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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 3 Part 40

Participating in the girls-only gathering

There are two dormitories, the east wing and the west wing. The third floor of the west wing is the women’s dormitory. Both the women-only public baths and toilets are on the same floor. The dining room for men and women is on the first floor. The menu, which is of two kinds, can be eaten freely if we go to the determined time.

My castle for the next four years is room 308, a corner room. Because there are only a few girls, it is a single room. Most of the boys are in double rooms. I can see a murky landscape with a bed and a desk on the bare floor, which are provided for free. A room that is more than enough to have me recall a memory of what I said in my previous life.

That being said, it is impossible for a girl to stay here without a curtain. After I polished the little room, I pulled out the curtains and fluffy rugs from the magic room. Both were made by the women of our territory with all their heart for my admission.

There seems to be a bound of land reserved just for me and Lu to run around in the territory. It’ll surely help to reduce a child’s depression. Thank you for that. I’m really thankful.

With a curtain made with an inspiration drawn from the blue mountains of the northern country, and a rug that is fluffy like the fresh snow, it became a mysterious and nostalgic room. There is a rule that must be followed here! Place your shoes by the door and sit on the rug.

“Lu, let’s eat!”

Lu appeared minutes after calling out.

「Do you went to the dining room?」

“Matsuki made a festive lunch today, so let’s eat it. Let’s have a toast here!”

「Is that so?」

I open the lunch box. A whole salted grilled sea bream with mushrooms is enshrined in the middle, with colorful vegetables delicately attached all around with a decorative knife. Who is the beloved dish dedicated to?

(TN: The Tai fish (or red sea bream) is considered a symbol of good luck because its name is associated with the Japanese word medetai, which means ‘auspicious’ or ‘congratulatory. During the Edo period (1603-1868), Tai fish was one of the most highly regarded seafoods and was often presented as a gift to the shogun)

「Matsuki, your skills are improving.」

“Well, just where is he heading to?”

「He’s going somewhere? No, Sera! Don’t let Matsuki go!」

“No, that’s not it.”

Lu has an extraordinary attachment to Matsuki…

“Today’s cake is a rolled cake with fruits. A chocolate cake for Lu. I can keep it until the weekend after Matsuki gave it to me since I put it in my <sloth>. Eat it when I go to the dining room, okay?”

(TN: <sloth> may be like an item box with time slowed down inside it)


I had a good time with Lu, who was in tears, and I ate dinner. He scouted around the school all day today and apparently felt no danger.

“Hey. Would you like to go to the sea next time? There may be some good material. We should check the guild’s request.”

-ton- -ton-!

I look away from Lu. I don’t know anything about visitors at this time, but…


When I open the door, there are two girls I don’t know, and Alma-chan behind them… I look up too much and my neck hurts…

“Nice to meet you, we are also from this floor. There are only four of us, including you. So we came to say hello. We have to work together since there are so few of us.”

One of the girls has long black hair with a ponytail, with light blue eyes and a smile that reaches her mouth up.

Sa-sa-sa-sa-samurai discovered!

“Oh, ah, that’s nothing much here, but, come inss…”

I bit my tongue.

For the time being, I put away the <sea breams>, cut the rolled-cake and serve it with tea. Lu’s murderous intent hits me on my back and it feels tingling. But there’s no helping it. He’s got his eyes continuously fixed on the cake. I’ll ask for an additional cake, and have it sent through Enrique!

“T-this gem-like cake, I see one for the first time…”

Another girl with red eyes and blond hair, who is not a samurai, has damp eyes out of nowhere.

Is that so? Our Matsuki is already fighting in another dimension.

“Wait wait, before we eat! There is something we need to do!”

The Samurai girl calls for a halt. What do we need to do?

“First, arm-wrestling, let’s do it. Shall we?”

Insta-kills once again, what?

“Errr, Alma, I’m really really sorry for having doubted you. This girl is so strong. Then, I’ll introduce myself. I am Eris, 4th Grade. We are a family of priests. Maybe after graduation, I’ll be a temple guard.”

The samurai is Eris, noted.

“I am Sasara. I’ve been only with Eris for four years, so I’m glad to have two freshmen joining us! I’m a commoner. I’ll be working for a few years in the army, thanks for studying here. Then, to the orphanage that used to take care of me, I’m thinking of going back there.”

The cool looking blonde is Sasara, noted.

If it’s going clockwise, I’m next?

“I am Serafiona. A noble, but I’m trained in the guild, so please, seniors and Alma-chan, call me Serafi. Ah, thank you for taking your shoes off.”

“I am Alma. Also a noble, but please call me normally. I’ll join the military in the future… I think. Thank you for having me.”

After all the greetings, the three started eating the cake silently. Everyone looks happy… This Oba-chan is happy! So Lu! Sorry!

“Waa― delicious. Anyway, it’s a cozy room. I don’t think it has the same layout. And Serefi, that is… a housedress? It feels really nice here.”

Sasara-san quickly glances around the room, and at me, and gave a wry smile.

Is there something weird? I check my appearance. Loose fitting soft-blue fabric, with an A-line skirt that covers till my knees, a tunic on my lap, and comfortable to wear briefs underneath. In short, pajamas! I made it in this pattern. The negligee in this world are dragging around too much, and also, I’m mad that my sleep is so bad Lu could see my butt. Also, I wind my hair down with a hair-band made of the same fabric.

The three people in front of me just took off their collared uniforms. Wearing white shirts and uniform pants.

“Is it no good to change to a housedress?”

“No, it’s not that… I just thought, I can’t give the boys a chance, I’m always nervous… I don’t want to make a fool out of myself. Dressing like a girl.”

Eris says it’s with a small voice.

I understand my gist of it, she’s nervous.

But isn’t she very feminine? Despite the lack of laces and ribbons.

“Well, don’t worry too much. My really strong Grandmother likes this a lot, you know. Yes, why don’t you wear my robe in this room? It’s very comfortable!”

I retracted into a corner and took out more pajamas out of my <magic room>.

“Serafi, I’m grateful for the feeling, but the size is…”

“It’s okay! The size also fits seniors.”


“Because, it will get big!”

““ ………… ””

I handed Eris-san the light blue to match her eyes, Sasara-san the red one, and Alma-chan an unbleached one, and forced them to change into the clothes.

“Awesome… it’s fluffy”

“It feels good… I’m losing power… What an evil thing this is…”


“Fufufu, all three are great. My invincible grandmother says it’s important to be beautiful in order to be strong. Her favorite things are… for example, being fashionable and eating delicious cakes. She said that if we do not have fun during practice, we will not be strong. If you practise with cramped up feelings, you will not grow.”

As I was being talkative, Alma-chan suddenly stood up and stared at me.

“Ah, what do you know!? You have the freedom to say that because you are talented, cute, and loved! In the first place, who is your Grandmother who says such improper things in the first place!? It’s frustrating!!”


Eris-san tries to stop her in a hurry.

……What a failure. I have just been preaching and preaching. I was too excited at the first girls only gathering in decades having gone too well… I should reflect…

Even so, Alma-chan… She seems to have a very inflexible mind.

“……Alma, I’m sorry for being so pompous! My grandmother is Elsa Trundle. If you think I’m talented, it’s the result of the Elsa-style training I started at the age of five. Would you like to go to Trundle together next time? Grandmother will be very delighted if a junior knight visits her.”

“Evil Princess Elsa…”

“Trundle’s Demon Mother God…”

“Elsa, sama…? The undefeated… master…? My Grandfather couldn’t beat her till the end…… The best… My… goal… uuuuuuuu! Uwaaaa――! Ah aaaaahh waaa―”




Alma-san. She must have fought all alone all this time.

And girls who come to this Knight School are all in a similar situation.

In order to overcome something, they have gone through multiple hardships that ordinary girls do not have to experience, and have arrived here after giving frantic effort.

After Alma-chan stopped crying, I made a cup of tea and gave everyone a chocolate cake. Alma-chan seems to have gone past some of the things in her mind, and shows a shy smile. We like cakes and pajamas, but we aim to be very strong girls!

The Knight School’s girls-only pajamas party ended with a great success,


And one angry Mofumofu…………

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