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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 27

A maiden’s heart is complicated

“I’m glad we got in.”

“I wonder if they’ll be ‘glad’ about anything……”

We’re in a room in the dormitory assigned to Charlotte.

In contrast to me, who is searching around with a self-pleased expression, Eileen leans with her head on her hands, seemingly unconvinced.

We are supposed to look for a written invitation, but we first searched the dorm post, which was quickly found at the end of the entrance.

There seems to be a post for each room, and all posts have a room number and the nameplate of the students in the room.

Charlotte doesn’t seem to have a roommate since I find her post being without a name-tag that isn’t hers.

But actually, even in the room, there seems to be nothing that seems to be a belonging of Charlotte.

By the way, both the post and the room key were of the old type, taking into consideration modern Japan’s facilities, they could be opened with a hairpin.

There are some security concerns, but I’m going to close my eyes. I don’t live in such places after all―― anyway,

I’m glad we didn’t have to look suspicious by searching for Charlotte’s post thanks to their nameplate.

Unfortunately, there was no invitation from Benedict or similar letters from her parents in the post, only a small number of this morning’s newspapers.

That’s why we are searching all over Charlotte’s room――

But what I’m pleased with most is, what Eileen had been complaining about since a while ago. Quite a lot to boot.

“You feel way more sly than me.” 

“So you feel like that.”

If you lived up to 19 years, you more or less get some insights about how you can get to the other side of the fences separating two things in this world.

You will also learn to take shortcuts and when to skip things entirely.

“And that thing, hasn’t that guy given it to you? Is it okay to just give it to that girl?”

I can’t use it anyway.

It may be a necessary item if you enter the Dominique route, but I think that flag has been completely crushed due to the backgammon game.

Items are useful only when used where they should be. If you keep saving the strongest recovery items in the game and ended up in a state where you don’t even use them after all, it would’ve been better to not have them at all.

That’s not to say I meant to be an arrogant prick.

-kon- -kon-

“Charlotte, Eileen Aldington. Can I come in?”

We hear a flattering voice coming from outside the room.

When the door opened, there stood Isabella, with a tray in her hand.

“The room after a long absence will have a lot of things that needed to be cleaned up. I’ve got some tea. Why don’t you take a break?”

“Thank you very much, Baldwin-senpai. Itadakimasu.”

“Please call me Isabella, Eileen.”

“Thank you very much, Isabella-senpai… However, you are very gentle. I’ve always been prejudiced against you out of my own convenience. Please pardon me.”

“There’s no need for that. I feel the same. I’m sorry to have always misunderstood you. I think we are like sisters connected by the soul.”

“Well, Senpai, if it’s fine with you, may I call you Onee-sama?”

“Ufufu. Of course. My cute Imouto.”

Oh dear, my soulmate older sister is a very calculating one.

“Onee-sama, did you only come for tea?”

“No. ――I remembered that I kept a letter for Charlotte in the office.”


“Once you have settled down, go get it.”

“Yes, thank you for the information, Onee-sama.”

She said a word or two and left the tray and closed the door. Looking back――

Eileen is rubbing her arms and looking at me as if she had seen a cockroach.

“Are you okay Eileen? You have an ugly look on your face.”

“Who’s to blame!”

Ah! Goosebumps. Eileen is shaking his head with a cold and disgusted expression. I take one of the tea cups filled with a steaming black tea.


“Anyway, we now know the location of the written invitation. Let’s get it from the office and go back to the mansion.”

“That’s right.”

I sip and moisten my mouth. It’s special. I’m not familiar with tea, but it doesn’t have any strange astringency or sourness, it just tastes good…

Isabella’s tea is enjoyable.

Suddenly, I remember not answering Irene’s question.

――Is it okay to just give it to that girl?

Could it be?

“Did you want it too, Eileen? Dominique Gonneau’s chess board?”

“Hmm? I don’t need it.”

Apparently it wasn’t a question in that sense.

She moved her mouth for a while, as if trying to say something. Until finally,

“Well, if you’re good with it, I’m fine too.”

She said that and turned her face away, and said that she won’t bother about the chessboard anymore.

I simply thought, what would I say if I were a capture target in a situation like this?

I thought for a while and said the lines in my mind.

“Either giving it to someone or throwing it away, if it’s beneficial for Eileen, there’s no better use.”

And so?

Eileen doesn’t seem to like the quirky lines I thought up with great pains and――

She -fuun- and turned around.

“What an idiot. Despite being my servant.”

However, just for a little bit, her profile seems to be laughing.

  To my beloved daughter, Charlotte

  Do you enjoy your school life?

  Not only studying, I also wished you’d experience events that can not be had in the countryside, and encountered lots of different people.

  We want you to get to know many things and wisdom.

  The other day, we received a party invitation from the royal family to Charlotte.

  It is a private party of the Third Prince Benedict.

  This will also be a good experience.

  I’ll enclose the invitation, so don’t hesitate to have fun.

  If you have any trouble, please send us a letter at any time. We want to help.

  Your father always thinks of his beloved daughter.

  With Love, Connelly Oliver

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