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The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 2 Part 23

The first entrance examination 10 years after Uni ―Written Test Edition―

The Knights School is a school that trains young high-ranking executives who would be responsible for the military strength of the kingdom of Judor. If I take the exam at the age of 11 and pass, I will train independently by following a guide given by the school until I enter the school at the age of 13. This is done so entrants would be able to adapt to the harsh school life more easily. Then after studying for 4 years, I will graduate at the age of 17. After graduation, I will be assigned to the military, guards, security guards, security forces, etc., depending on one’s wishes and speciality.

Almost 100% of those who passed the magic test at 5-years-old with <advanced> and <ordinary> levels of magic go to the Magic Academy. So, the Knights School is almost 100% filled with those having <no magic>. Why ‘almost’? That’s because of irregularities like me and the those that awaken magic after their magic test. The heroine was like the latter too. If I’m found to have magic power, I will go with this setting. I am a good actress after all!

Even if you have <no magic>, you will be admitted to this school if you have the skills. The Knights School is established for even commoners to attend, so both taking the exam and living expenses after passing the exam are basically free.

By the way, children who have pride in their skills from all over the country will be gathering this year too for the exam. I am one of them. The Knights School is located in the western region of the royal capital. The timetable states that there will be written tests in the morning and practical tests in the afternoon.

“Serafi-chan, don’t be that tense? Just be as usual, you’ll be fine.”

My Grandmother, a graduate from the Knights School accompanied me.

“But Grandmother, I didn’t prepare for the paper test at all. And so many people are taking it? There will surely be more than 50 people who are smarter than me…”

This year, only 50 people will be admitted.

“Serafi-chan, I’m here with you so it will be okay. Fufufu, believe in your Grandmother.”

“But… don’t come closer, stupid! This isn’t the place for that! I’m feeling stares from all around.”

Since a while ago, I’ve been pointed at as the subject of a terrible rumor, *sniffle*. Everyone is the same <no magic> fellow, so my presence here is not that ridiculous.

“Well, it’s out of place indeed. They’re wondering why such a cute girl is here. I’m thinking if I should temper with the test results if all of them.”

Is it that I’m small? Well yes. Despite drinking milk every day on top of that… Since Lu keeps riding on my head all the time, I’m not getting any taller? Maybe that’s the cause?

「Aren’t you eating too much cake lately? Sera, you must eat vegetables too!」

Oh? I don’t want to be told that by you!


Lu, who had genjutsu casted on him jumped over from my head to grandmother’s shoulder. As expected, he will not follow me to the inside of the examination hall. Grandmother who has good intuitions, recognizes that he is now on her shoulders and is elated and her eyes are moist with excitement!

“Lu! I’m honored! Uuuuu…”

Well! Are you so happy that Lu is on your shoulders you are even crying? While you’re waiting, your dress will become coarsed up with sweets and their scraps, right?

I am getting even more nervous right now.

“Well then, let’s go!”

“Serafiona, I pray for your good luck.”

「Sera! This is a step towards becoming adventurers! Hang in there!」

That’s right, I have to chase my dream!

I nodded and entered the venue.

I observe the venue a bit from my designated seat. Hmm. Girls are only about 10% after all. Well, it’s not exactly a girly worldview to take part in the nation’s defense even though she has <no magic>, so it can’t be helped. Apart from those with magic, it’s not all the same but, women’s jobs are mainly housework at their homes or like ordinary people, to run a business. I thank my father for giving me this freedom.



Suddenly, a boy called me.

“Are you noble?”

“That’s right.”

Well, I’m dressed a little better today I guess. I wore a white shirt and a Lu lucky coloured blue skirt. I don’t think it’s too gorgeous, but was I wrong? It’s me who divided them first into tops and bottoms, in this world where women’s clothes had only one piece. I did it so they could be turned into trousers for practical use! Ohohoho!

“Don’t go to a Knights School to play just because you have <no magic>. It’s annoying.”

Um… do you mean to say it’s ridiculous for me to be in a Knights School?

…………This sh*t! This is the only option I have・so・I・may・live. Have you trained till you are spitting out blood for the last eight years? Have you!?

I have decided. I won’t hesitate anymore since I can see so many people around me looking with such eyes. Go with all my might. My strategy to be as unnoticeable as possible immediately disappears. Let’s go with the Lalouza style, oppress-them-with-might strategy!

“I’m sorry if I had disturbed you. But shall we do our best?”

I reached out a hand to him.

“Oh, oh.”

He blushes and holds my hand.




I squeezed it with 70% of my grip strength. Aren’t you thankful I didn’t do that with your dominant arm?

I smiled and prepared my writing tools.

The paper test was, in the end, just as Grandmother said.

Mathematics and simulated physics are needed for calculating the cannons’ impact distances and setting their angles. Logistics required and adjustments that have to be made according to the scale of the battles can all be solved with the junior high school level formulae of my previous life.

The creatures’ biology and their geography were unknowingly knocked into my head by my family members without knowing it. The vital points of a human body, emergency rescue method, and where to go on the mountains, why are they even asking? Domestic terrain, local weather and soil quality. We repeatedly examined them in our exercises and the examination only needed the knowledge I had always been using.

Thank you Grandmother, Father, Older Brother, and finally, my journey leading to this moment! I will offer you the plum trees planted in the garden!

I bowed twice, clapped twice, then bowed a third time. I then ate a lot of the bento with an (Ojo~u-sama Best of luck!) written with ketchup prepared by Matsuki-san. Then get myself ready for the practical test.

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