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The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 1 Part 11

Our Mofumofu is outside the norm.

All 5 people in the room were stunned, with each having their own thoughts, but the oldest, Magician A, recovered quickly.

“Right, Princess, did you touched the slate just now?”

“No, I tried to touch it, but it flew away…”

“T-that’s right… Princess, please step back for a bit. Oi–, bring a spare slate! Quickly!”

A hot headed Magician B brought a new slate and put it on the table. Why is Lu growling again at that moment? Once again, with his right paw! Dashi~n!!! It was even stronger than before!!!



This time, I was away from it, so they couldn’t suspect me.

“The slates are flying… It’s unprecedented.”

“Hey, are there still other slates left?”

“No way! Such precious things, there are no more of them!”

Precious!? I turned it into rubbles!? Two of them?!!!

As I staggered, my father ran up and hugged me.

“…This phenomenon… what do you guys think it is?”

Papa, he is so clear to make them think they are the bad ones!

“…I don’t know. All I can say is, this is the first time it happens with any young lady…”

I saw the broken wreck. They seemed irreparable at all costs. Reimbursement? Are we in trouble…?

“Otou-sama… what to do… The slate…”

Seeing me in tears, Papa’s face distorted in rage! The face of the magicians– A, B and C turned pale immediately.

“Dear Earl! Of course, this is not the Young Lady’s fault! There was ample distance between the second slate and the Young Lady. This room invalidates magical power, but only if some kind of power is at work……”

“What is?”

Father urges him with a low voice.

“It is beyond my knowledge…”

You are not wrong! Magician A-san!

“Surely… some・kind・of・power is at work and destroyed both slates…”

When I muttered while looking at Lu sitting on the table, my father hugged me tighter.

“I don’t care. Whether Serafiona have magic or not, I’ll protect Serafiona. I’m ashamed at bringing her to such a dangerous place. We’re leaving. You can register Serafiona as not having magic power.”

“But then, her stance as an Earl’s daughter…”

“I’m said I don’t mind. We’ll never see each other again. You two, you don’t mind that… right?”


As soon as the discussing is over, Lu jumped atop my head while I’m still held by my father. Papa raised his right hand gently and escaped from the examination room at a quick pace.

As soon as we got out of the room, I create wind walls around us for soundproofing.

“Lu… I was hoping for an illusion such that I won’t be identified as having magic power.”

「I can’t help it with those men around. Humans are full of alternatives. So I have to break the slate so there won’t be any replacements! 」

“Maybe so… but wasn’t there a less dramatic way to break it? But well, if you can’t use magic, there are only a few ways to do it.”

「It wasn’t not-dramatic enough? Although, it wasn’t impossible to use magic. The invalidating effect of that room was weak. Was it okay to destroy it with magic? 」

“Eh! It was in a loose state? Why haven’t the magicians noticed it then? Were they amateurs?”

I ask my father while interpreting too.

“No, from the magicians’ collars, one was a first-class magician and the other two were second-class. One of the top magicians in the country.”

“Top level! Did they not see Lu despite being at the top level? Did Lu conceal himself from them despite it all?”

「Of course? 」

“But do you know… Lu’s figure can be seen by Enrique and Martha? Recently, the cook, Matsuki-san too… although he couldn’t be seen an experts…”

Father smiled bitterly.

“All of them are exceptional servants. Matsuki almost went mad when he saw the foods on the table floating and disappearing. He desperately studied magic operation, and now that he can see Lu, the baldness forming due to stress has finally stopped.”

My cheeky Mofumofu is causing trouble in a places I don’t know… Matsuki-san! I’ll buy you seaweed on our way home!

I see… even professionals don’t see the sacred beast. Our people are just cheats…

“Haa… Otou-sama… let’s go home?”

“Haa… yes, let’s go home soon.”

「I did my best, Serafiona’s father! Cake! Cake! 」

Father smiled, giving Lu his consent, and went to call for the carriage of our house that should be waiting at a distance.

I stood with Lu at the entrance of the Institute, looking at the bright red sunset.


Getting called suddenly, I turn around and saw a boy wearing high-quality clothes with a sword on his waist. Definitely a top noble. Is he about the same age as my older brother? Slim body, small face. Beautiful blond hair reaching his ears, and quite a beautiful nose bridge too. In this world, I really am just plain and ordinary. His eyes are transparent gray… staring above my head. Above my head!?

Lu gets down on my shoulder quickly, watching on while growling. I’m not sure yet so I didn’t move. He’s just a young lad passing by and saying hello to a little girl he saw.

“Hello there?”

“What’s that… on your shoulder?”

This kid… he can see it. This is the first time Lu can be seen by someone other than those from our house. I was careless. No, Lu is pretty nervous. My most respected father instructed me to not expose the existence of the Contracted Beast to any other human. Lu follows it. Humans that come forward will be eliminated without hesitation.

Lu is one of the four Celestial Divine breasts. He do not care about inconveniencing other people.

The situation will go crazy. I have to put it in place.

“Did you see anything?”

I returned questions to earn some time.


“That’s wrong.”

“Then, what is it? There’s Haki flowing from that guy too… isn’t that just right?”

(TN: Haki literal translation is ambition. Maybe it’s like the Haki from One Piece?)


“Say something!”

Finally, my carriage came into sight. Safe!

“This child is an important friend of mine. Then, please excuse me.”

I jumped into the carriage without waiting for the door to open. I wanted to avoid having my father come out and revealing my identity.

With my unusual appearance, and Lu’s unnaturally wary aura, the carriage departs.

“What’s wrong? Serafiona?

“Lu…… was spotted.”

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