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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 32

The Case in the hall (2)



It was a male’s voice that called out the name.

So now, is it the outside appearance, or me, who is inside he just called?

We turned back at the same time.

The voice belongs to a man standing in the gentle light coming in from the window.

A young man with a cynical smile, yet with a polite looking posture.

Since he has a servant from the mansion as we do, we know that he is also a guest.

When our eyes met, his expression grew more intense.

He said,

“I’ve never stopped thinking about you for a day since we played backgammon.”


“It was an honour. You are the first woman to beat me like that. And now, I am interested in you as a person. Don’t think that you can win and just run away like that.”


“Well, next time it won’t be so easy…”




“……Say something.”



“Konomi, Konomi”

I feel a finger poking on my shoulder. Eileen did it.

When I asked what she wants, she replied,

“He’s Dominique Gonneau.”




“Oh, it’s been a long time, Senpai! Well well well, why have you neither written to me nor contacted me? I’m in good spirits now that we finally met!!”

“Really now, have you forgotten about me?”

“No no no no. I could never, I couldn’t ever do that. I remember you, I remember you. Something otherwise can happen by no means!!”

“You’re lying!”

“Please pardon me in that case. An opponent I so crushingly defeated couldn’t pique my interest in any way!!”

“In the end……”

He rushed over with a trot, which simulated me to spit out my true thoughts from my mouth.

Holding his right hand with both my hands, I said in rapid-fire,

“No no no, I do remember it at all okay! That’s right…… We made a bet in public with Charlotte on the line and, you are the good-looking narcissist gamer bastard who lost and cried and turned tail, right!?”

“Stop bullsh*tting me. This girl is really――!”

He shook my hand off. He refuses to make up?

He is an unscrupulous man who refuses to do a hand-shake after a match with his friend.

On top of that, he pointed his index finger over here, saying,

“Hear this. I couldn’t sleep the night I lost to you because of regret and disappointment! Then, even when I closed my eyes within the next three days, that board appeared in my dreams and gave me nightmares. Yet you forgot about it――”

“Uwa― You were a guy with such small guts.”

“This amateur…!”

Well that’s just fine.

I ignore Dominique whose fists are even trembling. I turn right and go back down the corridor with a small trot.

In addition, I also ignored his comment,

“You are such crude bastards, you girls.”

I completely ignore his remarks.

“Let’s go, Eileen. When I’m with such a guy, my guts shrink and I get constipated.”

I pushed on her back and left.

She gave a smile at the confused servants and said, “please continue guiding us.” And they finally resumed the guide.

I don’t want to associate myself with obstinate guys like him―― I thought and tried to leave. However,

He didn’t seem to think that same.

I feel my shoulder being grabbed from behind.

“Hey you, wait!”

“Ee, stop following me. Small-guts Senpai.”

“You should call people with their names properly!”

I grind my teeth In response―

However, as I gave him a cold glare, I remembered a certain blunder I committed and gave a fake cough.

Following which, my words regained their original calm.

“I believed you would have heard from Benedict. I had been invited to the same gathering as you―― for the same reason as you. It’s not a good idea to fight over such trivial reasons, don’t you think? How about a truce for now? Why don’t we go for temporary cooperation?”

He said something, but in such a low voice that even the servant next to him won’t hear it.

The lower voice peculiar to men like him could very well disappear due to the sounds of the wind blowing through the open windows.

……I have no intention of confronting or struggling against Dominique.

In the first place, isn’t it him that led us to the point?

However, in the end, it’s just a waste of time.

Okay then, I tried to reply――


The servant interrupted me as I tried to open my mouth.

“Please wait here.”

He pointed towards one room with his hand.

He gave no guidance like, “the other young masters will be waiting in this room”, but it somehow reminded me of the room where relatives stayed to wait when a female cousin of mine got married.

The double doors, seeming made of oak with a profound looking ambience, opens.

What I see inside is――

An open room with large windows that will allow us to look at the garden.

Twenty men and women, probably those invited by Benedict, spending their time as they will.

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