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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 22

Talking about the poor physical condition (3)

Eileen and the mysterious young man walk together toward the mansion.

Did she set up any flags while I was unaware?

But for things to be like that, Eileen looks too strange.

Her hands and feet look restless.

“That person is…”


Win muttered.

Does he know something about him?

He noticed my gaze and waved his hand lightly.

“You can say I know him…… but I’ve only seen him from a distance. I’ll look a little more into it.”

“Ah, me too――”

“This is a job for me.”

I wanted to join him, but he stopped me.


“Konomi-sama, please wait here.”

Just told me that. He smiled and left the room.

Being alone, I looked around the room and saw the sight of myself.

My current appearance is reflected. A Noble Daughter in nightwear―― I see. Certainly not suitable to welcome another person.

I sat down on the bed.

The room is naturally quiet when the ones talking are gone. A faint and distant voice is audible.

Probably the servants confronting that young man.

I can’t hear the content and…

……that only makes me restless.

“Just a little……”

I’ll just look from his back.

I decided so and took a thin cardigan, hung it on my shoulder, and gently left the room.

Close my eyes and listen, look for the direction of the sounds, and turn my feet there.

But as I tried to turn around one corner in the corridor, I experienced a head-on collision with someone.


“I’m extremely sorry, Ojou-sama! Ah, umm, are you injured anywhere?”

It was a small maid and she helped me get up in a hurry.

“It’s okay. Rather than that…… no. What’s going on? Explain the situation.”

“Ah, aah.”

As Eileen-like as possible, I spoke to her in a high-handed manner.

She look around, and say,

“No, no, it’s not something big enough to bother the Young Lady. I’ll be with you, so Ojou-sama should wait in your room.”

“If it’s not a big deal, why is it so noisy?”

I strain my facial muscles as much as possible so that my nervousness may not be seen.

“I don’t know what kind of guest is here. But Otou-sama and Okaa-sama are absent and the servants are having trouble coping! As the only one in the Aldington Family here, I cannot just hide in my room.”

When I declare so―――

The maid’s eyes moistened.

“O-Ojou-sama, splendid…… No, but, however……”

“I’m sorry, I don’t have the patience to be Ojou-sama-like anymore.”


I’m not one in the first place. I push the maid gently and move towards the corner.

I am trying to check the situation―

I also have to look for Eileen, but she came into my sight immediately.


Head-on collision, second time.

Eileen, who is not willing to stop on the brakes, sends me away who is still in the middle of recovering.

But she didn’t seem to be concerned. I managed to get half of my body up, but she immediately shook my shoulders.

“Konomi, Konomi! Listen!”

“I have a lot of things I want to listen to…… what happened?”

Then, -higu-, I hear that sound coming from her throat.

Immediately, large tears started spilling out from my eyes, which left me surprised.

What has that guy done to her――?

I thought, but the words that came out of her mouth are strange.

“In language lesson, t-teacher, the teacher…!”


“What happened to the teacher?”

I don’t know what kind of person the language teacher is. Was it in the documents?

Her following words were too dis-joined so I waited for her to pause a bit, then listen to her words.after that.

“The teacher, the teacher said, ‘using the grammar you just learned, you should have an actual conversation’.”


“And then… and then…!”


After quite a while, she continued,

” ‘Now, please make a duo with a nearby person’…”

“Ah, it’s a very cliched development.”

She looks worried and anxious.

Eileen, the Villainess Young Lady, who had always kept people away using her title, seems to be at a loss on how to deal with this situation.

That said, Eileen probably is in trouble.

It is clear from this behavior of hers right now that she is appalled and remembers about me, whom she had taken for granted but could always rely on, the one who had always been with her recently.

I’ve had such an experience once or twice in my life―― maybe three or four times or countless times.

Well, whatever the case may be, that’s not the important thing now!

“Why today of all times were you sleeping for so long!”

“And who’s to blame!? Wait, that’s not what we should be talking about right now――”

“Huh, we finally met.”

I was about to say it but the exact thing ‘I wanted to talk about’ appears.

He tilt down, and look beyond Eileen.

He bends at his wait and smiled at me.

“Hello there, Lady”

It was a very affectionate smile he has right now.

Behind him, I can see the servants gathering. They seem to be unable to decide on how to deal with the situation of the house’s Young Lady meeting the mysterious guest.

“We met for the first time yesterday. I’m glad to see you again.”


I can’t afford to deal with his act of having come here without an appointment. He seems to have no tact whatsoever.

I’m really angry.

I stood up after moving Eileen aside and bowed deeply.

“A courteous greetings to you Mister. I’m the daughter of the Aldington family, Eileen Aldington. I am feeling unwell so I couldn’t have come out to greet you. Please forgive my rudeness.”

“That’s terrible. And I just suddenly came here, Eileen. I should apologize.”

“It’s alright, Mister.”

If I don’t have to keep up with it, I would have my tongue out at him.

I wanted to be praised for choosing to endure it instead.

I don’t glare at him, but the look on my eyes are most definitely not what you would label as friendly.

In the strangely quiet hallway, I ask,

“May I ask for your name?”

Why not? You were partly responsible for my poor state. Also, despite being an extra, you called me by my first name.

I have such thoughts.

But, why is he like that? Looking at me with his eyes wide?

“Mister, what―”

“No, I’m sorry. I never imagined that I would come across someone who doesn’t know my face in this country. ――My name is Benedict.”

“Are you a gentleman who doesn’t know of courtesy? I gave my full name, so isn’t it courteous for you to do the same?”

In this world, it may be normal to give only the first name, probably.

But anything is fine because I just want to mess around.


“Wa, wa, wa, wait!!!”

“Ouch! That hurts.”

I was suddenly pulled by a strong force and I turned to it.

Eileen is completely blue.

“Ko, Ko, Kono…”


Even Win, who is together with the servant’s, panicked and called my name.

It may be the first time I see Win in dismay after I came to this world.

“What is it, Ei…… Charlotte? Win? This scuffle is caused by me, so stay silent.”

“That’s not it. This one― no, this person is!”

“It’s alright.”

Eileen is shaking her head and tries to say something.

However, the young man calmly interrupted it.

“What she says is true, I’ll apologize. However, you would have to pardon me. Because, since my birth, I never had a last name.”

My brows are creasing.

I had read through all the materials Win had collected, but I didn’t remember a person like him.

Does that mean there are some people with that kind of setting in the game world? But then, I won’t even know.

Because, in modern Japan, such a person is――

As my thoughts reach that―

I notice my mistake.

There are people like that in Japan.

No way.

They are here too?

Could it be?

I feel my blood draining and stare at the young man in front of me.

He smiled calmly once again――

And he acknowledged that my expectations are on the mark.

“Miss Eileen Aldington. You saved my life yesterday, but I had only been rude. I’ll give my name once again. My name is Benedict―― the third prince of the royal family of the Fiorenti kingdom, Benedict.”

Pushing the prince down into the pond, and ranting on him.

…At the very least, I want to avoid the execution end.

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