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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 7

Let’s capture the childhood friend route! ーーCedric Lewis (2)

What came into sight is— The once gorgeous redhead now unkempt, and the cutely designed uniform crumpled everywhere. The ribbon, which should have been a bow, is on her shoulder…

She probably couldn’t sleep last night, her eyes eyes are, her cheeks are pale, and she couldn’t hide the signs of fatigue on her face.

Charlotte Oliver – Eileen.

“First of all, I’ll have to calm the Young Lady.”

“Wait, Win-san.”

I stop Win who takes off his seat belt and tries to open the door.

“Konomi-sama, I am here.”

“That no good.”

I clearly stated ‘no’. I didn’t mind what Win thinks.

“This is school, at the school gate, and with students’ eyes everywhere around. If in such a place, I… Eileen, her hated enemy didn’t even make an appearance, while she is closing in with an angry face, you get it, right?”

Win closed the door.

People will definitely interpret what they see in an way that’s bad for me. If they see such a scene, it is certain that Eileen’s already bad reputation will be even worse.

It’s not a good idea to twist the story any further.

“Well, what will you do?”

“I’ll go out.”

The eyes of Eileen (in Charlotte’s appearance), instantly turned to me as I left the door.

Is she running over with blood filling her eyes out of anger, or she just lacks sleep?

She ran to me and grabbed me on my chest.

“Good morning, Eileen.”

“Y-you, well, well…”

Eileen’s hands are shaking.

I think I’m prepared to receive just one slap, and I’m ready.

However, my tension immediately relaxed.

“Eh, ah, Eileen?”

While I am worried and called out, her whole face distorted.

“I… I… I understand…!”

I see, she seems to have dropped down to that place.

—it’s like that. 

Eileen is a “Young Lady”. A noble family’s daughter.

No matter how selfish she may be, she had never been left alone because of her status.

“E-everyone calls me with the country bumpkin’s name, and no one knows me, I was alone, cold, and hungry…”


“E-even, W-Win, Win too, calls ‘someone who is not me’ ‘me’…… and left me…! “

Well, that would’ve been scary.

Always next to her, ensuring her safety is her servant Win-san.

This time, however, Win also left her alone, which was actually a fairly meaningful decision to secure Eileen’s safety, and to identify the possibly dangerous mysterious being. But Eileen have no idea idea about that.

I, myself, hijacked her body and was taken away by her servant.

That’s what it would’ve looked like in her eyes.

The school premise is safe, but she had been in an insane situation, enduring a horrible night.

With her butt on the ground, -hiku- -hiku-, she keeps sobbing and I lower my eyes to the heartbroken Eileen.

“I’m sorry, Eileen. I’ve brought food for you. Let’s eat it together.”

“W-with such a thing, you think I’ll forgive you…!”

“I have a lot of Eileen’s favourite food prepared. Look.”

I opened the lowered basket—— a lunch box made by the chef appears.

Drool drips down from her opened mouth.

That’s a good Young Lady.

――Ko–n, Koro–n.

At that time, a bell sounded.

It seems to be the first bell, and

“Ah, it’s time for class…”

Eileen raised her face.


“Just sometimes it’s okay, right?”

I look up asking for consent.

The driver’s seat window was open.

“You as well, I don’t think you’re a good student at all.”

We sat down on a bench in the backyard and opened the basket.

The chef handed it over himself at the entrance, I was confused because it was heavy, but immediately convinced on seeing the contents. 

Croissant sandwiches with olives, bacon, eggs, cheese, and sweet flavored bananas. Omelet with plenty of herbs, marinated paprika, hamburger, sauteed salmon, bite pasta, grilled broccoli cheese… various fruits for dessert, mini tart, scrambles and pudding.

It wasn’t enough to eat them all alone, but what surprised me even more was,

“You worked hard, chef…”

The request was made early in the morning, but this is what I received.

“Fu-fun. Well, it’s natural that he prepared this much for me, yeah. You can praise him more. Even if quite shabby, the quantity alone is pretty good.” 

Eileen who says that with her chest puffed out looks great, regaining her status as the Villainess Noble Girl—


She proudly puffed her chest out while she keeps sneaking glances at the basket.

“W-well, such shabby things are enough to fill my hunger for now. I can’t help but eat it– it hurts!!”


Eileen scream as I hit the back of her hand.

“I’m not a dog!”

“Where is your ‘itadakimasu’?”

To think this Young Lady can’t even say her thanks before meals!

Eileen however just have round eyes.

It’s more like she don’t understand my words, rather than her being impolite—

“A-and, what’s that?”


“Is ‘itadakimasu’ a culture you don’t have?”

“…I don’t know. What are you talking about?”

Speaking of which, before the internet, ‘itadakimasu’ would have never been heard of overseas.

To sum it up, in my country, when we eat food, we say thank you for their grace and pay our respects——

Do I have to start with such a story?

But no good explanation comes up immediately.

I groan and hold my head, then say, 

“That’s something… you know, like, saying thanks with a delighted heart!” 

“Aren’t your instructions too ambiguous!?”

“In the first place, what people made and gave you, you called it ‘shabby’? That’s outrageous.”

When I said that, Eileen’s character came to my mind. She shuts her mouth. 

Let’s use this momentum to teach her. 

“Itadakimasu, repeat it.”

“I-itada … kimasu.”

“Yes, go ahead.”

She acts after I permitted her.

Or was she was not able to endure it anyway?

She took one croissant, opens her mouth wide and sink her teeth into it.

“Wa~u… Mugu. Wa~u.”

Is she relieved by the familiar taste, tears pass down Eileen’s cheeks.

When I offered the soup, she drank it all at once.

Then, when Eileen ate more than half of the basket alone.

“…You too,” completely unexpectedly, Eileen said that.


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