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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 30

The Young Lady and its considerations

“How may I help you, Konomi-sama.”

I ignore Eileen’s irrelevant ― “assistance” coming out of the bath and dressed up.

The voice that came out, calling for me from the bathroom is very familiar to me.

I call out the name of the person I bumped into in the hallway.

“Win-san. And――”

Unlike me, who is in a rough one-piece, he has not broken his image as a servant and is in his uniform.

However, my surprise is not caused by him. It is due to the one beside him, that looks way too different. So I called his name with skepticism.



“Oh my! How beautiful!”

How beautiful is that dog who replied so happily!

The color of its fur has turned pure white, and those that jumped around here and there have their length trimmed to fit the spots where they are shorter.

Did he realise that he is being praised? Aldo’s slightly bent ears flapped around.

“I went to get it trimmed today. There is a slight problem with his nutrition, but it will be discussed with a vet and work on the course of his diet.”

I don’t know much about dogs because I am a cat-person, but the look on Aldo’s face somehow tells me that he is somewhat proud.

“By the way, Win-san, why are you here? Were you waiting here for us to get out of the bath?”

“No way. I didn’t do that.”

“So, why then?”

“I heard from my colleagues that they heard a lively voice from the bathroom, and came to check for a bit. And, why is the Young Lady throwing a tantrum?”

Indeed. The servant knows his master well. However,


“Is it different?”

Tantrum? Well, it’s somehow different.


I tilt my head and Win seemed a bit surprised.

A choice window, showing the thought I just had appeared briefly in my head.

[Ask Win?

Yes or No]

I chose [No] the last time―

“I’d like to ask Win-san just a little bit about something.”

“What might that be?”

This time, I put the cursor on [Yes].

“Um, you see.”

First, I briefly spoke about what happened in the bathroom.

I’m not very good at talking, but Win was patient with me as I went on and on, and sought for the right way to get to the topic.

I talked about what we said in the bathroom― about my country and about me.

Talking about various things, something popped up in my thoughts.

As I talked that far, Win, who had been silently listening all the while, opened his mouth.

“So, what Konomi-sama notice is?”

“……Ee, well, what I noticed, or more like, what I settled on. Well, it’s not something I can say with a really high level of certainty.”

“Go ahead.”

I am glad to be given a quick reply.

At the same time, I recalled―

Eileen blushes in the nurse’s office, and proves to Win that she is the Aldington’s Young Lady.

I thought about it a lot.

What were the contents?

“I believed Eileen once declared to Win-san, ‘I will live on my own.’ Right?”

Or a similar statement, if not, exactly the same.

I have no proof, it’s just a guess. And Win,

It might be too much to say that he has a bewildered look, but he definitely makes a face like that.

After that, he laughed a little, giving a wry smile.

“……How did you notice?”

To his indirect affirmation, “no, well” I vaguely said with a smile.

I recalled the sayings of many people with the knowhow, on the story of school and friendship.

Then, I remembered my Kouhai’s words I heard just before coming here.

――I actually like that character, personally.

“Eileen is not a bad child. Well, she’s really mean and spiteful. However, just based on that, she is not the kind of girl I can bring myself to hate.”

‘Not the kind of girl I can bring myself to hate.’ That’s my Kouhai’s words. I apologized for using them without permission.

Now then, what are the elements that make us “not hate” her outside the game?

“I wondered why I thought so. Somehow, she doesn’t do enough to be a real villainess. Like how― ‘she never tried to be a part of any group’.”

Back in the Women’s Dormitory, Eileen called Isabella and the others who were standing against her as – a bunch of ‘cowards.’ Eileen even looked a little pitiful back then.

I move my eyes and look at Win.

“In other words, she is a cute villainess who ‘doesn’t bully anyone as a group.’ But that’s a very dangerous thing if she wants to be a villainess. After all, if she encounters a group that is a little more powerful, she’ll immediately be hit back. And our Young Lady doesn’t know what straw she’s going to pull because of her personality.

  However, I don’t know what happened to Eileen in the past, but she decided to live that way for a certain reason. And if she made such a declaration, it would be done in the presence of the one closest to her― you. Right?”

There may have been something that made her decide to live that way.

Or, it may just be an attribute set for the character “Eileen” for the scenarios to progress.

I haven’t read the wiki or the manual so I don’t know much. I don’t know which one could be true.

So, I kept thinking.

The character setting given to her is not just a “selfish Young Lady”――

The reason why Eileen was so mad and rejected it very strongly when I was telling her to, “fall in love with someone” is probably this. 

Because my proposal did not fit with her guidelines at all.

It is also the reason why Winston Hawkyard, her servant, gave me his permission.

He knew that Eileen’s code of conduct is dangerous, and thought it was a good opportunity to deal with this concerning matter.

“…Win-san had said, ‘with that personality, she is most likely to bring herself to ruin in the future.’ Is this the right thing to do?”

When Eileen told Win in the nurse’s office, her face turns― and she shouted at me, “I will never let you know” for a good reason.

It’s generally embarrassing to recall a decision or policy you’ve made in the past.

To my “guess,” Win replied,

“Konomi-sama, how old are you?”

“19. I will be 20 this year.”

“Your siblings?”

“One Imouto and Otouto.”

“Oh, it’s reasonable.”

Listening to my household environment, he quietly nodded, just once.

“Is there something you came to comprehend because of that?”

“You have been here for only a little while, but you are already used to attending the Young Lady― Pardon me.”

He put his hand on his lips and giggled.

“Konomi-sama, what you just said was almost perfectly true. You’ve been able to see through very well. However, the Young Lady most definitely isn’t very obedient. So her opinions don’t always match with her true feelings. Even so, because we are the servants of her house, we have to not know that ‘true feelings’ of hers. Even if it’s not what the Daughter of the house intended it.”

“……Nnn? “

I was suddenly told something complicated, and raised my brows.

If I just listened a bit more and slowly tried to unravel what he meant, I might have understood what he really wanted to convey. But then, he quickly added on as I am trying to figure it out.

“So, what does that mean?”

“Someone who is not a servant, but is always close-by, and can’t leave her appears. Konomi-sama enters the Young Lady’s body, and the Young Lady now seems to be growing up every day. That’s what I meant.”

I knew from his tone that I don’t seem to have been reprimanded. He seems to see me in a more favorable light.

“Yeah, then… This is a great opportunity, so let me tell you.”

“What might it be?”

Win looked outside through the window.

The garden looks different when the sun is going down and during daytime.

“This is an invitation to a party where you have both been invited by His Highness. However, this is the first royal meeting for an Ojou-sama who hasn’t even had her debutant. So, we, her servants can’t participate in it. We can only rely on Konomi-sama.

――Please take care of the Young Lady.”

Saying that, he bowed his head real low.

……I am

I am a player, not a game character.

Still. ――Even if it is a game bug that she decides to live alone, yet unconsciously relies on me, I may want to help her.

“Win-san, I have something I am looking for.”

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[Benedict / The Fiorenti Royal Family]

The third Prince of the Fiorenti royal family. He is the third in line to succeed the throne.

He repeatedly behaves freely under the idea that his two older brothers are there to climb to the throne, and his aides have always winced on his actions from day to day.

Although he is a self-proclaimed “prodigal son,” few people know of his true face.

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