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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 2 Part 25

Military hierarchy is forever

“I most humbly apologize!”

The bald uncle, General Avenger, is apologizing to my Grandmother while prostrating. Why are you apologizing when you were the one getting hit?

After announcing the results, I returned to the school building and sat with Grandmother on a three-person sofa in the reception room. The uncle sits on a sofa in front of us and is carefully examining Grandmother’s complexion. His right cheek is dark blue. Shouldn’t we cool it down immediately?

“First lieutenant, tell me your business. Do you know who this girl is? You do know what would happen if the army tried to stop us?”

Mofumofu on my head is also frustrated and wants to return soon! Hey, stop nudging me!

“Yes! Finance Minister Granzeus’ daughter! W-well if Colonel can somehow do it for me…”

“Can’t do it, get to the point right away!”

His Excellency who is dripping cold sweat is in fact, a top ranking personnel in the country’s army. There is only one general in the kingdom of Judor. The magic division is headed by a commander.

The former general, the one active when His Excellency Avenger was younger is the old man of Trundle who has passed away. It seems that Grandmother was a young executive who had instructed the young Avenger back then. What kind of instruction would my scary Grandmother give to him at that time…………?

“The thing is, well… I was watching over the entrance exam today as an advisor to the Knights School… I heard that there were examinees that are very different from the others…… so I look and…”


“No, no, the examinees seems to be so excellent, so I came to see them, then I met Colonel Elsa, and, it’s something like that.”

“…Yes, Serafiona is the genuine grandchild of Trundle. Yes, we can go home already!”

“Please wait! I, I’ll ask you directly. Your granddaughter, she has magic, right?”

“……We are here because she has <no magic>.”

“I remember the feel of Colonel’s magic. And there is an enormous amount of a different magic emitted from your granddaughter.”

His Excellency noticed Lu. Great! Without the genjutsu, he would surely see him. I feel a bit dizzy when thinking about how to get through this situation. It’s reassuring that the top personnel of the army is capable. Conversely, if even him does not notice, at what level would it leave the country’s military might? It would really be worrisome.

“First Lieutenant, you’re mistaken. She has no magic. She is here now after going through my special hell training.”

Grandmother, even you are aware it was a hellish special training…

The uncle looked at me and gave a sad smile. I silently nodded. We are… comrades!

“Your granddaughter and I seem to be in tune. Aside from that, your granddaughter certainly has magic powers. By being able to accurately detect the enemy’s magic powers, I had climbed to this position. Why are you doing such a thing!?”

“You said you’re an advisor here. That’s no different from you being a teacher here. And there is an excellent youth here who is eager to learn here. But you are digging up on the trivial circumstances of a successful candidate here. Is picking on a young shoot like this what a teacher should be doing?”

Grandmother, you switched the topic from it being about my magic to my qualification!

“By no means!”

“Then leave it as is.”

His Excellency turned to me.

“Serafiona, are you on board on that?”

“I want to be a knight. And since I was a child, I had studied under my Father, my Older Brother, and my Grandmother, building up my foundation and training desperately. This sentiment of mine is no lie.”

I avoid making any explicit declarations, but I do not deny them. I don’t know when my facade might come off during my school days

“Of course, excellent students like you, are welcome. Perhaps ‘now’ or ‘later’ when magic power awakens in you, I will help so please tell me. I dream of… raising a magic swordsman someday.”

“Magic swordsman?”

“Ah, in this country, child magicians are surrounded by adult magicians. I can’t raise a child who can learn and fuse both magic and martial arts. I awakened my magic during my days in the knight school. Even so, I was so weak that I couldn’t be taken to the Magic Academy, but I studied during the military service in case a child like me would appear. If I can raise them, they can fight with less force, and their soldiers and people will have to sacrifice less. If I have a disciple who can do my research alone before I die, I will have no regrets.”

“…I’m in!”



“Your dreams, I will make them come true.”

I snapped my fingers and instantly chilled the injury of the honorable General.

Grandmother, sorry to go off course! But it seems a little interesting, and I am a bit sympathetic about His Excellency. If I accept him, I will be having a great person by my side. And if there is one person understanding of me on the school side, he should be able to support me in case I experience something troublesome. Lu is not noticed. He thinks Lu’s magic is also mine.

“Ah, oh dear, if Serafi-chan already decides on that, it’s fine!”

“How… wonderful…”

“Well, isn’t that a good thing, First Lieutenant Avenger? Don’t say to anyone about Serafiona’s abilities, no prying, and she won’t be tied to the army after graduation. If you can’t make that promise… I’ll seal your memory right now. Can you do that? Yes you can. Granzeus, what’s your answer?”

(TN: She’s calling him Geanzeus)

“I understand!”

“If you betray mid-way… If you block Serafiona’s path in future, I will crush you with all my might!”

“I understand!”

“First lieutenant, let’s warm up our old friendship after a long time… shall we?”

It’s like monitoring. Oh, you’re sweating again Your Excellency Avenger. Let’s use wind magic – Air conditioner. Would cool air be nice? Or do you prefer it hot? What is your preference?

Anyway, Grandmother’s servant, the top personnel of the army, GET!

AN: General Avenger is the highest rank personnel in the military, but when he was a First Lieutenant, Elsa was a colonel and she has retired. They have a disposition of calling each other the same way they addressed each other when they were in the military. I’m sorry if you were confused.

The number of new characters like General Avenger will increase…… ah, not only uncles. Children and uncles and Mofumofu will have clearer and clearer developments. On another note, I have reached Bukuma 500. Thank you for reading. I look forward to working with you.

TN: Well… what is that Bakuma thingy? (^o^;

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