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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 2 Part 35

Isaac Granzeus’ Determination

I laid miserably on the sofa and was unable to get up. Meanwhile, Sacred Beast-sama lays his huge body in front of me, not in the least bit bothered about me.

「Okay then… Speaking of the conclusion, Serafiona is a <previous existence holder>.」

“One with a previous life, is it?”

「Um… I wasn’t able to hear any details because she was so exhausted today. She was crying so much, and the story discontinued many times, so I suppose I would fill the gaps in between her lines, but it wouldn’t be that far off. Serafiona was born with the memories of her previous life. She said that she died prematurely in a world with a completely different set of values from this world. However, because she was a wise woman, she might have been called by God, and reincarnated in a deadly world of war.」

The facts I didn’t even imagined before hits on me hard.

「Sera said that she read a book of prophecy in her previous life.」


My back gets cold.

「The Book of Prophecy wrote in detail about this world. That in this world, she will be reborn as Serafiona, meet her family and me, strictly disciplined herself, have enormous magic and contribute to the stability of this world…… So far, it looks like everything has happened as predicted.」


「The problem is just ahead. The prophecy says that, as soon as Serafiona went to the Magic Academy, she fell into some conspiracy and was betrayed by everyone she knew before… and was killed brutally.」


I tried to get up, but collapsed again.

「Sera remembered the prophecy on that snowy day she met me. Since then, she has been eager to break her fate and has always been afraid. Concerned with when she will be betrayed and when she will be killed. A small child is struggling to make her own path, desperate to go against a prophecy that will grant her a crueler end than death by beheading, rather than giving up.」

Lu-sama looks into the distance as if reminiscing about the past.

“What!! I can’t forgive such a thing! I’ll kill anything that threatens Serafiona. I’ll use my magic and what not to protect my beloved daughter!”


Lu-sama looks at me silently.

“………No way”

「You betray the Lord, too. Isaac.」

“Such a…… betray Serafi? Me?”

「Hm, don’t be too agitated. It wasn’t only you. Everyone betrays her. Elsa, Lalouza, and me.」

“…Does Serafi believe I will betray her?”

So… you can’t talk about anything else? Why are you grimacing with such a painful expression?

「It’s better to say that she gave up rather than believed.」

“Why! Why such a thing! Lu-sama! Lu-sama, please help Serafiona! Lu-sama can surely help to change her fate!”

「I betrayed her too. And it was not just a prophecy.」

In front of me… it suddenly gets dark.

「Despair and loneliness are deeply rooted in her heart.」

「…Let’s go back to today’s story. Today, I met a child on the border between Trundle and the Royalty’s territory, where we accepted a request from the guild.」

I can’t keep up with the sudden developments.

「As soon as I saw her, I lost my mind. My whole body wanted that Daughter, I wanted to throw myself in front of her! I instantly desired to grant anything for that Daughter. After just one look.」

(TN: musume – daughter, young lady, an unmarried woman. I preferred daughter for some reason)

“Lu-sama’s heart was disturbed?”

「Argh, my heart was hot and I was seeking for that Daughter. My head was filled with doubts. This situation, where I am so fascinated by other people as soon as I meet them, is too ridiculous. Just what is happening to me? I asked myself. It was the first time it happened in this life I’ve lived for hundreds of years.」


「Then I noticed, Sera was right before my eyes. She was shedding tears without stopping. “I don’t want to see Lu suffer. You can go to that girl. Let’s cancel the contract. Always… I love you.” She said.」


「I finally noticed. That it was a trap. And in order to separate me and Sera from there, I cut my own leg and returned to sanity.」


「According to the book of Prophecy, the royal family and all those in power fell in love with that woman and condemned Sera. Perhaps to get me wholly, she has to go against Sera who is like a saint and the only obstacle in front of her. Then, I will cancel the contract with Sera and dedicate myself to that woman. Now that I reached that point, I recalled the woman had spoken with an excessive obsession towards the Sacred Beast.」

“Such a… Such…”

「Sera thought… ‘I have to let you go. For your peace, I will give up living with you’. She smiled while crying. ‘I’ll be lonely, don’t go, I love you so much but, because I love you so much,’ she does not realise that all the voices of her heart has reached her contracted beast.」

Once again… Serafiona is giving up her happiness…

「What is that woman? What will she do after she obtained the power of the Sacred Beast and the Royal Family? What is that art? There are too many unknowns. How she toyed with me as well… You and everyone else will be infatuated. But, apparently, she does not have as much magic and also not as capable as Serafiona. So, who is still behind that woman… is it a person…?」

Lu-sama closes his eyes and is lost in thought. The next moment, he opened them and wrinkles sharply formed between her brows, his eyes shone with a gold light, and his strong will is burning bright.

「Whatever it is, it will not be forgiven. Not to mention me, Serafiona is a Contractor of the Four Heavenly Divine Beast and the one I had decided to be my only contractor in my lifetime. My innocent beloved child, whom I raised from her childhood. My Serafiona, who has cared so much for me, to be hunted down to this point she has to struggle against the world. They are worthy of death.」

Lu-sama’s haki rises at a stretch. The entirety of the house creaks with -mishi- -mishi-. A god who is never shaken by the trivial activities of human beings… A god who always has a calm mind like a water mirror… He’s raging.

(TN: Haki literal translation is ambition. Maybe it’s like the Haki from One Piece? It makes an appearance for the first time since c1 pt11)

「I put Sera to sleep with my magic… Sera almost exhausted her enormous magic power for the first time in her life. She had come back in a hurry for me, and had healed me so desperately. Her dizziness will last until morning… That is the smartest thing to do. Tomorrow, we’ll make up for today and make her smile. Isaac, don’t get Serafiona any closer to the Magic Academy. And let us secretly explore the identity and activity trends of that Maribelle. Do not look at her yourself, not even through a window. You’ll go crazy.」

“Lu-sama, at least tell this story to Lalouza and Mother…”

「No can do. Both Lalouza and Elsa are intuitive and unpredictable, and they might want to examine things for real. They might carelessly approach her and be swallowed in her art. And don’t ignore the fact that Serafiona has kept this a secret. She wanted her family to live as calmly as possible without getting involved in her problems, don’t you understand her feeling?」

“We were… protected by Serafiona…”

「From now on, you and I will protect her.」

“Lu-sama… I have a request.”

He raised one brow.

“I… if I lost to the art and betrayed Serafiona, kill me.”

「Must a Sacred Beast commit a taboo?  ……Huh, it depends on what state the life of the Lord is in.」

Of course, I have no intention of presenting Serafiona with the fate of the Prophecy. No matter what miraculous method may be needed, I must make sure to send her on a different path! As soon as possible!


「She is a <previous existence holder>? No wonder her soul was so mature.」

When I was lost in my thoughts, a solemn voice different from Lu-sama resounded in my head. At the same time, the windows glowed bright and another great aura arrived.

Lu-sama rises and growls. When the light disappears, the Celestial Divine Beast of the south appears.

「Is eavesdropping a hobby of yours, Ash?」

「I can’t help it. Hearing such a sorrowful scream from Serafiona, how can my master not send me?」

Master? His Highness, Ghilane?

“What does…… that mean?”

Ash-sama glimpses at me.

「Ghilane has transferred his magic power to Serafiona. She is the only one with Ghilane’s magic, other than me. Ghilane’s magic in Serafiona notifies him that her soul was in grief. It is similar to being in a <contract>. I assumed that she is as talented as Ghilane.」

“Such a thing…”

The more he transfers magical power… the closer he is attached to Serafiona…

「Do you plan to tell Ghilane of the story here?」

「Of course. I’m sorry if my answer doesn’t please you… But Serafiona, she is the only anchor that holds Ghilane to his humanity. He will be crazy if he knows that there are people trying to push Serafiona into such state.」

「Tell him not to act! If he doesn’t want Serafiona to be upset! If he stir up some trouble now, Serafiona will only be more and more upset!」

「Fuun, just one thing…… listen carefully, okay? I am one who is under <subjection>……」

Ash-sama gracefully spread his rainbow coloured wings and flew through the ceiling.

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