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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 29

Kusunoki Konomi (2)

Being self-aware that I am a hopeless student, please don’t dig too deeply―― I prayed, but it may not be answered.

Eileen said, “well, fine” and asked something else, to another topic.

“Enough about your country. Next… Yeah. Tell me about yourself.”

“Me, is it?”

My hands scratching my body stops for a moment.

About myself.

This is another story that is hard to explain―― or rather, unfortunately, it is neither an interesting nor special life.

……Well, there’s an in-game trip to a VR demo experience right here, where I just thoughtlessly rolled around. But let’s exclude this.

In the basics, my life is about having fun, studying occasionally, whining during the exams, collecting credits so that there is no problem with promotion, and for the remaining three years of college life, once again, to have fun.

A simple Economics student you can find anywhere.

Speaking of which, are my attendance days okay?

I’ve been here for a while, but I’m not ready to return just yet.

I was relatively serious this term, so I don’t think it would be a problem just yet……


However, as she don’t know any of my worries or thoughts, Eileen, in the bathtub, seems to be having fun and said,

“Yes. You said you went to college. What kind of things are you studying? How are you living? and then, uh……”

She flips her fingers up as she’s listing them, but she does not seem really interested.

Her tone is somewhat shameless and seems to be slipping up.

However, only the last one is something different. Which is,

“…Your friends?”

I kinda knew she would want to hear about that.


That is that, and there are only a few topics I can offer a reply to.

I answered with a voice that is close to a sigh.

“I don’t have many friends……”

I’m self-aware, so it’s not hard to admit.

Friendship in college is usually something that can only be achieved if there are people who go to the same class every time, and juniors and seniors who studied about exam questions in previous years.

If you want to make a hundred friends, you have to be in a tennis club, or be a person who is good at socializing.

Some people have many friends, and some have very few.

Diversity and diversity. No. Diversity and inclusivity. Is that even a word? Well, who cares?

When I was thinking about that,


Something suddenly popped up in my head.

It’s not in my country, and not even me at all.

“What is it?”

“No, nothing…… Even though I have few friends, well, I’m doing fine with the few I have.”

I answered that rapidly.

For some reason, Eileen laughed.

“Fuun. Fufun. Fufufufun?”

“Stop that. You look like a creepy old man. It’s pretty uncomfortable.”

“You felt uncomfortable way too easily!”

Wait, let me think about it.

“I don’t look like a creepy old man at all!”


“Why, what is the cause of your concern about my friendship?”

“No, nothing at all. Nothing at all. I just don’t think you have any friends back home. You’re such a hopeless servant after all.”

Shut up, idiot!

I mean, Eileen and I are not the same.

Without knowing the voice of my heart, Eileen makes a selfish declaration which echoes throughout the bathroom.

“Once you get back, it’s time for me to visit Konomi. Rest assured, I understand the state of your friendship is lonely. Tell your family and relatives about me. I will allow you to introduce me as 「 Konomi’s most respected master!」”

That’s a bit…

If, one day, when their daughter returns home, she introduces a mysterious blonde girl as, “Goshujin-sama desu,” my parents will immediately collapse.

In the first place, one who is supposed to be an in-game character is coming to Japan… and second, on the day that actually happened, the entire world will completely panic.

……No, but.

In Japan, isn’t there the possibility of being accepted as, “Waa~ Japanimation subculture”?

I am convinced that could happen――

Well, in that case,

“In that case, I’ll give you a sightseeing guide.”

I scoop up the flowing shampoo solution and answered appropriately.

The best place will be Akihabara or some kind of event.

What about the game events the company making 「Promised Fortune」 is exhibiting? People who see Eileen may be surprised and impressed, complementing her with an, “It’s a good cosplay” in surprise.

What am I…

Regardless of the sightseeing plans, my answer seems to have earned enough points for a pass.

Eileen laughed with a -mufumufu-

I don’t know what expression she has right now since I am washing her hair from behind her, but her voice sounds like it’s skipping.

“Konomi. Right now, I feel very good.”

“Huh. That’s good.”

Feeling good is better than feeling bad. I answered without thinking too deeply.

However, I should have felt uncomfortable that her voice is somewhat strange.

“So therefore” she said. The following words would have been her sincere good intentions.


As the wise old men said,

It’s something you can very easily get too used to.

“I’ll help you wash your hair.”

“Eh? No, wait a bit――”

And in no time at all, she had been drowned in the large amount of hot water that I had thoughtlessly poured from above her head.

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