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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 21

Talking about the poor physical condition (2)

“Were the circumstances different?”

“No. But well, where is Eileen now? Aldo too?”

If I think about it, this is Eileen’s room, and I’m sleeping now on Eileen’s bed.

It won’t be surprising if she immediately starts angrily screaming, “my servant dares relax in my room,” the moment I opened my eyes.

However, there is no sign of Eileen anywhere in the quiet room.

“The Young Lady went to school.”



How surprising.

“After Konomi-sama fell down in front of her, even the Young Lady seems to have been affected a little.”

I can’t immediately respond to this extraordinarily rare event but immediately thought, maybe she is concerned about me after all?

“I think there was something she wanted to do. She said, ‘I’ll show you that I can do well alone!’ and she went to school on her own…… Well, I of course send her to school.”

Isn’t that quite something coming from her?

It seems to me that something comes to her mind when a person with the same look as herself collapses due to overfatigue.

………That or.

She seems to not have talked about the Young-man-rush at the park. So I can’t say for sure that she feared when I woke up, I might talk of her misconduct yesterday, and flee.

I ask another thing while keeping that possibility in mind.

“What about Aldo?”

It listened quite well, but seems to just be an old dog with no pedigree.

I was worried that it might have been troublesome for the house to accept it but Win said otherwise.

“It’s fine. The house is taking care of it ……Ah, but of course, I reported to the house, ‘The young lady told me she wanted to take care of it and she took it home.’ I’m sorry to have used you to put things together, but if you could justify it, then…”

“Ah, yes.”

Louis Ford’s beloved dog. ――Or rather, a has been. It isn’t praiseworth that about 80% to 90% of the process of taking it is done by force, but her desire to take care of it was undoubtable.

If it paid off, it is better than anything.

As I was thinking of such a thing in my mind, “although,” Win continued,

“We can’t afford to assign a personnel to take into custody just any animal that had been abandoned or injured. I received a message from the head steward to tell the Young Lady to refrain from such acts as much as possible.”

It would be so.

The manpower in the Aldington House is limited.

“Well, I do know that asking Konomi-sama to do this doesn’t help.”

“I agree.”

We both laughed. It has to be said to Eileen.

“Once she comes back, I’ll talk to Eileen.”

“Thank you very much.”

We gave a deep bow to each other.

“It’s just before noon, so it’ll take a while for the Young Lady to return. I’ll prepare an early lunch, so have a meal and sleep again.”

“Oh, I’m okay now.”

“I insist. Please rest a bit longer.”

I received a servant’s expostulation.

But well, he had been doing this job for a long time should he should at least know more about this body’s physical condition better than me.

I decided to do as he says.

“Meal will be prepared right away. The fact that your consciousness has returned had been conveyed to the other servants when I went to call the doctor earlier, so everything should have been ready.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Then, I will――”

Right then

――Suddenly, Win looked out of the window.


His mouth is in the shape of the character ‘口’.

(TN: 口 – kanji for mouth)

“What happened?”


He replied with a question for some reason.

His eyes remain glued to the outside of the window.

What in the world!!!

I got up from the bed and saw it too, what was out there.

Outside the window, at the mansion gate in the front entrance with the road continuing beyond it.

As if this mansion is it’s home, an unknown car stopped simply.


Who got off the passenger seat is―

Win raised his brows and remained silent.

I also just stood stunned.

But my reaction is a little different from Win’s.

“Why again, that guy…”

He is―

The guy from yesterday emerged from the door where the driver’s seat should be, and on the opposite side, Eileen got off.

By an unfortunate accident yesterday, he nearly drowned in the pond in the park.


I couldn’t respond to the voice calling my name.

Only, this time, it is not due to my poor physical condition.

The young man seemed to notice me looking at him, and then he waved at me.

A friendly smile.

I, on the other hand, have creases formed between my brows.

Now. Think.

What is the reason for his visit?

Did he notice the culprit who nearly drowned him yesterday?

Or is there another reason to visit this place?

Either way―

I clicked my tongue.

My face, slightly reflected in the glass, strangely looked like the one belonging to the Villainess Young Lady.

What has she picked up once again? That stupid Young Lady.

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