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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 20

Talking about the poor physical condition (1)

Well, good grief, I thought it was all over.

However, Eileen’s selfishness was already clearly understood.

So I am obviously neither offended nor angry about her behavior at Taylor Onshi Park.

No, not obviously, well it’s obvious but, really, good grief, I thought it was all over.

And Eileen might have caught onto something when she is sitting next to me in the car.

While heading from the park to Aldington House, she said, naturally with her lips pouting,

“…You really were of no use.”

It took me some time to realize it was a comment for me.

I’m silent for a while. While I was worried about whether to answer her or not, she continues without any concern for me,

“You don’t play with me and was just staring at a stranger. Got that? You are my servant. You must always act with me in mind.”

At this point, I finally realized she is talking to me.

So, “I’m not a servant” I tried to say to her.

“Are you listening? Konomi.”

I’m listening, I said.

I tried to say.

――But my voice does not come out.



Eileen and Aldo are looking at me suspiciously.

But I can’t afford to do anything in return.

My sight is wavering, moving to the right and left. My face is strangely hot, my body is cold, and my whole body is heavy.

It is quite difficult to maintain my posture in the seat.

My sight is tilting―― turning white――


I want to respond to the voice calling my name――


My foggy sight cleared.

The first thing I saw was a stuffed bear.

With it having a deformed design, I can quickly grasp that it is not a real one.

I seem to be sleeping in bed.

I moved my head a bit and saw the window.

But―― somehow, the outside is strangely bright.

When we played in the park and got into the car, it was evening. So it should be night right now.

The quilt covering my nose tickled and I sneezed once――

Someone apparently noticed I had awakened and came over right away.

“You’re awake?”


I turned over and looked towards the voice, and I saw Win carrying a bucket filled with water.

My voice calling his name sounds hoarse. As if I had been sleeping for a long time.

No, not “as if”,

“…Have I been sleeping for quite a considerable amount of time?”


Win narrowed his eyes seemingly feeling relieved.

“What time is it now?”

“You fainted and it’s been a little over half a day. It’s the next day… about time for lunch.”

Win said so as he takes a watch out of his pocket.

Had I been sleeping for so long?

“I consulted a doctor of the Aldington family last night. His diagnosis was overfatigue… Oh, of course, I didn’t change your clothes, another servant did.”

Only then did I realize that my outfit is not a school uniform.

Win wet a towel with the cold water in his bucket, put it on my head, and said, “I’ll call the doctor,” and went somewhere――

He returned with an aged man.

I feel that this doctor is not a capture target.

Diagnosis is the same, overfatigue.

When I thanked the aged doctor for his medical examination, his eyes turned round and said, “Won’t it better to examine her head?”

Does she have the same attitude towards the doctor? That piece-of-junk Lady.

Well it can be whatever way it is.

After the doctor left the medicine and left, Win told me, who had sat up on the bed, “The Young Lady has always been sick when she’s tired.”

“I’m sorry. I should have been there. I forget that you are in a state you are not used to, and I did not provide any prior explanation.”

“It’s not Win-san’s fault.”

I shook my head with a bitter smile at Win, who bowed deeply beside the bed.

Getting bored, I hold the stuffed bear that was beside me, and stroke it on the head.

“I didn’t want to exercise in the park. After a little movement, I realized that I was weak, so I knew I shouldn’t overdo it.”

I quickly realised there is a limit on how much I can play around, so I should’ve taken that into consideration.

It was reckless of me to jump out without looking ahead.

“Win-san would have always been troubled in many ways. Are you alright?”

“No, I, well…… no,”

He stopped trying to say that there was no problem, and shrugged.

“I can’t help but be pretentious. But what ever happened to you, I received a grand sermon last night from the head butler.”

“I’m sorry”

I’m extremely sorry.

“However, if you played so much, that dog― Aldo was it, he would have been satisfied too?”


It wasn’t Addo that cut my stamina most last evening.

Isn’t Eileen telling him about that mischief in the park?

Win seemed to be wondering about the strange incongruity with question marks floating around his head.

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