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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 35


“It was that woman’s hand holding the glass.”

I gave that answer when Dominique asked, “how did you notice?” I am sitting in a round chair with my legs crossed.

I am so blunt because I am so ttired. Considering the situation we found ourselves in, it could not be otherwise.

When the woman was captured, my nerves were tense and my head was cold. But a short while after that, only an intense feeling of exhaustion remained.

――The garden party was called off, and I thought I would be taken to the waiting room, but I and Eileen were led to a room different from the other guests.

There are no gorgeous decorations, about eight tatami mats in a modern Japanese house.

Originally, it would not be a room intended for use as a waiting room, but a resting room for the servants, or a storeroom.

It shouldn’t be a room to throw a noble Young Lady in, but I can’t complain since it’s a hastily prepared space――

Of course, I don’t have any particular complaints, and Eileen, quite unlike usual, didn’t complain.

After a while, Dominique arrived in the room.

Back to our conversation,

“That woman, when she handed the glass to Charlotte, she used her left hand, but she handed the glass to His Highness with her right. To do that, she had to change her hand supporting the tray. I thought to myself, ‘why does she do so?'”

“So you thought, ‘she has something in one hand.’ From just that?”

At first, I saw how she gave the drink to Eileen, and simply thought she was the unusual left-handed (southpaw).

However, that changed when she handed the drink to Benedict.

Although it was a forceful measure where I would have to apologize had I made a mistake, the result is as we already saw.

While Dominique pinned the woman as part of the “fake” magic trick I directed, things seemed to turned out a little better. The other visitors did not panic.

Someone please praise me for my observation and wit.

I imagine that she poisoned the fingertip of her right glove.

She normally hid it under the tray when other guests asked for a drink, and used it when it’s from the target――


“It appears that poison was detected in the glass seized by Konomi.”

“I guessed as much.”

While answering Dominique’s explanation, I face down and put my forefinger to my chin.

Anyone can tell just by seeing the state of misery the flowers I spilled them on are in.

“What about His Highness?”

“He’s safe thanks to you. But he has a terrible look on his face. He doesn’t want to be seen right now.”

Dominique continued with a faint voice, “It’s the first time I’ve seen Beni with a face like that” as he leans against the wall and crossed his arms to feign calm, but his forefinger of his right hand is repeatedly tapping on his upper arm all the time.

“The woman was not a regular employee hired by the royal family?”

Does she sneak in somehow?

I thought that would be the case. However――

“For today, the servants at Cummings Annex are carefully inspected by the royal guards before they entered the hall.”

Dominic suddenly said so, and I raised my brows.


“The entrance to the premises is open only when invited guests arrive, who then leave their car there, and are guided to the mansion. All people moving in and out of the premise were recorded, and the items brought in by the servants were recorded, even for just one food item. Also, when the gathering is over, all people leaving will be confirmed that there are invited guests.”

“Then the woman?”

“She’s silent. Also, it is not clear if she’s the only offender or if she has any collaborators.”

Then, how did the woman enter the mansion? Also, how did she bring the poison in?

I recall back to when we arrived here. The gate is huge and it stands at a height that can’t be jumped over, and the servants seemed to remember the faces of the invited guests…

It’s not an case that can be solved so easily.

So, what happened?

My thoughts are― it’s not about how the woman entered, but rather, someone else.

I realised that I underestimated the danger of this case.

The reason I didn’t notice earlier was― the casual atmosphere of Benedict, which caused me to not feel a sense of danger.

“Also, the collaborators may not even exist in the first place…” Dominic added that, but let me think about it more first.

For one who issued an intimidation letter, he/she will predict that the security has been enhanced, otherwise, they’re a member of the royalty.

And unless he/she has a considerable amount of skill, he/she will not consider committing the crime alone.

In which case, there is a good chance that the crime will carry on even after having captured that woman.

The chances of us dining while a blade is targeting Benedict has not lessened any bit.

Also, Win had said, “please take care of the Young Lady” and don’t I want to try to cross a dangerous bridge.

And, above all, avoiding the ‘Death End’ is the most important thing of all.

Should I pull back before things become irreversible?

While thinking about such things, I glanced at Eileen.


“I don’t have enough pieces to make a reasonable conclusion.”

She muttered. It would seem that she doesn’t intend to stop playing detective just yet.

“Um, Eileen…”

“What is it?”

“I think we should refrain from the upcoming parties…”


“Because, well…”

Isn’t it dangerous? I tried to say the obvious thing.

But suddenly, Eileen stands up.

She put her hand on her chest and looked at me with unwavering eyes.

And said with a firm voice,

“This is a great opportunity to make the third prince of this country owe us! Such an opportunity can’t be missed!!”

Indeed, the true Villainess.

It somehow feels refreshing for her to say something so calculating.

But don’t she even remember who she is right now? I sighed and looked down.

……And a shadow suddenly came into my sight.

Oi, when I thought of that and raised my head, I see Dominique’s face at a closer distance than I expected―

“Don’t you worry, Konomi. It is I who will defeat you. Until then, no matter what, I will protect you―”

“Oh, that’s not bad.”

“Konomi is my servant!”

I pushed on his cheek since his face is too close, and Eileen drove him away.

He leans on the wall and says something vaguely, but I cannot hear it.

Eileen is still Eileen, “if you need my servant for something, it has to go through me!” She said and snarled at Dominique.

Well, what should I do?

After all, there seems to be no option of, “pull back” for our Young Lady.

It would be a waste of time to sit in this small room without any new information. Whether it’s collecting information or verifying them, it will not do anything here― When I got up from the chair,

-knock- -knock-

“Ah, yes, I’m comin――”


Dominique stopped me as I walked toward the door.

Looking at his indescribable expression, I belatedly noticed. It’s not necessarily unsuspicious.

“Who is it?”

Dominique asks.

We received a reply from behind the door.

“The concert is ready. His Highness has instructed us to guide everyone there.”

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