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The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 1 Part 14

Grandmother decides to make a fresh start in life

Granzeus offered me a chair and he explains everything in chronological order.

The girl, Serafiona, was bright and beautiful from a young age.

At the age of three, the sacred beast, Lu-sama, found her to be extraordinary and made a contract.

Lu-sama himself teaches magic, and the magic of Serafiona is already ranked above a first-class magician.

Lu-sama orders they go on a journey of pilgrimage in the future, and she will thus have to go to a knight school.

Therefore, in the magic test, they make it seems as if she have “no magic”.

Lalouza is enrolled in the Magic Academy and there is no martial arts teacher for Serafiona.

In the first place, Lu’s existence, the contract, and Serafiona’s talents, they all are things that must be kept secret within the family. Therefore, it is impossible to hire a teacher.

“…Why reveal such a huge secret to me.”

“Serafiona is esteemed Mother’s granddaughter. You’re still family despite having break off relationships with me.”


“Serafiona’s current weapon is a dagger. It was passed down to her by Lalouza, just as it was passed down onto him by Rurifiona.”

Passed down onto him by Rurifiona… is it…

“I’m a stupid parent, despite my skills. And also, Trundle’s dagger handling technique isn’t a noble one. It might be disadvantageous for her to get admitted to a knight school with that.”

The sacred beast has chosen my grandchild. My granddaughter is ingrained with our dagger technique. With that realisation, I am filled with joy. Yet I had detested her until today. What a shallow, stupid, and pathetic woman I am.

-ton- -ton- -ton-


In response to the Earl’s reply, the girl came into the room, led by a butler.

…I thought my breath would stop. Eyes like bright stars shining in the skies of a tender night in spring. Jet-black hair braided down under her ears in a simple manner, a well-balanced body filled with youthfulness and vitality. Won’t it be easy to make all sorts of movements in such a body? Unfitting of a lady, her cute ankles can be seen, and the tail of the sacred beast is wrapped around it. The sacred beast and a little maiden. An extraordinary aura flows from the sacred beast, forming a ring of light and enclosing both of them. The very sight of a myth itself.

I spontaneously stood in front of the sacred beast, get down on one knee, and took take the submissive attitude of a knight.

“This is the first time we have met. I am the mother of Serafiona’s mother, my name is Elsa Trundle. This time, Serafiona’s father, Isaac Granzeus have invited me for a visit.”

The Holy Beast stared to judge me. Having lived to this age, I naturally had made mistakes after mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes is… the child in front of me responded by bringing both her hands to cover her mouth. I want to find a hole to hide into. I bowed down even lower. My mouth feels dry.

How long has passed? Something soft touched my head. When I look up, the sacred beast pats my head with a -pon- -pon-. And lightly jumped over my granddaughter’s shoulder.

Am I… pardoned?

“O, Otou-sama?”

“Serafi, she’s your Grandma.”

“Uhh, Grandmother, Lu too, let us sit down.”

Then Serafiona took my hand and lead me to the chaise lounge.(TN: chaise lounge – a reclining chair with a long seat, which can support the outstretched legs of a sitter, normally with one armrest. I didn’t know what it was ^_^;)

I thought, a child’s hands are so small. Anyway… they’re rough. The palm had held the sword and seems to have swing it over and over again. With the sacred beast on her shoulder, she sat down next to me and look at me with shining eyes.

“Um, nice to meet you! I’m Serafiona, Dear Grandmother!”


“It’s the first time I talk to a woman other than Martha!”


“Onii-sama said that a girl is weak, so he have to protect me.”


“So I will protect you Grandmother… Grandmother, have a very nice smell. What? Lu? Grandmother, Lu had been looking forward to seeing you too.”

I can’t hold back anymore.

I embraced Serafiona and the sacred beast. Her slightly elevated body temperature permeates through my limbs.

Had I… been so lonely?

I can’t let go of this warmth I’m feeling.

When I raise my head, the pretty light-blue coloured eyes of the beautiful sacred beast, encourage me to resolve myself. I nodded quietly.

“…Nice to meet you, Serafiona. I’m your Grandmother. Just like Serafi protects me, I’ll do my best to protect the sacred beast Lu-sama and Serafi. And to Lu-sama and Serafiona, my loyalty, my life, and everything, I will devote my all to you.”

I, Elsa, one of the last Trundle, finally met her master at this age.

When I looked away, I saw Earl of Granzeus smile. This man was once called the country’s number one chief of staff.

As expected… a man chosen by Rurifiona.

“Serafi-chan, forget about the ways you hold the dagger. A one-handed sword should be held like this! Be aware of your shoulder joints and muscles!”


“Lu-sama, that’s right, please divide yourself into just 10 bodies. Yes, line up at regular intervals, yes! Serafi-chan, Lu-sama’s right shoulder, left torso, legs, keep in mind the timing, drive them in one by one! You’re slowing down!”

“Grandmother, this sword, heavy!”

“It’s like that on purpose! Yes next! After hitting on my flank, use your handle to drive your dominant hand in and disarm their weapon. The important thing is the image! Start repeating it until your body memorise the action! ”





“Se, Serafi-chan!”

“Grandmother, this comb, the color is different from your hair? It’s full of glitters! So beautiful!”

“Fufufu, I made it for Serafi-chan. Twisting it this way makes needles come out. If you have this, you can protect yourself from foolish men. You can apply poison. Just one drop of bee’s poison can kill. Your mother wore one that’s similar when she was single. Do this… and twist your hair around your nape… yes, it’s done!

“Wow! It matches with Grandmother and Mother? So happy! Thank you very much!”

“Rurifi… did you really used such a weird comb………?”

One day, when my lords go on a pilgrimage, so that I may accompany them, I will train once again.

My dear Rurifiona, I won’t be joining you for the time being.

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