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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 31

Ⅳ Detective Villainess

The Case in the hall (1)

And then, a few days later―


We went through the gate and saw the Mansion, and I unintentionally sighed in amazement.

The venue name written on the invitation is 『Weinberger Palace, Imperial Villa, Cummings Annex』

Imperial Villa, Annex, it said so, and I thought the scale might not amount to too much―― How silly I was.

The usual black car operated by Win moved to the center of the city, and arrived in front of a large iron gate that stood tall.

When our car stopped in front of it, someone came to check if we were authorised to enter, then immediately opened the gate.

On the other side of the gate are white cobblestones, large fountains, and well-maintained gardens.

There are smaller mansions in the back, right and left.

“You can see the Cummings Annex on your right,” said Win.

I am not familiar with architecture, but it looks spectacular to my amateurish eyes.

Once on a study tour, I remembered going past the reception of an Imperial Villa and tried to enter their guesthouse. I returned from the building after knowing that visits are not allowed unless on certain occasions.

“Let’s fly, Win!”

“Win-san, please drive safely.”

“Of course.”

Win’s reply was, of course, to me.

He drove on the premises at a lower speed than when running on public roads.

He turned the steering wheel in a familiar manner and said,

“I can get to the front entrance of the annex, so I will send you off here. Someone will come to pick you up then. Please follow their instructions”

“I understand.”

“Ojou-sama should follow Konomi-sama.”

“You’re saying just the opposite!”

No. I think he’s saying just the right thing.

However, it is troublesome to drag Eileen who keeps complaining, “why must I follow konomi?” Such manners also do not suit the place we will be in.

So, I smiled at her and said,

“I will escort Eileen so that she will not be inconvenienced by anything.”

“That should be so!”

She laughed with a -mufun- out of satisfaction, and said,

“Please support my detective business at your best, Konomi!”

“Yes yes.”

And when exactly did you start a detective business, Ojou-sama?

Eileen seems to already be in her detective mode, with her arms folded, chest puff out, and laughing with a -mufu- -mufu-.

If I pass her an Inverness coat and a deer-shooting hat, she will probably be glad to wear them.

Well, I don’t know if in this world, the “master detective” stereotype will match with that of Sherlock Holmes or not though.

As Win said, the car stopped right in front of a mansion, on the right side of the gate. Is this the Cummings Annex?

Although it is smaller than the main building right beside it, it is still a super-luxurious mansion in the sense of a general Japanese citizen like me. It is also larger than the Aldington’s House.

At the same time, I felt timid and just sat like that. I will be very careful not to break any furniture… I resolved myself.

I put my hand on the car’s door, but for some reason, “wait” Eileen stopped me.

“What’s going on?”

“You shouldn’t be doing something so crude.”

What does that mean?

While I was in doubt, the door opened― from the outside.

“Here you go, Ojou-sama.”

Win is reaching out. I see. It’s that kind of thing.

I thanked him and took his hand.

“Thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Get me off as soon as possible!”

Is her swearing not counted as “crude”? I wonder.

Warm breeze strokes our cheeks as we get off the car.

Win handled the car very gently and did not cause motion sickness, but the refreshing breeze mixed with the green smell feels nice.

At the same time they acknowledged our appearance, two men dressed like Win emerged from the building.

I tried to rummage through my handbag to retrieve the invitation letter, but it seemed I don’t have to bother about that.

When we reached us, they bowed deeply.

“Eileen Aldington-sama and Charlotte Oliver-sama. We have been looking forward to your arrival.”

Both of them have a pin in their chests that imitated a flower.

Win gives them a light bow and then looks at us.

“Take care, then. Sincerely―”

Sincerely? I think about the words that will follow.

He probably will tell us to be safe. 

“――Please, both of you, please return safely.”


As I walked down the hallway of the Cummings Annex, led by the two servants, I observed the area to the extent that it will not be crude.

I don’t know what’s so good about the paintings everywhere, but they probably are the works of some well-known painters.

Aside from the fact that the names of painters in this world are the same as those in modern Japan.

If I break the large red vase placed somewhere yonder, I will probably get weapons. But unfortunately, before getting here, my Kouhai had said that, “there are no weapon enhancement drops.” So, I will keep that idea at the bottom of my heart.

On the high ceiling is a beautiful painting of an angel. The window panes are fitted with a mix of transparent glasses and those with designs.

Everything looks nice.

There is no place that looks suspicious. There are no spots that seem strange anywhere.

……I mean, I’m not used to places like these in the first place, so I don’t know what’s suspicious and what’s not.

Though, if there is an uncle who walks around naked, it will obviously be suspicious.

No, a man walking around naked is suspicious even if it’s not here.

Eileen, as expected, is a Young Lady, who seems to be used to the atmosphere of the garden, despite this being her first visit to a place like this.

She certainly gives the perfect picture of an Ojou-sama as she is walking calmly with the composed look on her face.

And naturally, she should be more familiar with places like these than me.

From her perspective, how does this mansion look like?

“Um, Eile-“


Overlapping with my voice as I called her is―

A voice echoing in the hallway,

“It’s been a long time, Eileen Aldington.”

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