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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 5

At The Aldington House (2)

“It looks like you have a place to return to. You’re not going to be in the Young Lady’s body forever.”

“Well, that’s right.”

“And, for me, the Young Lady cannot always be a different person. So, be it fortunately or unfortunately, we can cooperate.”

Become cooperatesーー

I am glad he have that assertion.

“We will look for a way for both of you to return. Meanwhile, the Young Lady will learn of form human relationships for a while as ‘Charlotte-sama.’ Whatever the current Young Lady might do, it will not be done by ‘Eileen-sama,’ so she can do whatever she wants.”


“What is it?”

“You have quite a good personality.”

“This is the grounds we would be standing onー”

He made a gesture of putting 2 fingers on his mouth, pinching them shut.

In any case, we are companions.

A little weight seems to come off from my shoulders.

“Thank you, Mister・Hawkyard.”

“Please call me Win, Miss・Kusunoki. That is the name the respected Young Lady called me by.”

“Then please take care of me, Konomi too. Best regards, Win-san.”


Hawkyard ― Win bowed down.

I did the same.

At that time, there was a knocking sound.

When I said, “please”, the door opens very timidly.

The servant who showed his face looked terribly frightened.

“I’m sorry to have interrupt you during your talk. The piano teacher is… umm, looking for you…”

“Ah, yes, I’m going now.”

“Eh?! Ah, y-yes! The teacher will be there!”

The female servant opened her eyes wide for some reason, then jumped out of the room.

Did I make a mistake againー I inquire Win by glancing at his eyes. He informed me,

“The Young Lady dislikes piano lessons. No, she don’t like anything that is a lesson. And to interrupted her time on top of that, how do you think she would react?”

“…Should I have refused it?”

“No, I’d be grateful if you could accept it.”

It may be throublesome for you but I’ll be thankful, or so he seems to say.

“Konomi-sama, I’m sorry, but do you have any experience with playing the piano?”

“I should be able to play simple songs. Of course only if the music I had learned is the same as this world’s.

During childhood, my parents had me attend many lessons.

Starting with the piano, violin, calligraphy, ballet. It went all the way down to flower arrangement and tea ceremony to help me learn what would be useful in this modern age.

However, I ended up as just a gamer college student. I wanted to cry whenever I thought of the monthly fees they would have spent on me…

“…So that the case”

Win sighed at my answer.

Out of relief, or–

“Please, don’t play it very well.”

So it’s that.

Well, it’s fine though.

“So I’ll change clothes and go to the lesson… Win-san, I’d like to ask you to do something in the meantime.”

“What might it be?”

“While I’m taking piano lessons, about the Young Lady, Eileen・Aldington, and this country, would you please collect information about them and her school, and personally, and anything else that might matter?”

“This country and school, is it?”

I nod.

“I was a very ordinary student in the country of Japan. I don’t know anything about this country or this world… However, about the life of Eileen, the people here, and this mansion, I definitely want to know about them. It should be enough to live like the Young Lady for now.”

“I understand. Is there anything else you need? Whatever it may be.”

“Ah, that’s right, there’s something else… Charlotte・Oliver. Can you look into her? I think it would be information needed for the sake of the Young Lady Eileen’s future.”

The servant works on them swiftly.

Win told me, “Please call me if you have any problems,” and quickly left the room.


The main character of this story, although Eileen is currently inside her body.

The character is only a vessel for the player, but there should be background stories in she settings for the game scenario.

I wish I had read the wiki, but I can’t do that now.

“…In other world, this is all I can do right now.”

Being alone in the room, I organize my head.

This is the game world, with or without bugs. The game should end when the ending is reached.

So, I need to reach the end to return to the original world?

And if so, how do you get to the ending?

I have to lead the heroine Charlotte・Oliver to a happy ending.

However, if at that point, the villainess Young Lady isn’t safe, then it would be meaningless.

In short, with the villainess Young Lady Eileen, the both of us needed to survive to the end.

But looking at that from another perspective, how do we avoid certain doom.

I remember what my Kouhai said. Eileen is going to have a bad end once she ‘goes too far.’

In other words, I need to correct and control her behavior so that she doesn’t ‘goes too far.’

There would be no happy ending unless Eileen removes the bad reputation that has been know far and wide, and Charlotte learns to love people.

In other words, my role is– to operate the Villainess Young Lady and guide the heroine (without the status parameter).

––So that’s it.

I throw my lament at the beautifully carved ceiling.

“It’s too difficult!”

Where is the difficulty for beginners?


* * *

Now Loading……

At a seat in a theater with its curtains close, I sat all alone, staring at the display of a portable game console.

The theater is dark. There is no audience here other than me.

On the console’s display is a rotating gear with the word “loading”, and tips.


[Charlotte Oliver] (You can change the name.)

The heroine. The Oliver house’s only daughter, and a gentle girl. She lived in her hometown, the rural town of Lice, but decided to go to school with Lord Oliver’s persuasion, “Please get in touch with many people and opportunities.”

What changes world her calm and lively days meet?

Now Loading……

The tips displayed changed while the text ‘Loading’ remains unchanged.


[Eileen Aldington]

Charlotte’s classmate. The only daughter of Lord Aldington.

Possesses golden hair and well-shaped face. She looks like a work of art, but the rumors about her aren’t very good.

What does that says regarding her personality?

Now Loading……

This time too, only the tips change.


[Winston Hawkyard]

A servant of the Aldington family. Mainly responsible for the care of Eileen.

Although he have a serious personality, he seems to be doing well with Eileen.

Now Loading……

The words “Loading” disappears and the screen glows white.

Bright light fills the theater—— the stage curtain rises——

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