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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 17

On the way home

“What’s that fo―r?!”


Ford boy cried and ran away while we got in the car that picked us up.

I immediately poured in mustard sauce into Eileen’s mouth.

“W-why the hell do you have that―!?”

“I got it from the chef in case something like this happens!”

She spit out the mustard sauce and shouted in an upset voice. I opened my school bag and showed it to her.

Looking at the large number of tubes filled to the brim with mustard sauce, Eileen shouted with a, “hii―”.

“Eileen, hey, why don’t you tell me more about what happened back there, go on. When we were watching Ford-kun in the classroom, there seemed to have been nothing wrong!”

What’s with her behavior when she actually confronts him?

Before that, there was a Tsundere vibe coming from her.

He really cried.


But Eileen raises her brows as if she couldn’t understand what I’m concerned about.

“You thought I would care about that kid? It was this child I cared about.”

The dog makes a soft -kuun- sound.

She pointed to that dog called Aldo, and said that.

Aldo seems to be familiar with her already, and had quietly entered the unfamiliar space of the backseat of a car.

The view outside the window has not moved yet. Unless Win declares our departure, it will stay still.

Win, who was waiting for us at our school parking lot looked at Aldo and had a strange look on his face, but did not refuse it from boarding.

When I asked, “Why aren’t you asking us anything?” He replied, “Has the Young Lady become a dog this time?” My innards wanna twists itself.

But, well, where should I even start?

Thinking back on what happened in the car while closing my eyes―― I hang my head down low.

No, my integrity is thinning, I wanna puke.

Maybe, she had always been interested in Aldo.

But, she did not want to admit it.

When she finally found an excuse of, “this child will like Eileen” she just took him, and no one could complain!”

As I was feeling tired out, I saw Eileen happily playing with the dog in the car.

“……or rather, what do you want to do with that dog?”

“Obviously, I’ll take care of him.”

Needless to say, Eileen is thrilled.

Seriously, absolutely useless.


Has she forgotten?

“Ojou-sama. Excuse me but, where do you want to keep the dog?”

Win had joined the conversation.

He seems to have the same thoughts as me.

“That’s, obviously―”

“Whose mansion?”

I repeated my question.

It seems that she has finally noticed. She fell silent.

After all,

The Aldington House currently is not her home.

For her right now, it’s the mansion of her friend ― although I’m not sure if I can call myself that.

It is not a place where she can do whatever she wants.

She looked sideways and saw Aldo sitting in a well-behaved manner.

-kun- it makes a sound and it anxiously sniffs the hand patting its head.

Then she pout her lips to me and said,

“……Keep it.”

Please, to make her say that seems to still be a high hurdle.

But tears are even welling up in her eyes.

Maybe, she’s not lying. Eileen is not a girl who can skillfully act in such a shrewd way.

In addition, regardless of whether she is asking for it in the right way, her spirit of wanting to protect an abandoned dog can be appreciated.

So, well, yeah. It’s not bad.

I can count it as her saying ‘please’ already.

At last, with a bitter smiled,

“I get it. It’s okay.”

Win said, and I thanked him for playing the role of the bad guy and answering her.

I also feel like I’m spoiling her.

Through the rear mirror, I can see Win smiling.

――With our course of action decided, and the car starts running.

I asked Win who is on the steering wheel,

“By the way, is there anything in the Aldington’s house to take care of the dog? Like it’s feed?”

“I’ll arrange it. I’ll take you both to the mansion and go shopping by car.”

“Thank you very much. And sorry to bother――”

“T-that means, that means!”

Before I can complete my words, Eileen cut in on the conversation, pushing me away.

He wants to hide it with a cough, but she can’t hide her smile.

“I have a good idea.”

“A good idea, is it?”

Eileen looked at my face and nodded, “Yes.” Then,

“Head to Taylor Onshi Park, Win.”


“We’re letting this kid run around in the park while waiting, so in the meantime, you should go shopping. It doesn’t feel nice to go home just yet. Win, we’ll be waiting for you to return. Thank you in advance.”

While saying that seemingly out of good intentions, it is clear to everyone that her true intention is, “I want to play with my dog.”

Win’s eyes reflected in the rear mirror look at me.

“What do you think about it, Konami-sama?”

Oh well.

Even if you don’t ask me that, I know what Win wants to say. And in light of that, my role is already determined. So,

“Well then, I will be responsible for Eileen’s safety. Isn’t that good, Win-san?”

“Thank you very much.”

“I’m not a baby!?”

I followed the procedure Win would have sought for, and he thanked me and lowered his head as expected, while Eileen shouted at me while having a rough breath.

Thus, the car carrying us glimmered in the sun and heads for Taylor Onshi Park.

―――No one would have dreamed of the level of trouble that is waiting for us there.

* * * 

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[Dominique Gonneau]

A third-year student at Fitzgerald Private School.

He has the talent of a gamer and successor of a successful game company. He is good enough to compete in the world backgammon tournament. His attitudes change significantly depending on the outcome of the game.

Although very selfish, he is very popular with female students because of his looks.

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[Marlowe Brown]

A mathematics teacher at Fitzgerald Private school.

Although his discipline is strict, he is popular among both men and women because of his gentle manners and easy-to-understand classes.

He has lost his wife due to illness and seems to be looking for the protagonist who looks like her.

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[Louis Ford]

A first-year high school student at Fitzgerald private school.

He has an older brother and older sister who doted on him so much that he is a bit ignorant of the ways of the world. He likes animals and has a gentle heart.

He has a small build and a “cute” face. He works hard for the things that matter.

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