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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 18

Ⅲ Too early for a debutante

Something begins in the Park (1)

“That’s it! Aldo!”


Wa wan wan wan.

Looking at Eileen and Aldo running on the grass in the park, I sat down on my butt and breathed a sigh and groaned.

No really, I know full well her actions aren’t befitting of a Young Lady from a noble house.

However, I don’t have enough physical strength to keep up with the two running around like that.

It was shortly after I came to the park that my frolicing cannot keep up with my body because of lack of physical strength.

Lack of physical strength― This is not because I have the of being an indoor-gamer college-student.

Rather, I’m really confident in my reflexes and motor nerves to the extent that I feel sorry for the juniors when I play the games of the game centre that they will ask me, “Does Senpai have three feet?” I also have enough stamina to play three songs without break.

The reason I am not so now is “because I am Eileen.”

Eileen has a frail constitution― no, isn’t it better to say that she is ill?

Anyway, her body seems to have stamina gauge that is always in the yellow zone, and running for a little bit makes her body feel heavy, and in addition, the lungs seems to make a strange sound and I can’t move for a while.

It is quite a piece-of-junk status body.

I think it’s terrible.

The challenge of subjugating the Last Boss with the penalty of using only the initial equipment is only fun because it is a game that we have been through.

Now I’m trying to do that without any information on the first playthrough.


The madness.

By the way, Speaking of Eileen who got Charlotte’s body,

“Aldo! Go get it!”


Throwing a wooden stick and picking it up, throwing a wooden stick and picking it up, doing it over and over again.

“Ahaha! It’s so fun!”

Now that I’m in Eileen’s body, I’m painfully feeling that this body is malfunctioning in some way.

Surely, probably from an early age, Eileen didn’t exercise enough.

On the other hand, the “country bumpkin”―― Charlotte, who was a good daughter who grew up healthy in the countryside, is certified to be excellent in terms of health, even though that may not always be fitting of her as her as a filial daughter.

Eileen has always been weak and has not exercised satisfactorily. Now she has gotten a body she can run around well with…

With that in mind, I think I do understand her feeling of just leaving me alone and playing around, with my strength gauge in the red.

No, this is irritating. As I am now, I don’t have enough physical strength to stop her.

While sitting on a bench in the shade of a tree, alternately watching the frolicking Eileen and the swans in the artificial pond, I feel the sunlight reach me through the trees and the wind blowing.

After a few coughs, I finally felt a little calm.

Eileen and Aldo are running around tirelessly.

While I’m looking at them with a disgusted face, our eyes met and Eileen waves her hand with a full smile.

“Konomi! You’re coming too!”


I just replied like that.

I told Win that I would be looking after her but now I’m worried I might not be able to do that.

Is there something like a full HP/MP recovery potion in this world? I should have asked my Kouhai.

Yeah, what a blunder.

While thinking about such things on the bench, I look around as much as I can.

The sky is slightly indigo in the evening.

I don’t know if it’s about time to go home or if it’s just that kind of game, there is no one else here.

What are the colorful flowers that bloom on the flowerbed? Tulips, rapeseed, and what else? Is the pink color that spreads a little farther away, moss phlox?

Some of the trees have something like a birdhouse. The sidewalks are well-maintained, there are signposts to the facilities, and the wires are in place.

Some cherry-blossom-like petals are scattered about. I can’t find the flowering trees, but I guess there is a row of cherry trees somewhere.

Or is it like a in simulation games, and it’s just one tree with a legendary name and it is just crazily blooming? Quite likely.

There is a large artificial pond a little farther away.

One corner of the edge is high, filled with soil, like a cliff or a hill, and can be climbed by the going up the gentle stairs by the sideーー

Oh my.

At the end of the stairs, on the edge of the hill, I can see a part of the pond from here, directly below the upper part of the towering cliff.

Leaning on the railing there, I saw a person standing.

Although the day us this wonderful, he looks up at the clouds in the sky with sleepy eyes, or looks down at the swans in the pond, and seems to be pondering deeply about something.

Well, everyone has their circumstances.


I was called again and I looked at Eileen.

I am frustrated in my heart. However, it is not easy to recover my strength.

I didn’t want to get up because it’s troublesome.

I raise your arm and wave it lightly to let her know I can hear her.

However, maybe she was dissatisfied with that gesture, she put her hands on her waist, saying, “good grief!”

“What an outrageous servant.”

And because of whose body?

I called her, but she apparently didn’t want to wait for me.

Eileen and Aldo ran up the stone steps.

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