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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 9

Let’s capture the childhood friend route! ーーCedric Lewis (4)

It was Eileen who interrupted our conversation.

She seems to not be convinced.

“In other words, this is what you mean, with those ignorant foolsーー I’ll be fooling around!? I, I, I refuse! Who’s doing such a fancy thing, like romance…!”

“Isn’t it fine?”

Win calmly said to Eileen whose face turns red in anger or out of shame. 

“Win!? What are you up to…!”

“I don’t know if I am in the postion to say this, but there is a power beyond anything we know at work here. But besides that, everyone that went to this Fitzgerald Private School are from a well off family. I guess it won’t be difficult to get the Master’s permission either.”

“Well, in the first place, you’re not the Daughter of the Aldington house, but rather Charlotte Oliver, right? In which case, you don’t have to think too hard.” 

Me and Win nodded, -un- -un-, vigorously.

“Well, let’s just say that, as Charlotte, you have to deal with one person.”

“Then, best regards, Ojou-sama.” 

We don’t include anything about the Oliver House.

The immediate problem is solved, and if Eileen needs to think about it, let’s give her some time.

ーーthough I said that, Eillen didn’t seem to be paying attention anymore.

From a while ago, her shoulders have been trembling. 



“………get it.”

When I called out, Eileen said something. But I can’t hear? 

When I get closer to listen to her, 


I hear a voice coming from a different direction and look up. 

The voice of a man. 

Looking towards the source of the voice, I saw a male student with an angry face. 

I’ve seen him somewhere beforeーー

When I was thinking that, he walked over, stepping on the lawn. Then, 

As he sat down beside us, he pulled Eileen’s shoulders roughly. 

“Whaー what are you doingー?” 

“We meet again, Eileen Aldington!” 

Eileen is surprised by the abrupt and loud voice that calls out her name. 

However, it turned out to not be calling her. 

Well, this person isー 

I remember— 

“Cedric Lewis” 

Win called out his name to help the troubled me. 

That’s right, Cedric. 

The person who was drawn most prominently in the game package. 

Our classmate, and Charlotte’s childhood friend, and, well, yeah, he is the son of a famous pianist. 

Being her childhood friend, he cares a lot about Charlotte. 

“What does Charlotte have to do with you? Leave her alone already, and stop bothering her!”

So that’s it.

I clap my hands in my heart. 

After all, this is, a scene where Charlotte is called out and bullied by Eileen, then Cedric dashingly appears to save her.

When he realized I had nothing to say, he sighed and talked to Charlotte (actually, Eileen),

“Charlotte, you too. You don’t have to come to this place alone.”

“Ah, ye, yes…” 

Eileen’s eyes are filled with confusion. No, Charlotte’s eyes are filled with confusion. 

Cedric took her hand, then left the bench with her. 

“We’re leaving, Charlotte. I don’t have time to be with these guys.” 

“Wait a minute.”

Charlotte lightly leave Cedric’s hands, then come near me who is still seated in the bench.

The she whispered in my ear.

“Hello there, my ‘hated person Eileen’” 

“Eh… ah”


I couldn’t respond to Eileen’s sudden words. 

Seeing me like that, she give a mean smile. 

“Is he okay?” 




“What I mean is? For my partner, is he okay?” 

Eileen looked at Cedric over her shoulder. 

――So I finally get the point through. 

The story of “Falling in Love” I said earlier. She is talking about that. 


However, I’m struggling to give an answer. 

He’s definitely one of the capture targets of the game, so it’s not about whether he’s bad. 

I don’t think he’s bad, just that,

I don’t know what Eileen is thinking. I answered something in between “yes” and “well…” and something like that. 

It was a very subtle answer, but Eileen seemed good with it. 

“I understand. Konomi, bear witness. Win too. This Eileen Aldington―― I will deal with this guy the right way!”

And, she declares so.

To Win and I who couldn’t say anything, she showed her usual aloof and high-handed smile, then quickly separated from us. 

She turns back and runs to Cedric. 

“I’ve kept you waiting, Cedric.” 

“What happened?” 

“It’s nothing. Let’s go.” 

When Eileen gave a smile, Cedric breathe a sigh of relief.

The two are walking side-by-side and in a friendly manner. 

While in contrast to that, 

“Will… will it be okay…” 

“Er, well…” 

I crease my brows, while Win rubbed his hand on his chin. 

But even if we call, the two won’t come back. 

Me and Win just looked on worriedly.

What happened?

――The same day, in home room. 

“It is sudden, but Cedric Lewis has resigned from school as of today.” 

“Ohhohoho! As I’ve declared, I deal with that Cedric the right way――!!” 

“What did you do――!? This stupid Young Lady――!!”

After school, in the car driven by Win.

I poured mustard sauce into Eileen’s mouth.

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