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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 2 Part 28

Warm? Welcome

Next term, Trundle, Lord…

I received a shock from being unable to keep up with the vast amount of information, swayed and dropped my head down on the table with a -don-. I couldn’t move for a while.

「Sera, did you not know? Donmai!」

(TN: Donmai – don’t mind)

Such triviality! Your comfort is just too trivial!

“Hey, the next Lord is bowing deeply to us, her people!”

“She’s greeting us like this since it is the first time… how modest…”

“I see… Rurifiona, your daughter grew up well…”

That’s not it―!

“Ah, well, you guys, let’s leave your story aside for the moment…… I just came to fulfil my dream of becoming an adventurer today.”

“Wow! Of course. Succession isn’t something to talk about lightly.”

“Um, I believed Elsa-sama would have done the same.”

“If Serafiona-hime is already the successor, won’t she be targeted by the nobles who are aiming for this territory? But Trundle would never back out from a fight.”

“Aiming for Rurifi’s daughter?”

Kyaa! The killing intent of an S-ranker is crazy!

“Ah, please. For the time being, I want you to teach me a lot as a rookie adventurer.”

“Guild Lord! You wanted to be treated as an adventurer! Just how humble are you!?”

“We, as your Senpais, will teach you a whole lot! Really great people are humble.”

Skinhead, Matt-san, I don’t remember specifically calling you Senpais? I should change the flow of our conversation for the time being!

“I have a question! What does my <conditional C-rank> mean?”

“It’s a rank that has B-level ability, but hasn’t received any real requests yet, so you can start in C-rank and get to B-rank without further examination if you complete some specific requests.”

Gilbert-san explained. Indeed, they have to make sure I can use my abilities in real combat.

“What requests are they?”

“Um, that’s it. Complete 5 out of these 10.”

Kodak-san, who hates shuriken, took a piece of paper out of a file and showed me.

Let’s see…… n? What?

“Umm, these collection requests, can I submit what I already have? Or should I go to get them again?”

“Hmm, do you have them? Just take them out.”

I put my hand in the cloak and took out the materials that have been preserved with magic out of my <magic room>, and lined them up on the desk.

20 bundles of Neneru grass, 10 bundles of black Ginkgo grass, 2 Aurochs horns, 1 Ichijoubekk turtle shell, 1 alive Marr honeycomb.


“Lara… can you check their condition? Hime-sama, were these collected by yourself?”

“Well, sometimes I’m with Older Brother, but he’s been busy recently, so I often do it alone these days.”

“Hime, where did you get the Neneru grass?”

“Don’t, Hime! You can’t share the location.”

Do you think I’m an Obaa-san who shares with you where she gets Matsutake-mushrooms?

“What’s up with the Aurochs? Well… it’s 10 times bigger than Ojou?”

That Aurochs, I happened to meet it by chance and ask Lu asked, 「Please give me 1 of the horns.」 The horns are hard, good conductors of magic, and perfect for projectile materials. If used to make castella with them, and bring it to colleagues during the crops regrowth season, they will buy over 100 of them… I stayed for a night with Matsuki and Martha back then.

As I am having a distant look in my eyes,

“It was a terrible struggle…”

Matt-kun said. His eyes gleamed and held his hands together towards me. I am not dead!

“What about the Marr bee?”

“Grandmother wants it so I have to get them if I found one.”

“This request is from Elsa-sama to boot! Marr bee’s honey has a reputation of being good for beauty.”

You got it wrong! Grandmother… She just wants their poison for her hairpin…

“Guild Master, they are all fresh, top quality products. The total purchase price is 1,548,277 gold. It’s amazing! Hime-sama. You’re so awesome! I no longer have to hire the men here for requests that need handling of fragile products! I’m saved! The Fairy is a savior and also strong! Our new Lord is a psycho inside!!”

Lara… Did your personality suddenly change? And don’t call me the new Lord! But what bothered me,

“Umm… isn’t the purchase price a bit too high? It’s over one million…”

“Ojou, most of the price comes from the shell. The nobles decorate their front door as a show of status these days. All the nobles who don’t have it want them. Does Ojou not want it to decorate your front door with it? Or rather, how did you bring such a big thing here?”

The last question won’t be answered, but… The shell was actually from before I met Lu. I turned it upside-down and used it for a bathtub…… These days, I just put it in the <magic room> since I can’t use it anymore…… But when I check with Lu just in case, he said,

「Eh―! Ichijoubekk turtles smell like reptiles. Snakes and lizards will be attracted to it when you use then for decoration.」

“This instant, I will sell it! Please buy it by all means! And overcharge the Nobles for it!”

“Kyaa―! Hime-sama is so magnanimous―! Thank you very much! By providing this S1-grade material, the guild’s rank will be upgraded once again!”

“Even such a precious item is promptly given…”

“For the guild, for the territory… the Lord is already acting for it…… Rurifi……”

“This is already… everyone, you good?”

Sieg-old-man asks everyone.

“”””No objection!””””

“Hime-sama, the conditions are met. Hime-sama is a B-rank adventurer now. Let’s prepare your plate immediately.”

I’m suddenly getting a B-rank plate… But why? Why can’t I honestly feel glad about it?

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