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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 2 Part 33

Face to face with Lu

Using genjutsu and strengthening my body, I ran almost to the point where I collapsed, and returned to the royal city of Granzeus at a phenomenal speed. I hold the bloody Lu all the while, and pass through the entrance.

“Welcome home, Ojou-sama? …Lu-sama!!”

It’s rare that Enrique shouts out, but I don’t have the time to bother about that.

“He needs to be treated right away… don’t let anyone in the room since I want to concentrate.”

I said in a small voice and dashed into my room upstairs.

“Haa… haa… Lu, we got home. I kept my promise. I’ll cure you.”

As soon as I entered the room, I sat down on the floor, supported my tired body with my left hand, and let out magic power from my right hand at once, casting magic.

“Pain pain fly away! Pain pain fly away Pain pain fly away! Pain pain fly away! Wuuu― Pain pain……”

As the blood stopped, I hugged him softly and rubbed his back, hoping that he would get even a little bit better. He lost a considerable amount of blood. I changed the magic and sent something similar to iron and folic acid in the image of a hematopoietic agent so that red blood cells are restored faster.

“Lu―, Lu―. Get well! Please! Uuuu…”

Did it take about 10 minutes? I noticed that something soft and wet touched my cheeks. Lu looks at me with his clear blue eyes and licks my tears.


「 Sera…… Let’s take a bath and wash off the blood for the time being. Then tell me everything.」

Me and Lu took a bath in the room and washed away the blood and mud. I wore a soft-blue robe, as usual, and, I brushed Lu and dried it with a dryer magic, as usual.

-ton- -ton- we heard a modest knock. It’s Martha.

“Ojou-sama, how about a meal?”

My chest is clogged with various thoughts and I can’t eat anything.

“I don’t need any tonight. I’m sorry. Bring it back down.”

“…A bit later, call out if you want to eat.”

After Martha got downstairs, I realized I hadn’t thought about Lu.

“Sorry, is Lu hungry?”

「No way!? I received Sera’s magic that is about two months worth, and my stomach is bursting.」

We sat down on a long fluffy carpet by the window. Lu lays on my knees and I’m sitting sideways. I habitually pat Lu’s back gently.

「Do you want to talk?」


「Sera, from a very young age, talks very little…… With a hard to read face that is appropriate for her age… she closed off her heart, and her enormous magic powers occasionally rampaged through her small body. When that happened, the next day, she would impose even stricter discipline on herself.」


「But since Sera didn’t say anything… I thought it was fine to leave it as is.」


「Sera’s heart holds a very heavy burden that has always been weighing down on her. She had only been crying alone in her heart, but today, you were so full of tears.」


「My only contractor, Sera, cries. And… told me to cancel the contract. I think it’s time for me to intervene, right?」


Talking about myself to Lu won’t change anything, but I definitely don’t want to hide it and not trust him.

And… I’ve already had enough. Going against the scenario alone.


“Lu… I’m going to take off my shoes right away and sit on the floor quickly, because this is the practise of the world I used to live in.”

“…So Sera is a <previous existence holder> …?”

“Do you have a term like that?”

「Yes. Although I heard that they appear very rarely. And I met one for the first time. Indeed, is Sera’s flexible ideas an influence from her previous existence?」

“Fue, you don’t find me disagreeable?”


“Because, heresy.”

Lu’s left leg lightly patted my face. For the first time… I was shocked.

「Sera, come to your senses! I chose Sera because of her magic power. Didn’t the snake say it today, That Sera’s magic is gentle? A person’s Magic power is a reflection of the person, their personality, and everything else, they are all revealed. I am Ludarilfina, one of the four Celestial Divine Beasts. Sacred Beasts are always upright. Sera’s magic is worthy of me. I chose you. Do you understand that?」

Tears… overflow…

「Sera is the only one. There is no substitute for Sera!」

“Uu, uu, uwaaaaa―――!!!! Ah, ah, ah………”

I break down crying.


All my tears were licked, and my face became sloppy with Lu’s slobber.

I talk to Lu about my previous life.

My previous life was a completely different dimension from here.

I died when I was about 30 years old.

A book read in the previous life is exactly the same as this world.

I awoke on the snowy day I met Lu.

In that book, I had an enormous magic power and went to a magic school.

For some reason, I became one that plays the role of the villainess, and I was insulated by everyone close to me.

On the other hand, the one on the good side is the pink hair girl, Maribelle, the one we met today. Everyone gathers around Maribelle.

I was accused and arrested, imprisoned, and my magic siphoned till it is completely dry and left to die alone.

After waking up, to avoid that fate, I resolved to stay as far away as possible from the story, and struggle.

He stopped me there and interrupted,

「Did you occasionally have a difficult face, and one that seems to cry because of the fleeting despair you felt from your previous existence?」

“……No. I lived my previous life as best I could, probably… It’s weird but, the contents of the book has already become a part of what I’ve experienced, and those emotions have taken over. If there are reminders of familiar places or people from the book, the memory erupted… I got upset… I got bitter… I felt like I have two previous lives.

「Does that… reminders of familiar places or people include Sera’s father and Lalouza?」

I gave a stiff nod.

「Then, me too?」

I… I couldn’t choose my words, and gave another stiff nod.

「I see, today, the good woman has appeared, and it was time to turn against Sera……」

My chest hurts just by remembering.

“Lu won’t turn away from me! I know that!!!! ……But, but, obviously, Lu was strange! You stared at Maribelle and were struggling… I have to release Lu, uuu……”

「Sera, don’t cry anymore. I understand. I’m not sure about the story, but I understand Sera’s thoughts. That phenomenon… I’ll think about it.」

“Uu, uu…”

「Sera, what are we? You and me?」

“One heart… same body.”


Lu suddenly shines and becomes adult size. I am perplexed by his action, and he buried my head in the silver fur on his neck.

「Sera, you should be sleeping for the night!」

Lu bit me with a -gaburi- on my neck. Pure magic power flows in.



“…Lu told me we’d go on a trip together… I was happy… I thought I’d try to change my way of looking at things…”

「I see… good night, Sera.」

“Good… night… I… love… you…”

I am attacked by a sudden rush of sleepiness and couldn’t keep my eyes open. Both my mind and body sink into Lu’s beautiful and soft fur.

Finally, Lu’s eyes entered my sight… his blue eyes are shining in gold, and he reveals his fangs. In a way I had never seen before…… he looks furious.

Is this… a dream?

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