable to pierce it. Well, I don’t think anyone can step within 10 meters from us though. Fufufu.”

「I’d like to cast a genjutsu to the cloth too. One that can hinders the recognition of the enemies, and make them withdraw without even knowing. Then, won’t gray be better than black? Black absorbs too much light, Sera?」

(TN: gengutsu – illusion)

That’s just, well, a ‘Shinobi Costume.’

There’s one adult Kunoichi, one little Konoichi, one handsome Shinobi, one white fluff, at the entrance to the forest. For now, our clothes are black, with no magic.

(TN: Shinobi = ninja , Kunoichi = female ninja)

Is this Edo Village!? Is Onii-sama innately stealthy? Which character will you be like in the future? One that withdraws before the enemy even notices? Lu, do you recommend assassination too?

Yeah, genjutsu was researched upon and practised immediately after Lu was spotted by the boy during the magic test. The technique refracts the light coming from in front of Lu so that the scene behind him will enters the viewer’s eyes. Since then, Lu has covered himself when outside the Granzeus House. We got it just right.

“Now then, there is a place about 5 km away from here where wild boars and deers can be found. Let’s head there first. No physical strengthening! Hai!!”

I ran as Grandmother gives the signal. Well, it’s definitely easy to run. Yup. Shall I make a matching tabi for them?

The three of us arrived at the destination point without any problems… wait, Gramdma, aren’t you around 60 years old? Did we just cover 5 km in 10 minutes? I’m not out of breath! ?

“Can you see the big deer in the 10 o’clock direction? Yes… a kilometer ahead? Lalouza, how do you catch it?”

“I’m not good at bows, so I’m going to throw a shuriken with lightning and wind magic, throw it from a distance, then kill it with an electric shock.”

“Efficient, but advanced magic are not for schools. Answer it at school level!”

“I’m not confident in strengthening my body… I don’t have a hobby of burning things with fire magic either. It’s a one-pattern attack, I wear wind magic on my legs alone, jump, then drop a lightning strike from above the deer to hit the brain.”

Although lightning magic is an advancement of water magic, it is not possible to use it unless you understand the mechanism of: water → water vapor → friction between water vapor → static electricity generation… it’s not for school. I guess, a single magic is done in a single step, isn’t it amazing that Grandmother is so good at them in that case?

“Next, Serafiona!”

“Yes! Pull it into my magical space, then suffocate it!”

“…at the knight school level!”

“Uh… a one-handed sword, right? We hit the acupuncture point on the leg below the knee, a weak point for animals with hoofs, then cut the tendons to make it stop moving, and stab the neck to decapitate it.”

“Serafiona, isn’t that too bloody and annoying?”

“But Onii-sama, I can’t use spacial magic, virus manipulation, or needles?”

“…Well, that’s fine. The both of you, operation start!!”

I dashed at once, and Aniki kicked hard to jump two spaces ahead!


…………You must be kidding?

The two novice shinobis arrived in front of their prey, then opened their mouths and stood stunned.

“What is this?”

The deer in front of us is bigger than an elephant. What in the world is this? Is this place, the world of Spirit Animals?

Certainly, Grandma said ‘big deer.’

When I could see a deer form one kilometer away, I had to think about common sense and perspective.

Cut a tendon? Attack an acupuncture point? Even though one leg seems to be the size of a tree?

「Hey, why is there a beast of this level near this city? Is it the lord of this forest, and over 200 years old? I do not allow you to kill it. Both of you, only knock it out.」

Right! He just gave us a task harder than killing it, geez, Lu is stupid!


“It can’t be helped. Serafiona, just hit its leg. I’ll keep aiming at one point in its head and keep dropping electric shock. Scatter!”

In the end, I’m the only one not stepped on by the rampaging deer. Lu jumps and plays on the back of the deer that is completely out cold, stroking my nerves really badly. As the sun began to fall, Grandmother finally gave me the magic-ok sign, then I cast genjutsu, Older Brother strengthens his body and struck her eyebrows with a fist clad in lightning, stunning her.

“Do not overestimate your powers, get accurate information about the enemies. Be cautious. Remember that, both of you.”

Grandmother teaches us the lesson with a smug face. The little Koichi and the boy Shinobi are kneeling down.

It turns out that this world is full of wonders. But will I remember this event? The fight against the big deer, will it be useful for me and Older Brother’s life, will it be a plus for the knight school entrance examination, I don’t know it at all…

AN: The measurements for unit of time, length, and calendars are almost all the same as the real thing.

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