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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 4

At The Aldington House (1)

“…Umm, I’m sorry, Hawkyard-san.”

We returned to the Aldington House in the car driven by Hawkyard.

We walked down the corridor―

The servants who met me turned to me with greetings welcoming me home, and a glance of surprise and suspicion follows immediately after.

While being overwhelmed with the restless atmosphere, we finally reached Eileen’s room.

“May I help you, Ojou-sama”

“Did I, made a mistake somehow?”

When he opened the chocolate-colored door, a sunshine filled, huge room with a bookshelf, a bed, a sofa, a table and chair appears.

There are books on the desk and many other things in the room.

Hawkyard shook his head in response to my question and I sat on the sofa.

“No, it’s nothing― though at the same time, you did made a mistake. No, there is nothing to apologize to Kusunoki-sama.”



“Well. First of all, the lady doesn’t always gave a decent reply to the greetings welcoming her return home.

 ―Ohhohoho, you lowly people! I, lady Elieen, whom you served has returned! Or so she would be saying.”

“Ojou-sama’s impact.”

“And then, Konomi-sama, you would’ve probably received your change of clothes already.”

I couldn’t wear the full-fledged dress the servant brought properly. It was a dress not uncommon in modern Japan though.

I received it with a thank you.

“You have returned it three times already, ‘I think the plain clothes look better on me!?’ you keep saying so”

“You and your Ojou-sama are interesting.”

“Thank you very much for your interest.”

I gestured by hand to the vacant seat on the opposite side.

“If you’d like, please sit down. Hawkyard-san will be tired too.”

“Thank you very much for your considerations.”

As a servant, having a seat with the young lady of the family would probably have been a problem.

“And Eileen, is it okay to just leave her?”

“The security in the school is certain, so physically, it’s not a place that would experience an break-in. Rather”


I shivered for a second, my skin getting goosebumps from the bad intent I felt.

“The unknown, they’re more dangerous to keep it by one’s side.”

That was the answer I expected. For a servant, the safety of the young lady comes first.

It is at his discretion to decide whether it is the outside or the inside he considers himself a subject of. And he seems to focus on the inside.

“Kusunoki-sama, who are you? What is your purpose? Depending on your motives”

I raise both my hands up. First of all, let’s just tell him that I have no hostile intentions.

And thought,

Who I am―― that’s going to be a long explanation.

“…I am a student from abroad… a-and well…”

I don’t know if Japan fits the description of ‘abroad’ for this world, or if the concept of university is the same in this world as Japan. I’m not even sure myself.

Hawkyard patiently listens to my confusing explanation.

“I have never heard of Japan probably because I did not study. I know a college though. So you’re a student.”

“And then…”

When I started up an Otome game, I was dropped into it.

…I explained after simplifying them a lot,

“I’m not sure how to explain it, but there is something that explains what this world will experience… what it’s fated to? it’s destiny? or something like that. Anyway, there is something like that. I borrowed it, opened it… and unexpectedly, I was here.”

“Like in the legends, World Record Information Network; the Akashic Records? There is something like that in your hometown?”

“…I’m not a specialist, so I don’t know the details.”

I explained it quite confusingly, but it’s just a game software.

I felt that Hawkyard is exaggerating things a bit too much… but I couldn’t come up with a good wording, so I just get on with him.

However, I wanted to say this clearly. As a warning.

I hadn’t forgotten what my Kuohai said――

“According to her destiny…”


“…Eileen is supposed to fall into ruin.”

It was a confession with a bit of guilty feelings―― but.

Hawkyard nodded lightly.

“Eh, well, I see.”

“Oh, you believed.”

“No, it’s just”

I tilt my head.

“with that personality, she is most likely to bring herself to ruin in the future.”

“It’s not that I convince him.”

Hawkyard simply shrugged as if he already knew it.

“The Aldington family is a renowned nobleman in this Fiorenti nation. The young lady will eventually be engaged by the Master… Edward Aldington-sama, and take over the house. That’s how it’s going to be. But――”

I raised my brows.

Hawkyard’s face is distorted.

“No matter how she looks outside, her personality is still the worst.”

“The attendant’s true feelings came out.”

Is that okay…

“You’re the only one, she can’t build a relationship with others. The Master admitted her to school to get her more socialised, but nothing’s changed.”

He sighed while holding his head.

“Kusunoki-sama. As I observed you, the reason you got here is pretty awkward, and you don’t say everything―― However, it doesn’t seemed that you intend to harm the young lady.”

The “young lady” he is taking about is not me.

Feeling uncomfortable, I wrap the end of my hair around my fingers.

“It’s not that I ‘don’t say’ them, it’s difficult to explain. Please understand.”

“No, it’s not about that. I trust every words you said. After all, Kusunoki-sama is Ojou-sama’s first friend.”

“She’s your Ojou-sama, isn’t she?”

And so― thanks to the personality of the “Ojou-sama,” he believed something which, in a normal situation would not easily be believe by anyone else.

In that sense, I seems to have the strongest card from the beginning. I am fortunate, or should I be unhappy instead?