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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 2 Part 36

Receiving an interrogation

When I wake up, the usual mofumofu-sized Lu is sleeping in front of me. When I look outside, it is cloudy, but my heart is clearer than I thought it would be. Perhaps it’s because of Lu’s magic, despite crying a lot…

「Good morning, Sera.」

“Good morning, Lu.”

Our usual day has begun.

“Good morning. Otou-sama.”

“Good morning, Serafi.”

When I say hello to Papa at the breakfast table… his complexion looks bad.

“Otou-sama, are you feeling tired?”

Papa smiles with his too well-organized face.

“When I got home, I heard that Lu-sama was injured and Serafi was desperately healing him. I was worried about that.”

I rush to my father in a hurry.

“Otou-sama, I’m really sorry.”

Papa lifts me on his knees for the first time in a long while and embraces me.

“Serafi, please, don’t lock yourself up in your room. I have no heart for it.”

What I have the heart for, is being hugged by a dandy Minister from the morning. He has panda-eyes so I kissed under his eyes. It is a magic that absorbs fatigue. It was made just for panda-eyes like this. I will use it immediately.

“…Really, Serafiona’s magic is very… gentle…”

Huh? Despite being a magic of the sucking system, it still transferred magic? I don’t know that.

“Young Lady―! Lu-sama―! You must be hungry! Matsuki made a lot of pancakes―!”

“Martha, good morning! Itadakima―su!”

「Sera, with plenty of cream!」


After breakfast, my father went to work while I jumped on Lu and left home. I must report to the guild about the events yesterday.

“……So, Lara-san, the big snake seems to have been sick and rampaged. I got this from the snake. If you use it as a purse, your money will increase. Can you please the hunters with this? Ah, and Hyer fruit Hyer fruit…… here! Hyer fruit! Yes!”

I pull out the 10,000th time moulting skin of the snake like I practiced in fire-drills and pour out the Hyer fruits with a -goron- -goron- to Lara-san.

“Serafiona-chan… It’s out of the norm… And yes, I’ll check with the hunters once, but it shouldn’t be a problem. The guild request is complete! Thank you for your hard work!”

Lara-san said to me and passed me the reward. I signed it and received it.

8 gold coins glitters in my palm. Wow―――!

“Lu, it’s my first pay!”

「Your first salary would best be offered to me who took care of you so much?」

“Yes yes. On the way home, why don’t we buy souvenirs for everyone? What do you think?”

“Young Lady―! That was so good―!”

The drunk Kodak-san, who has been drinking since the morning, lifted his glass.

I got tea from the counter, sat next to Kodak-san, and matched my cup with his.

“Kodak-san! It’s done safely―! Thank you!”

I imitated like I’m drinking alcohol and exhaled with a -puhaa-.

Ee, Kodak-san suddenly turned around… nosebleed? Was he drinking too much!?

“Serafiona, why don’t you come here for a bit?”

Sieg-san comes from behind and smiles, beckoning me a bit.

I entrusted Kodak-san to Lara-san and entered the Guild Master’s office.

Last time, on the sofa where Sieg-Guild Master was sitting is… Grandmother with a rugged face in a chic dress. When the door of the room closes, the gentle expression disappears from Sieg-san. I am urged to sit in front of Grandmother, and Sieg-san leaned on the desk.

“Hime-sama, can you please report the details of yesterday’s events to my Lord and me?”

Interrogation time. Well I was prepared.

“Grandmother, first of all, I apologize for calling Grandmother’s private soldiers.”

“I can’t judge whether the action was the right thing or not unless I’ve listened to the end. Tell me from the start.”

“Yes. When I arrived at the location of the guild’s request, I arrived at the swamp, and the large snake that protected the area received a shot from lighting magic and was dying. I healed it in a hurry and when asked for details, it was attacked by magicians from the royal family. I thought that the possibility of them reappearing was high when seeing the situation of the scene, and after watching for a while, three Nation’s magicians and a girl appeared. Apparently, they were looking for the Lord of the forest. The girl seems to have been hurting again and again across the territory, and yesterday, they came to retrieve the Lord of the forest when it was weakened. And when they stepped into Trundle territory, I called for Grandmother’s soldiers. The Big Snake molted its 10,000th time in front of me and became a small Silver Dragon. Thinking that there should be nothing more bothering the little Dragon in future, although it is not much, I cast on him a magical armor.”

I omitted the event with Lu.

“Does Hime-sama use healing magic?”

“Sieg! Everything stays in this room. So, back to your story, Serafiona, weren’t you bloody?”

“Grandmother, everything is blood from others. I am… uninjured.”

Lu was hurt. Perhaps I can’t deceive Grandmother, but I want to make Sieg-san think that it was the Papa dragon’s blood.

“I see……”

Grandmother can’t help being bothered about Lu’s injury.

“Serafiona, I’ll ask you straightforwardly. You would’ve been targeted all・the・same, was it not?”

I don’t completely comprehend Maribelle’s motives, but she wanted the Sacred Beasts as future pieces and injured the small Dragon. Her final target is Lu, one of the strongest Sacred Beasts. Lu is one with me.

I glanced at Lu on my shoulder, then looked back at Grandmother’s eyes.

“Maybe so.”

Killing intent bursts from Grandmother all at once! Oh, another killing intent? S-Sieg-san? Even Sieg-san, who always smiles gently, looks like a demon!

He has a certain something swirling on his back!

“Hey Elsa, can I kill them?”

“…Keep them alive. We’re inquiring about the Magic Division right now. They won’t die unless I say so.”

“Ah, err, the 4 from yesterday are still here?”

“I’m sorry, Hime. I didn’t think they aimed for Hime so I still left them alive.”

“Ah, well, did you both meet them?”

“Hmm, I was observing Elsa’s private soldier interrogating them from behind.”

“So, if you don’t mind, could you tell me what they said?”

Sieg-san snorted.

“That child just recently awakened magic powers, but her talents are terrible, that were just teaching her the basics in the Royalty territory and trying it out. They just happened to get lost in Trundle territory. Which they said was the cause for the footprints being there. In the first place, it means war when they striked with magic in Trundle territory. The child snake belongs to the kid, or so they said, that the snake belongs to her, and they simply came to retrieve what’s theirs. They said they did nothing wrong. Does their magic-division only have fools?”

“Selefione, Trundle was declared to have become a territory more than 200 years ago, and those that trespassed in the territory can be dealt with according to our laws. It was also a notarized deed. It is well known by the people in other places that it is dangerous in the first place. Despite what they’re saying… they can’t not know this.”

-ton- -ton- the window sill is knocked. Grandmother stood up and received a letter from outside.

“Well… how surprising. That child is the only one whose life they begged for. The accompanying magicians are adults, so they’re going to take responsibility themselves. It doesn’t seem like they are going to pay any reparations for the skirmish…”

If we declare to kill her and ignore it, then Trundle will be despised in the future. Grandmother has a cold face. For me who is not prepared like her…… I can’t say anything. But,


Grandmother looks at me silently.

“May I ask only one thing?”

“What might that be?”

“That girl… What do you think of her?”

“Well… She’s a hollow child. I don’t know where she got the knowledge, but I’m worried for the Sacred Beasts. She does not know the effects of what she did, and she is very noisy. I guess, their magical division can’t let go of her because she has more magic than the magicians?”

“And, Grandmother… weren’t you attracted?”

“…Where are the elements that will attract me?”

“……Her freedom loving personality and wildness?”

“Freedom is a right only available to those who have fulfilled their obligations, isn’t it?”

That is very much so… my tears are falling.


「……I’m glad, Sera.」

Lu rubs his cheeks against mine.

Grandmother was not fascinated by her.

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