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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 2 Part 34

Isaac Granzeus’ Regret

I checked the documents one by one at the Royal Castle and issued instructions when, something shimmered on the other side of the window. It was the rare Enrique’s messenger magic. I felt uneasy and opened the window to promptly receive it. It changes into a letter in an instant when it confirms the magic of the recipient.

「Sacred Beast-sama suffers a major injury and returns. Serafiona-sama locked themselves up in her room. Please return immediately.」

My knees felt weak. This morning, Serafiona went to the guild with a big smile on her face. What happened!?

“Danna-sama, you have returned!”

“Enrique, what happened!? How are things right now!?”

I took off my cape and asked him while heading off to my daughter’s room.

“The Young Lady returned about 2 hours ago. She was holding the bloody Sacred Beast-sama and her face was filled with tears and looked extremely haggard. She immediately headed to her room and instructed that she is not to be disturbed…”

“Serafiona… has she not come out yet?”

“Isaac-bocchama, I’ve just asked the Young Lady to eat, but said she didn’t need any tonight…”

Martha squeezes her apron and has teary eyes. She even rejected her, whom she looked up to as her mother from a very young age?

Just how serious is the situation!?

I ran upstairs and stood in front of Serafiona’s room, without being of any help.

I can hear them talking. Apparently, Lu-sama has recovered enough that he could talk. I calmed down a little. But who is the one that injured the Sacred Beast-sama? In the first place, what kind of request did Serafiona received in the guild today for things to end up like this? Only doubts came up, with no conclusions, and just when I was at the peak of my confusion,

“Uu, uu, uwaaaaa―――!!!! Ah, ah, ah………”

It sounds like her soul is being squeezed out…… She’s wailing……

“My… Young Lady… crying…”

Martha, who was next to me, flopped down on the floor.

Serafiona is crying. The wails of my daughter that I heard for the first time echoes throughout the house.

Serafiona is crying, she was a child that can handle everything well. No, she still is. She has simply been keeping her feelings to herself. She lives quietly and calmly, but strongly, only with what she can get, without relying on her parents. Occasionally, her face gives the impression of an adult experiencing great torment, but when asked if she’s okay, she will always brush them off.

Her sad cry pierces my chest. I recall that I myself had never heard of it before. I feel disappointed at myself who doesn’t even know why my daughter is crying.

I feel nauseous that my beloved daughter is crying, but could not do anything about it.

As I bit my lips in agony, the sad cry gradually subsides and a small voice can be heard. Then I couldn’t hear anything… The door opens.

“S-Serafiona! Wa!”

I saw it for the first time… The huge Sacred Beast-sama in all its glory. An intimidating aura is released from all over his body and his face is more serious than ever before…… How divine. This is what he truly looks like. We were spoiled. I kneeled down spontaneously.

Sacred Beast-sama gently closed the door of Serafiona’s room.

“Lu-sama! How are your injuries? Is Serafiona okay?”

Lu-sama nodded, albeit with a frown.

“Lu-sama! What happened?”

Lu-sama looks down at me.

“Please tell me, Lu-sama! Why was Serafiona crying like that!”

Lu-sama glanced at me and tried to go down the stairs. I crawled and clung to Lu-sama’s hind legs.

“Please wait! I, I, I don’t want to make any mistakes anymore. When my daughter was a child, I couldn’t take care of her because I was so engrieved with my wife’s death! I don’t want to just curl myself up this time!”

That said, Lu-sama’s voice would not reach a non-contractor. I noticed that I was disrespectful now, and separated my hands from Lu-sama, and I just dumbfoundedly stared at him.

Lu-sama’s face appeared in front of me. And, he nodded once.

I stood up in a hurry and followed Lu-sama downstairs.

I arrived at my study. Lu-sama urges me to sit on the sofa. He reveals his tusks and growls. I prepared myself for what’s to come, and nodded quietly.

In but a moment, Lu-sama closed in and bit my neck. His magic power flows in!

“Uu, uuuuu!”

Piercing pain hits me, like hundreds of needles stabbing me. My entire body cramps. I felt nauseous from the pain and involuntarily holds my mouth. I fall down on the sofa and hold my head.

“Haa, haa…, uu…, haa…”

I couldn’t get a feel of the time, but strangely, the pain became familiar soon enough, and my eyes opened slightly.

「Hey, did you just faint? That’s a big deal.」

Lu-sama’s words resonated in my head.

「My magic powers become more poisonous the more stains the recipient has in their life. Everybody has stains as they grew up. Were you killing a lot of people in the previous war? That is enough to say that you are a parent of Sera.」


My voice simply fades.

「Do you know that Sera says my magic is as cool as the snowy mountains? You and I are not very comfortable. Unlike you, Sera is a really… clean daughter.」


「I gave you my magic because you wanted to have a conversation with me. It is temporary at this level. Is there any objections?」

“For your special consideration, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

「You don’t need to say anything else from now. I’ll tell you because you’re her father. You’ve been with her for a long time… and have many emotional connections with her. Is that good?」

“As you wish.”

I am shivering from both the honor of being able to talk to the Sacred Beast-sama and the secret of my beloved daughter that is about to be revealed.

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