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The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 2 Part 26

To Trundle territory ― part 2

The whole family is delighted to celebrate my successful passing of the Knights school exam.

Until I turn 13 years old, I will train myself and prepare for school. Looking at the training regime before actually entering school…… I am appalled. This is exactly what I was doing when I was 4 years old……

Older Brother has no idea about how a Knights school will go about with anything. He just imposed on me a regime he had prepared. And my Mother of course graduated from Knights School. Although she became a star back then.

Anyway, there is no such homework to do before the enrollment, and I will undergo the same daily routine as before, working on my daily training and magic creation. Meanwhile, before I go to the Knights School, Father and Grandmother’s promise will finally come true.

Today, this little me… is taking a step forward as an adventurer… -mufu-.

Serafiona Granzeus knocks at the gate of the adventurer’s guild!

The role of the adventurer’s guild in this world is to support the adventurers’ journey, rank certification, mediation of requests, buying and selling materials, and helping each other in the events that one can not work due to injury, etc.… a place like that.

Adventurer guilds are present everywhere in the world. In the Kingdom of Judor, for example, it can be found in every territory under the jurisdiction of the country, with populous ones having upto 3 of them. To become an adventurer, just visit one of the guilds and you will be tested if you are capable of becoming an adventurer and fulfilling requests. If you are not authorized and issued a plate, you will not be recognized as an adventurer and will not be able to work.

Where this plate is issued could be important. In other words, it is important to determine which guild will become one’s home guild. Of course, it’s best to be in a guild where we live. Most guilds are simple and good.

However, there are many many guilds, and the guilds themselves have varying degrees of operating plans and scope. In some guilds, money can be used to issue or level up the rank of a plate to attach a noble foil. It is a tacit understanding. The guilds of the Royal City are prominent in this aspect. The nobles often hang glittering plates on their neck having one of the three guild marks of the Royal City. Those who know the actuality of the situation will look at the plate and laugh with their nose.

How embarrassing that would be! The plate you worked so hard to obtain sometimes getting laughed at. Some people buy plates with money illegally, but if found out, you’ll be disposed of. This is some information that is good to know prior to registration.

And then, going the other way around… seeing the ones issuing the plates makes me shudder… yes it’s here! Trundle Guild! At the front of the hall, there are signs saying, “with fortitude and vigour” and “Muscle Strength First” written by the ancestor of Trundle a few generations ago. Stop it, Muscle-for-brains!


「Excuse―! What’s this!?」

I open the heavy double door with both hands and loudly proclaim as I enter. Until then, the two-meters-tall uncles who had been eating and drinking in the tables opened their mouth with a -pokan- and stares towards us (they can’t see Lu though). I stare back. Awesome! Their faces are the very picture of a Nagual! Some with no eyebrows and skin-headed, and some with long unkempt black hair, some with eye patches, some having a white eye lined with a scar, and lots more! I already see this much variety without going close!

(TN: Nagual – a human being who has the power to shapeshift into an animal form)

“Hello, nice to meet you!”

Greetings are very important! Why does everyone’s faces turn red and they look down? Over-drinking? Or I make a bad start?

A woman rushed from the back of the counter in a hurry.

“O-Ojou-chan, why are you here!? Are you lost? Where are your Father and Mother?”

I’m ashamed to be called Ojou-chan. You’re the Ojou-chan for an Arafō like me. She seems to be a receptionist in her early 20s? The blonde hair is clipped and flows down her side, with brown and round eyes, she’s very cute.

(TN: Arafō – A woman of around 40)

“Well, are you a receptionist? I’m here to make an adventurer’s plate. My parents aren’t with me.”

At the age of ten, I was given the permission to go out alone in the areas of Granzeus and Trundle. Well, it’s always safe though, since Lu is always with me.

“Adventurer? Ojou-chan? …Well, it’s very good to have ambition! Right, can you get a little bigger first?”

I was told that I am small once again! -muga-!

“Ah, I’m already 11 years old. I’ve cleared the guild’s minimum age required of 10”

“No, not that. In this guild, you can’t get a plate unless you fight a very big and strong person. Won’t that be impossible for Ojou-chan?”

I smiled.

“Where is your guild master?”

Let’s call out a more responsible person!

“I’m good enough to be your partner. Come on, I’ll give you some juice. You can come again when you are all grown up!”

It’s hopeless.

I jumped and grabbed the long sword embedded near the ceiling. I turned my wrist around and looked over at the wooden cup in her hand.


The cups split in two and one half falls to the floor. The receptionist holding the other half crouched down and fell to the floor, and the long sword pierced into the front wall with a -zuppori-.


The skinhead shouted loudly.

A gentle gray-haired grandfather then came out from behind.

“What’s wrong? The mood seems strange.”

“Ojou-chan there throws Zagato’s sword!”

Zagato’s sword? Dunno?

「Isn’t it a magic sword?」

Well! What is a magic sword!?

The grandfather looked at me.

“! ……The Black-eyed Fairy …has that much time passed already……?”

The grandfather slowly looked up at the ceiling and…… blinked with a -pachi- -pachi-.

I can hear the sound of someone gulping.

The grandfather looked back at me with a smile.

“Welcome to the Trundle Guild. If you want to be an adventurer, show your power.”

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