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The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 1 Part 13

Grandmother reminisces

Narcissus flower blooms, and in a certain afternoon of spring, a letter arrives from that detestable man.

The man who failed to protect my cute daughter Rurifiona, Earl Granzeus.

Do you wish to smother things even further? I sighed, remembering the beautiful Rurifi I saw in my dream last night. Six years after Rurifi left, the first contact since the day of her funeral, something came up… definitely an emergency.

Our family is a noble, but we have no title. We are a generation of a military family. The rank was first given for making great achievements, but the rank itself is not very important for the Trundle family. The Trundle family focuses on improving their skills until they are satisfied, finding a respectable lord, then supporting them throughout their lives. Once we decided on a master, we would bravely fight for them, even if we might die as a result.

My husband acknowledge the previous King as his lord, and went through numerous battles with the King, climbing up to the rank of a general. No one would be foolish enough to undermine the Trundle House despite being without a title.

My husband and I met as Commander and Lieutenant in the Second Battle of Bleurage. I just graduated from the knight school and successfully won the battle. I was at the highest point of my career, but I was attracted to the boss who seriously and passionately proposed that I abandon everything, and thus I married him.

Husband often left home for exercises and expeditions, but he always spent at least a short time cherishing me and eventually giving birth to a wonderful daughter. Our treasure, Rurifiona. Despite possessing the appearance and gentleness of a fragile woman, Rurifiona is a direct daughter of Trundle. While capable of dancing gracefully in a dress, she absorbed my husband’s sword technique, my dagger technique and staff technique like a sponge. We have taken great care of her.

Rurifiona fell in love. It was during the war. Opposite to the arts of Trundle, the Granzeus possesses magical arts. Rurifiona smiled as she proclaimed that she is willing to give everything to Granzeus, and that even if she searched for a lifetime, Granzeus is the only one who is stronger than her and also gentle. Granzeus also swore, “I will make Rurifiona happy”. That was his providence.

My husband and I didn’t really want to let her go, and didn’t even want a son-in-law, but we respected our daughter’s decision.

My daughter then died of childbirth. Why was he so greedy, when he already had a legitimate successor Lalouza!? I didn’t even went to see the baby born in exchange for our daughter’s life,

“You have broken your promise. Trundle will never approve of you in this lifetime.”

At the funeral, my husband break off our relationship with the Earl.

My husband was already very old back then, and yet his daughter left. Less than a year after her daughter’s death, my husband had a cold and followed after her.

“Esteemed Mother, thank you for accepting my wish and coming over to my residence.”

Earl Granzeus kneels down in front of me and gives his greetings. I nodded generously.

After deciding to meet Granzeus, I mobilized old connections to help me investigate the current status of the Earldom of Granzeus. It turns out that the Granzeus family has withdrawn from social circles and isolated themselves in recent years. Does the absence of my daughter make him socially weak? Isn’t that pathetic as a nobleman? Whatever it may be, the isolated Trundle have nothing to do with me.

The other information I heard is that the baby is with “no magic” despite the blood of Granzeus flowing in her veins. Even though she is the daughter of the talented Rurifiona… I am honestly disappointed.

Why did my Rurifiona die because of a child with “no magic”?

“Esteemed Mother, please come over here.”

Granzeus called me by the window. The yard of the Earl’s House in the royal city, completely shielded from the outside world, is surprisingly large.

There she is, in the middle of the large yard.


My Rurifiona has chestnut coloured hair. The black-haired daughter there can’t be Rurifiona. However… I can only see my daughter whom I had always yearned for. She have shining black eyes, a testimony to the strength of Trundle, my husband and as well as our daughter. She looks great in her bright sky-blue dress. I frowned at the length being above her ankle though.

A ring shaped something spins around her wrist and she throws it high above her head. At the same time as the throw, another shadow jumps towards the ring and chases it.


She then jumped to the height of the third floor in the building. And there, the other shadow holds the ring. It kicked strongly, and the shadow arrived on the ground at once. Halfway from falling down, donning on a whirlwind, she slows down and landed softly, one leg at a time.

What? Wind magic? Didn’t she have “no magic”?

When I am not paying attention to her actions, I noticed that the shadow is clinging to her feet. She held it up and talk about something to it lovingly.

My entire body trembles. I feel cold sweat on my back. The fear of death I used to feel on the battlefield suddenly came to me.

Once………… I saw it in a ruins on the desert at the western ends, where I went as an escort for an investigation…… on the murals. The incarnation of God.

“Serafiona is in her tomboy phase, and I am at a loss on what to do.”

I look at Granzeus on hearing his voice. He examined my expression with a serious face.

Surely… it isn’t such a trivial matter.

“Why… is that great presence here? The Celestial Divine Beast of the West?”

“The sacred beast… you see it after all…”

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