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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 2 Part 37

We hold a meeting for countermeasures ― part2

I left the guild as soon as Grandmother finished her interrogation, then returned home, and once again, withdrew into my room.

Oh, this time, if I’m called, I’ll go out. I also had an afternoon snack.

“Grandmother and Sieg-san both met Maribelle at a close distance… but they aren’t affected by her art. Why might that be…?”

I just called it an <art>. The concept of <forced compulsion> is not something that can be understood by Lu.

So vaguely, I thought that all my loved ones would be captivated and fascinated the moment they met Maribelle and be <forced compelled> to betray me.

It is not a matter of distance. Lu was far away enough from Maribelle. And Grandmother who was looking at Maribelle, who should be in a prison room, would have been much closer.

“Does she herself choose whom it has effects on?”

「That’s not it. A setting like that won’t include it.」

That’s right.

If she can choose it herself, Grandmother will not be excluded. She is super strong, close to me, and amongst the ones closest to me, her betrayal can cause me the most damage.

“Does she want the Sacred Beasts so much that the art has a stronger effect on them?”

「Come to think of it… Maribelle was obsessed with Sacred Beasts… but Elsa seemed pretty much the same in that regard. Sera, try to recall what else she was talking about!」

That’s right. I was in so much turmoil during the event that I didn’t even inspect anything.

Well… the word that hits me the hardest…

…I will have the strongest Sacred Beast in my hand…

It’s about Lu. Maribelle knows about Lu and the fact that she will get him.

And to the magicians who were worried about entering Trundle territory, she said,

…I can’t be killed. I’m the Heroine!…

She doesn’t understand Trundle’s position in the country.

……I’m the Heroine!

But she knows she’s the Heroine.



“Maribelle… she seems to have been from my previous life.”

「In other words, she’s a <previous existence holder> and also read the prophecy book.」

Fue? Why do you treat <Eternal love to you, Wild Rose>, <Wild Rose You> for short, as a prophetic book?

“Yes, the word <Heroine> is a word from my previous world, and say was boasting about how she knows of the future developments in the story.”

「…Sera, does the prophetic texts mention Trundle or Elsa?」


I don’t have to think much. It was a fantasy novel without much depth. Other than the Heroine, Maribelle’s backstory, there were no details written about the backstory of the Villainess Young Lady.

“No. In fact, I didn’t even know she existed until the day I met her with Lu. There always was a taboo-like atmosphere when talking about my mother’s home in my house. The words <Trundle> does not appear either.”

「Why do you conclude that both Elsa and Sieg would betray you?」

“Because, I was betrayed by everyone close to me, I was all alone! Nobody was around me!”

「However, neither Elsa nor Sieg appeared in the prophecy, right?”」


「Then surely, the two are not involved in the condemnation?」

“……They aren’t ……involved.”

「Would this not be the case? Maribelle only knows of what is written in the prophecy. There’s no way she can do anything with someone whose existence she does not know of.」

“Things were… like that…?”

Can the effects of <Wild Rose You> be limited?

Is it possible to do a forced compulsion to some of what was written in that novel, but not affect the behavior of other people or the people themselves?

Also… the world in the novel is just a piece of information and events.

Most people living in this wide world have nothing to do with the <forced compulsion>. The unrelated people inevitably are outside the realm of the novel’s influence. Then, naturally, the course of actions of the other characters, just like me, will also shift? Most people who do not appear in the story, and can act freely with their own thoughts?

In fact, I and Lu had various different encounters and experiences that were not written in the novel, and my way of proceeding forward is also different from the novel.

After all, things can’t be happening 100% of the time as was written.

……But even so, the extent of the influence of <forced compulsion> is unknown. I can’t make light of it…

「Sera, recall everything in the prophecy once again. Then make a list of all the people in there. Everyone, even a seemingly trivial character. Whenever a proper noun comes out. Those are the people who may be influenced with the art.」

“!! Yes.”

I went to the desk and actively tried to recall everything in the novel, <Eternal love to you, Wild Rose>

I wrote as much as possible, from the names of prominent people to gatekeepers and florist daughters. After writing those down, next to them, I list the timing of their appearance and their background in the novel.

I would like to thoroughly mark these people that Maribelle will eventually come into contact with, choose areas without them, and live with a lot of people who aren’t them… I want to believe that it will lead to my peaceful retirement.

His Majesty Ghilane is in a separate frame. I took another piece of paper I wrote <Exceptions> and wrote his name there. Beside it, I noted that he is worrisome― a benefactor after the condemnation.


As I was immersed in the work, a shadow came from above.

“Isaac Granzeus―― He was furious that my engagement with the second Prince Gardner was broken off. I was disowned and banished from Granzeus to never show my face again……”

A voice that should not be heard comes from above. I immediately hit the note with both hands and turned around.

Father stood there with a face that is about to cry.

“Otou-sama… Why?”

I stared at Lu. Father should have been stopped from approaching me from behind. Lu looks back at me quietly.

「I let him inside.」

“What for!?”

I stood up, kept my distance from Father, and hugged myself. I don’t know what to do. I can’t look at Father’s face! What should I do!? What should I, what should I do!!!?

As I was about to panic, Father closed in and pressed my face tightly on his chest.

“O-Otou-sama, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

“Serafi, when you’re not doing anything wrong, you apologized? You poor thing, suffering so much… Serafiona, I asked Lu-sama…… and he told me everything. It’s okay. He promised to stop me before I betrayed you.”

I am stunned… I looked up, right at Father’s eyes. The teary-eyed Father is destructively handsome.

“That’s why, please let me participate in the meeting, too, my beloved Serafiona.”

Sacred Beasts do not make mistakes. If Lu decides it… I’m sure it’s the right thing.

I buried my face in Father’s chest again.

He gently stroked my head, just like when I was young.

“…I heard about the Prophecy, and the events there now felt as if they had happened to me. My betrayal would have hurt Serafi a lot. What I did in my previous life can not be forgiven. Serafiona, in this world, as long as I’m alive, you’re not going to be alone. Though I might say that, you won’t believe me, so I swear in front of Lu-sama.”

Lu groaned.

I felt that it is suicide to swear directly to a Sacred Beast. If he makes a mistake, he will definitely receive divine punishment. I fully realise Father’s determination.

I grabbed his jacket and it wrinkled, then I cried.

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