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The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 1 Part 10

I went to the magic test

The next evening, with my father and Lu, I visited the Magic Research Institute located in the heart of the Royal Capital. It is actually my first time to leave the Earl’s House for the royal capital. I wasn’t interested before, and wanted to avoid any contact.

I get off the carriage at the Institute gate, hold my father’s hand with Lu atop my head, then walk towards the annex. I don’t have the leisure to joke around when going outside. When I look up at Papa and talk to Lu atop my head, it looks as if I’m talking to Papa besides me, and the deception will definitely work.

My father had on a grim expression he had never shown before… I instantly felt that this is the face Papa had on when he’s about to go on a battle. There was a saying in my previous life that when a man left home, he have many enemies. He had to have them. On Papa’s shoulders weights the burden of looking after not only our family, but also the fate of the warm kind-hearted people living in our cold territory.

But no matter how terrifying a look one makes, a handsome man is still handsome. His black hair is combed back and his neckline is neatly trimmed. As for his body, his muscles became more pronounced since he had been competing with older brother in martial arts. A fine macho-man. His green eyes are super cool. Every time my father passes by, heart symbols flies from the women in the nearby building.

This is dangerous. Don’t you know there are women in the world who would go after married men? I remember having such a friend in my previous life. Papa’s chastity is in crisis! I have to warn him!

“Dad, I’m worried about the gazes we’re recieving.”

When I said so, warmth immediately fills his green eyes.

“It is so, but I don’t think they can see Lu-sama, they’re raising such a big fuss, probably because I’ve brought Serafiona along. My Serafiona is by far the most adorable in the world.”

Papa lifted me up with Lu and proclaimed cheerfully.


Screams resounds from all around.

Papa’s perception of beauty is too embarrassing that I am embarrassed. I’m just plain and ordinary! Today’s dress mimicking the color of Lu’s eyes is pretty nice though. Well, I’m glad the hyenas eventually withdraw.

A small lone one-story building soon enters our sight.

“Otou-sama, it’s that building over there? How many people are gathering today?”

“Actually, all five-year-olds born in the same month will be gathered, but I told them I was busy with work, and asked to go to last, so when they’re testing Serafiona, it will only be Serafiona. Whatever miracles Lo-sama may create, it’s better to have fewer galleries.”

Then I wink to Lu. He climbs on Papa and shakes his tail.

「I’ll do my best, give me a special cake at night!」

I convey it to my father,

“I understand.”

He smiles gently and entered the examination room while holding us up.

“Welcome Earl of Granzeus, and your daughter.”

Uncles in black robes were waiting at the door. I was nervous but I didn’t glance at Lu. Lu is with a child, they wouldn’t expect that.

“Nice to meet you, I am the daughter of Earl Granzeus, Serafiona. Thank you for your time today.”

No matter how withdrawn from society I may be, I can say my greeting, huh. Probably because I was a sales person in my previous life.

“Oh, cute and clever! As expected of the Princess of the Granzeus family!”

The compliment is just empty. Are they that scared of the Finance Minister? Is the task of budget allocation done by the Ministry of Finance? Why did Papa -hmph- his nose?

“Thank you for giving us your time. However, we have no time. Please do the inspection immediately.”

Papa brought them to his own pace, I expected no less!

“Then Earl, please stop outside…”

“No can do. Do you think I’ll leave my daughter here?”

“But it’s the rules…”

“Magic is ineffective in this building anyway. What can I even do? In the first place, there are 3 magicians from other nations, yet it’s a problem for me to be here as a civilian?”

This civilian definitely have such an intimidating aura!

“Now, with my wife gone, my daughter is my treasure. If my daughter collapsed, will you be able to take responsibility? I promise that I will not move one step from the wall. I’ll be here! Be quick.”

………Papa is an over-demanding parent, I see. And the rule is eventually bent. The Earl is somewhere around the middle among nobles… but they’re succumbing to Papa himself, not the house. We’re really sorry.

“Then, Princess, over here…”

The person in charge, his voice is trembling, and even calling me Princess. Please forgive us one again.

I called Lu with a tiny voice. He moved from my head to my shoulder and nodded.

At the small table in the middle of the room, there is the square slab that my older brother was talking about. As I step towards it, the magicians stood around like the corners of a triangle and surrounded me and the table.

“Then, Princess, please press your hands against the slate.”


I reached out my hand. If I touch it, my magic will be measured! What are you—!? Lu!!!

At that time, Lu jumped with a -pyon- from my shoulders to the table. Then he slapped the slab with his right paw.



The slab flew energetically, hitting the wall and shattered.

Eh, a physical? That was a physical attack!?

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