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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 8

Let’s capture the childhood friend route! ーーCedric Lewis (3)


To my surprised, Eileen gently offered me a cup.

Her eyes are turned away from me, but——

“You too… why don’t you have some too?”


I felt something becoming less tense in my heart.

Eileen is not a bad child. If you treat her right, her heart will be transmitted back.

I receive the cup Eileen offered with both hands.

“Thank you. Itadakimasu.”

Steamed rose from the amber coloured vegetable soup. I take a sip—


I screamed as a pungent taste fills my mouth.

I look for water, then glare at Eileen with tears in my eyes.

Where did her previous meek look went to? She is looking down on me with an awfully self-satisfied expression.

“Oh—hohohohohohoho! You fell for it. Was the Tabasco soup delicious !?” 

“How dare! This piece of junk Villainess Young Lady!!”

“Hot—— Why do you!”

In revenge, I plunge mustard sauce into Eileen’s mouth.

A fight that is completely unbecoming of a lady unfolds— then.

――I felt a sign of someone approaching.


I grab a fruit knife from the basket and step forward with Eileen behind me. 

It’s unlikely for even a weak zombie to be beaten with something like this, but it’s better than nothing.

Hii– I saw Eileen take a breath.

“What, what’s going on?”

“You’re coming out or not. What is your purpose?”

From the shade casted by the school building.

-step- -step-

The sounds of a leisurely walking footsteps can be heard.

“Ojou-sama is… protecting your friend…!?”

“It’s just your servant.”

There stood Win, rubbing his eyes with a white handkerchief.

“In the first place, isn’t your ‘Ojou-sama’ that one there?”

I don’t understand why he’s shedding tears.

“Pardon me, even though I knew the contents are different, the sight was just too impressive. ——And above all, you’re safe, Ojou-sama”

“What do you mean, ‘above all, you’re safe’!? You left me!”

Win speaks warm words. However, Eileen is not misled, and she understandably snarls at him. Win is unperturbed though.

“You’re misunderstanding, Ojou-sama.” 

Eileen doesn’t wait for him.

“What, what is?”

Eileen asks a question while taking a step back.


“This Winston Hawkyard was pretending, a stranger who looks like his Ojou-sama, being left near the Ojou-sama, he thought it was dangerous.”

“………is, is that so.”


“Yes. I was worried about leaving Ojou-sama alone, but the security of the school is perfect. Even Ojou-sama alone should be able to survive for one night. It was a harsh decision, but I had to do it thinking that it was the best decision— It was a good excuse to rake Ojou-sama over the coals too, yes.”(TN: Rake someone over the coals – to scold or berate someone)

I believe the second reason was you main motive.

“My safety was……… uh, uh, yes. Well then, let’s say it’s good.”

Eileen, with her arms folded, don’t know his true motive.


“What might it be?”

“Maybe Eileen………”

“Don’t say it Konomi-sama. The young lady not only have a bad personality but her head is also only a little better than a person without a head. We all are aware of it but we kept quite about it. You too Konomi-sama, please maintain the confidentiality in this matter.”

“You really felt that way!?”

“Well, Eileen. Why don’t you eat the sweets, they’re delicious.”

I offered a pudding with fruit and cream to distract Eileen. 

As her mood improves as she’s eating, I interrupt like this,

“So, last night, we figured out how we can both return.” 

“Hmm… I’m interested. Go on!” 

I puff my chest and raise my chin, and with an oppressive attitude I stated,

“Please tell me about it.”

“Huh? Why should I make a request——”

When I silently raise the mustard sauce,

“………Please, tell… me… about… it……”

She said it with a pout, and a very reluctant expression.

So now, how do I explain it? “How do I say it…… a similar phenomenon has happened in my country.”

“Isn’t this a rare phenomenon where Konomi-sama came from?” 

“No… not that rare. But I’m not a specialist of it either, I’ve only heard of it from my Kouhai to a certain extent.”

Since it’s troublesome, I’ll give a rough explanation.

“I guess the key to returning is ‘Eileen have to come to love others’.”



What I mean is, “Please enter a route and raise your affection, then reach the ending.” 

But she wouldn’t be able to get it if I just say that. In addition—— the one that she fall in love with have to be those ‘specified in the Otome Game’. I feel that is more than what can be explained. 

What I want is a mean Villainess Daughter corrected by getting to love someone. 

“By coming to learn to appreciate others, getting to know love, and then falling in love—— just like that, this kind of curse like phenomenon can be undone.” 

“Ojou-sama, falling in love?”

Win’s eyebrows came together, either because he is reluctant to see the Noble Daughter experience something ‘vulgar’ like falling in love, or he feels ‘uneasy’ that this savage and wicked Eileen would have to come to love someone. 

I don’t know which one, but for the sake of our ‘interest,’ he wouldn’t object it because it isn’t an inconvenience——

“Wai—t, please wait a minute.”


We hear, “wait” coming from another place.

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